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  1. Hey guys. I was put on Paxil about 4 yrs ago. I had had a stroke (at 28 yrs old) and my long time boyfriend dumped me shortly after. I was in a really dark place & had severe anxiety. Paxil really helped me. Fast forward 4 yrs. I'm engaged to a wonderful guy, we moved states and are planning on a baby in the near future. My doc told me that Paxil can cause severe birth defects, so I went off it. I had tried twice before, once tapering off so slowly it took me a month to get down 25%. I gave up because the withdrawl was too bad. Ive been off my pills for about a month & the symptoms won't go away. Brain buzzes (which have gone down a tad), anger & suicidal thoughts (which I never had previously). I have an appointment with a psychiatrist is a couple days, but I'm not sure getting back on meds is what I want to do. Especially if there's a baby in my future. I yell at my fiancée constantly, he is a rock for standing me this long. Do you guys have any advice you can share? Thanks!
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