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  1. It is amazing how the slightest thing in nature can give us a since of peace and comfort, when we take the time to notice it
  2. I so understand your frustrations with tv and there not being anything good to watch on a consistent basis
  3. I want to get rid of my fear of being a failure.
  4. I feel ok today and I am looking forward to a wonderful day in serving people at the Surgery Center.
  5. Congratulations, hopefully this will become your new norm. I am so glad to hear that you got some quality sleep in
  6. Life sometimes can become overbearing and we just do not know what to do. I have found out that we all have a inner spirit that we can connect with that can help us to overcome almost any obstacles that we faces on a daily basis. I come encouraging all of my friends here on depression forum to search yourselves and to find the inner person in you.
  7. It happens sometimes and it is very nice of you to give her a present for her professionalism
  8. I do agree with you that we just plow through it. Life can be difficult at times but with hope and God anything is possible.
  9. So, true my friend it is all about the mind set and what you do about the rain. 🌧
  10. I feel like a windshield wiper, when rain comes in your life just wipe it away so that you can see
  11. Wow, I hate to hear that things have been very difficult for you. It seems that you have been trying to find a job but nothing had open up for you. I suggest you keep on trying and look at it from a different perspective. See yourself doing the kind of work that you enjoy and start developing happier thoughts that can help your overall mood. Because there is one thing that you can control and that is how you feel about yourself. Never, beat yourself down because there might not be anyone there to help you get back up. Stay positive and good things can come to you. Be blessed my friend
  12. Wow, my friend it seems that you have been very hard on yourself. It is not your fault that things have been a little difficult for you. However, you can do something about how you allow things to affect you. Remember one thing as long as you have done your best there is no need for you to beat yourself down. Hang in there my friend and hopefully, you can find some medicine to help you function better
  13. Welcome to the forum and we are here to help one another to try to cope a little bit better with whatever might be troubling you. Be blessed and I am looking forward to talking with you soon.
  14. I Totally feel you but don’t think about it when you respond back just let it go and hit enter. There is no such thing as knowing the right thing to say. You just hope you can make a difference in one person life and you have move a mountain.
  15. I feel your misfortune and I understand your pain. I’m the opposite I hate proofreading my work because I do not have much patience for anything. I wished I had more of your problems than mine. I hope things continue to improve for you
  16. Good morning everyone try to have yourself one of your best days ever!
  17. Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am looking forward to reading your post. Be blessed
  18. I feel alright considering how demanding people can be when they don’t get their way. I was told off over the phone and the caller tried to intimidate me into giving him something that I could not do. However, I did hold my own and finally said I got to go other people are calling.
  19. I feel you and it can be very difficult to trust in people, especially when so many people have done you wrong
  20. Hang in there my friend and hopefully someone deserving of your love and friendship will come along
  21. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that you have had some really bad experiences. However, I am praying that things turn around for you and you get to feel what real love is all about.
  22. History, Social Studies, Economics, Political Science and Humanities
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