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  1. Wow, that's awesome that you were able to do some work so quick after your injection. That is a major plus for you and it gives you inspiration to perhaps to do even more in the near future.
  2. Well, said my friend and once again don't blame yourself because it is not your fault. It's that oh, mental illness that sometimes get to the best of us.
  3. Floor2017

    Moving Along

    I know we would all like to move at a very fast pace in life but it comes a time in life when we all must begin to slow down and begin to appreciate the simple things in life. There is nothing wrong with having to readjust your life to the new you. After all if the green grass withers and fades away so does our youthfulness and the life we used to know.
  4. That's how it is done my friend one step at a time and one day at a time. The problems comes in when we try to do to much and overwhelm ourselves, I know we want to move as fast as the pace of lighting but it is better to move slow than not to be able to move at all,
  5. Well, it all begin by finding something to help lift your spirt. You got to get back into the game of life. Look for any little small thing to help pick yourself up. When I say little I really mean little things. Once you begin to do little things you will slowly begin to gain your confidence back and then you can begin to do even bigger things to help boost your morale. Hang in there my friend and hopefully you will be able to get your life back and some.
  6. Yes, 7 Cups has listener 24 hours a day to hear your problems and troubles
  7. I don't have a clue what I am eating but if it comes crawling in it will be lunch.
  8. I'm feeling relieved to be alive and to have the people in my life that means the most to me.
  9. I'm constantly having to make changes and having to fight for my life. It's not perfect but it is the best life that I can have for me.
  10. That is the absolute truth you will have to just continue to make changes so that you can begin to have the life you want.
  11. Sober4life, you truly are a beautiful soul, it's a shame that you are not able to enjoy the beautiful spirit that has been given to you. I hope someday that you are able to feel the warmth and beauty that you bring to so many others on here.
  12. Since, my surgery I have been energize to walk every morning about a hour a day and to weight lift. I hope I can keep it up during the winter months. I been thinking about working out in the garage or my storage builkding
  13. I feel you because I have been thinking the same thing
  14. I feel you my friend because steady employment is something that we all want to continue on a daily basis. I hope your boss respond in a professional manner. As for connecting with more people in real life, maybe you can attend events like ball games and go to some social events. If that doesn't help, perhaps you can volunteer to shelters where they can use all the help that they can get.
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