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  1. I feel tired, but I am looking forward to the weekend so, that I can try to catch up on my rest.
  2. well, I hate to hear that you are going through difficult times, but if you ever need to talk just PM me. I do feel your pain my friend have you thought about going to the doctor to try to get you something to help relax you.
  3. You should probably mellow out by the second week and you can begin to fill the full affect of your lexapro
  4. Well, my friend Hope is something that you should never lose because if you lose it, it's like giving up on yourself and the opportunities to have a better life. A better life can be anything better than your current conditions. It does not have to be a perfect situation or a situation like anybody else's, just better for you than what you normally have on a daily basis.
  5. Well, you have come to the right place to begin to repair your social situation. The more you post and the more positive feed back you receive the more confidence you will become to open up with others on here . I hope that your situation begins to change for the best my friend, If you ever want to talk you can PM me anytime for a conversation.
  6. You are so welcome my friend
  7. Thanks, I appreciate it
  8. Well, I woke up and decided that I can not live any longer in the condition that I am in. I am determine to fight and take my life back. I have been held down to long and I am not going to remain there. I already been down, so at this point I don't have anything else left but, to come up. I cannot do any worse than I have already done, so I choose to live today and to begin my new life and to make the best of a bad situation. Hang in there all of my friends around the world.
  9. Yes, it is very important to jump on your depression early because it makes it much easier to get back on track. I agree try to find a therapist or doctor, who really cares and are not just after the money
  10. That's it my friend don't lay down your freedom for no one because it is your life to live and no one else's
  11. I agree with you and from what I have founded out it is very hard for any of us to try to describe the way depression makes someone else feels. Because all of us are suffering from some form of it and our brain and our genetic make ups are made up different. Also, there is such a thing as more severe forms of depression and the kind that you are suffering from might not be as bad as someone else's.
  12. Well, said my friend and I totally agree with you. I have even seen myself at times wanting my wife to feel sorry for me at times because of the way I feel. However, she isn't having no part in my misery when I'm down and out. It's actually a blessing when I think about it because it causes me to come out of my state of depression.
  13. Well, they both kind of work together and it's a mixed blessing in disguise. However, I do agree with you
  14. I feel everyone pain all we can do is to do the best we can with whatever state we are in and try to find some happiness some where even if it’s in someone else’s happiness
  15. Well, I feel extremely good about my twins completing Undergraduate School and getting jobs. However, I’m saddened to see them think 🤔 that they know everything and want listen to their parents with what comes after school. They think they can go buy the world and don’t want to wait on anything in life. I know that I cannot continue to bail them out financially so I’m trying to tell them to make good choices about what they do because the faucet of money has been turned off. After 24 years of taking care of almost everything financially I cannot do it any longer. Other than that I’m not doing to bad.
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