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  1. Wow, my friend it seems that you have gone through so much over the years. I commend you for your strength to continue to fight the good fight. You are an inspiration to me and so many others, who are going through similar experiences.
  2. People should have more compassion and understanding, when it comes to mental illness but they do not. This all not be because no one wants to feel alone and helpless when it comes to controlling your mind and thoughts that keep you up and want allow you to rest.
  3. I totally understand my friend, hang in there
  4. I’ll take some of that positive energy and start my day off with a bang.
  5. I’m feeling ok, today and wish everyone else a day full of happiness and joy.
  6. It is good to know that you had a good day. With time your appetite will get better.
  7. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. Hopefully you are doing much better now
  8. Well it is good to know that the cows do not mind having your company I am sure y’all had a good time together
  9. Hopefully, with a lot of coffee your day will get better. I hate to hear that you are not sleeping or resting well. Have you tried comforting instrumental music to help you to relax?
  10. I totally understand and I hope things can brighten up for you real soon
  11. I just became the fill in teacher for the Science class almost two weeks ago. One of my students brought me a Christmas gift and it really made my day. I have been smiling a lot all day thinking about it.
  12. I bought a 12x30 and turned it into a one bedroom house with a kitchen and a bathroom.
  13. I totally understand, just remember to take it one second, minute, hour and day at a time. It makes life so much easier when you do not overload your plate.
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