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  1. Well, I just found out on yesterday that I got to have surgery on my neck because the pain is so bad that it’s effecting my nerves and shooting crazy 😝 pain over my shoulder, arms and hands and neck. I want to cry 😭 and scream but I must muster up strength to keep going on
  2. Thanks my friend and I’m off to a good day and I hope the same for all of you
  3. I'm drinking more water and trying to lose weight before my class reunion in four months
  4. "Wow", I'm so glad that things are working out for you keep the good work up my friend
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you lost a love one, I pray that things get better for you my friend.
  6. I feel relief that I don't have to come to work tomorrow. I so, need a break from work
  7. Well, I hope that everything is well with you today Delta Heavy
  8. It truly was the right thing to do regardless of what others think you are a hero my friend
  9. Well, I spent most of my day in bed feeling kind of depressed. However, my son had perfect timing he asked me to come eat Chinese Bubfet with him and I JUMP up out on bed and put some clothes on and I was off to eat with my son. He’ll be moving out in one month to start his own life about 7 hours away from home. It’s a bittersweet pill 💊 to swallow.
  10. You can do this my friend and We are all behind you my friend
  11. Hey, and welcome to the family. We are so glad that you found us and we are looking forward to sharing with you. Well, life is all about just taking it one day at a time regardless of what is troubling you. As far as the depression is concerned you will have to find you a new way of living and thinking. Try to look at your illness as a new life and opportunities to try new things like painting 🖼 reading 📖 drawing ✍️ and volunteering when ever you feel like doing it. It’s a new chapter in your life and try not to look behind but in front of you. These new changes can help to bring excitement back to your life. I wish you nothing but the best as you try to move forward with your life.
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