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  1. I helped a family member to visit her love one and to go back to her car and get her jacket because she was freezing in the unit
  2. I do understand and hopefully you will begin to start having some pleasant dreams my friend
  3. Yes, I am going to pray my way through it and to look for better days ahead for me
  4. I just ate a big juicy double cheeseburger with fries and a drink. I am now ready to go lay down but there is a big problem with that I work out front at a desk.
  5. Well, hopefully like you said one day you are looking forward to having your own piece of property so that you too can enjoy the outside gardening in your yard
  6. My co- worker went and got me a big bacon cheeseburger and I was all smiles after that
  7. You are so welcome my friend and try to have yourself one of your best days ever
  8. Making it through out this work day and resting tomorrow before I come back again for another three days rotation at the hospital
  9. That sounds like a very good plan to enjoy some outside time
  10. Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that I hope that you can get a peace of mind and a comforting spirit. Do not him or anyone else still your joy from you
  11. I am so glad that you got the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful day under the sun ☀️. I’m looking forward to leaving in a little bit and I will try to get myself a little of the sunshine ☀️ when I get home
  12. there is nothing like have a beautiful day outside with the sun shining so bright
  13. Helping is always good and yes I try to help as well
  14. So, why do you feel this way? What are you doing to make you feel this way? I know it is those thoughts that go through our head that we have to cast down because if we do not those thoughts can ruin our lives
  15. I had to turn away a son from visiting his mother today. Only one family member can visit the entire stay of a patient. It was tough but I had to stand in his face and say you have to leave and I am sorry.
  16. Wow, I hope you have yourself one of your best days ever
  17. I took a boring computer class today that lasted hours and then had to make a 100 on the test. It really was mind boggling but I made it through it
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