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  1. I Totally feel you but don’t think about it when you respond back just let it go and hit enter. There is no such thing as knowing the right thing to say. You just hope you can make a difference in one person life and you have move a mountain.
  2. I feel your misfortune and I understand your pain. I’m the opposite I hate proofreading my work because I do not have much patience for anything. I wished I had more of your problems than mine. I hope things continue to improve for you
  3. Good morning everyone try to have yourself one of your best days ever!
  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am looking forward to reading your post. Be blessed
  5. I feel alright considering how demanding people can be when they don’t get their way. I was told off over the phone and the caller tried to intimidate me into giving him something that I could not do. However, I did hold my own and finally said I got to go other people are calling.
  6. I feel you and it can be very difficult to trust in people, especially when so many people have done you wrong
  7. Hang in there my friend and hopefully someone deserving of your love and friendship will come along
  8. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that you have had some really bad experiences. However, I am praying that things turn around for you and you get to feel what real love is all about.
  9. History, Social Studies, Economics, Political Science and Humanities
  10. I feel good today it is the first time I have actually had the opportunity to Substitute Teach since Covid hit the world
  11. A double garage with a man cave for me to get out of my wife space and a balcony to look over the property
  12. Congratulations and don’t ever give up on yourself. Just take it from moment to moment until something good happens to you
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