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  1. that's so sad, that a person has to hit rock bottom before anyone can you some help
  2. Wow, that's tough but it still is very good to have a place to stay for a short period of time
  3. That’s the Spirit,give it to them and show them you are still the Boss Lady
  4. I'm so proud of you for your strength to continue on your journey. Hang in there and people like yourself helps me to become stronger with my issues in life
  5. Well, today I'm feeling some what better, I got through my MRI on yesterday and today I got to go and have a nerve study done. Other than that I'm just trying to get through another work day.
  6. Wow, well I hope things begin to improve for you my friend
  7. Well, I'm glad that you and your father could work through the issues to find what is best for you at this present time in your life.
  8. I admire your get up and go but just try not to over do it. I have the same problem but now I am trying to teach myself to scale it down a little bit, so I don't have to be down trying to recover from over doing it.
  9. Yes, try reading some self help books and try some meditating. Also reading some encouraging and motivational books. Here on 7 Cups they offer self help classes
  10. Well, said my friend and it's never good to speak negative things into existence.
  11. Well, I'm feeling a little better right now, but earlier I was in excruciating pain
  12. Trust me I feel you and every time I bend down to tie my shoe, it reminds me I'm paying for my happiness at the table. Hahahaha
  13. That's good my friend and try to stay positive and to anticipate seeing yourself moving on with your life. If anybody can do it, you can my friend.
  14. well, I feel some what relax and content with how I feel today.
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