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  1. I feel good today it is the first time I have actually had the opportunity to Substitute Teach since Covid hit the world
  2. A double garage with a man cave for me to get out of my wife space and a balcony to look over the property
  3. Congratulations and don’t ever give up on yourself. Just take it from moment to moment until something good happens to you
  4. That is so true people just don’t want to accept the pain and agony so many of us go through on a daily basis
  5. It is good my friend not to allow what others say and do you to get you down. I agree keep on plowing ahead
  6. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope each and everyone of you have a Happy New Year as well.
  7. I hope you have a speedy recovery and get to feeling better soon my friend
  8. That’s awesome and I am so glad that you took your mom out to the store. Enjoy your snow crabs and have a Happy Holidays Season.
  9. Today I made a rocket stove from a bucket and cement. I can actually cook on it and use it as a stove and a heater.
  10. Wow that’s quite a drop in temperature
  11. That’s very good to hear that the kitchen will be heating up in your place this Holiday Season
  12. I am so ready to get off work. I need a serious brake from angry people
  13. I totally feel you and I do blame you for wanting to stay put
  14. I feel Motivated to be a watchman for my brother who cannot watch out for himself at the moment
  15. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. If you can take a moment or two when everyone is sleep and do something relaxing for yourself. Yes, it is very difficult for the parents with children in school while this pandemic create chaos through out the land
  16. I went to work and I am trying to help brighten up the families around me in the CCU Waiting Room.
  17. I feel ok at the moment but I am still trying to get the energy to press on through this day
  18. I am glad to know that you are managing and it is good to see you posting again
  19. I am learning that the 50th is now the new 40’s or perhaps the mid 30’s! We have so much life to live and so much wisdom to contribute to the world!
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