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  1. I feel like a human garage can at times. People dump trash πŸ—‘ on me and I have to take it not because I want to but because they out rank me in Social Class. It is just life and somethings never changes over the years
  2. I was the opposite I did not do much except play sports and hit the books and try to get out of the ghetto
  3. I went to the store and paid some bills and cooked for my wife today
  4. One of the patient families saying something funny from what I said to one of the family members.
  5. The key to making it pass the Coronavirus is one day at a time and try not to think beyond that because then you begin to get yourself into trouble with your emotions.
  6. I totally understand, however if you have a yard or something outside your home just go out there as often as you need to, so you can get some fresh air. I work inside a hospital for twelve hours and I don't get to see the outside until I go home some days. I would not have never thought that I could do that for nineteen years and counting.
  7. Interesting concepts try to stay safe my friends. It is very real and yes people are dying from it. I work in critical care and it’s no joke
  8. Hot drinks like coffee, warm water and apple cider vinegar. My daughter is a NP in the hospital and she just told me on yesterday. Also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
  9. Listen up everyone drink plenty of warm drinks as often as you can it kills the virus in your throat before it can spread to your lungs
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