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  1. I hope that your job searching goes well for you
  2. I monitor a door today checking temps as hospital workers would come and go back out to do various assignments today.
  3. No apology necessary life can be very frustrating and hard to overcome
  4. What Drives You? The fire 🔥 that burns within you that gives you the get up and go. The determination to live and not die. The whatever it takes mode to get through out the day. Whatever your fuel is do not allow anything to dampen your spirit and to put your fire 🔥 out. Because without it we are nothing and we are subject to quit on ourselves. Be blessed my friends and keep your heads up until a better day come for you.
  5. it been a long day and I just want to be able to make it these next four hours and I can call it a day.
  6. I hate to hear that if you need someone to talk to don’t hesitate to pm me. I pray that you be given a peace of mind and a comforting spirit. Be blessed and hang in there
  7. Yes, it was my day off but I’m back grinding today and tomorrow. I believe I will try to do something entertaining with my wife on the weekend. I told her let take a road trip
  8. I feel that I am ok but I need to do something positive today with my time
  9. I totally understand because I am not good at all talking on the phone or texting. I am much better talking face to face but even then my depression causes me to shy away
  10. I’m a lone wolf 🐺 and I am beginning to embrace the new me
  11. That’s it my friend you make up your own codes and live by them. 🐺
  12. Listening to a motivational about being the “Lone 🐺 Wolf”. Sometimes in life you just got to be alone and don’t expect anyone to understand because you are a long 🐺 Wolf.
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