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  1. A while now. Years, but I forgot how many. He's like some addictive drug.
  2. No, it's the same person as before.
  3. It's been rearing its ugly head again, and it's probably worse than ever. Help me!
  4. @HeatherG, @cassis_creme: Fandoms are crazy! Yes, it's always good to know that you're not alone. But more often than not, the fans end up ruining the celebrity for you, not making them better. There are so many fights. It's usually best to be singular. At least, in my experience.....
  5. What do you when you cave? I was doing so well too. *sigh.....
  6. @cassis_creme: Welcome aboard! I've shipped quite a few couples in my day--fictional and real. A lot of the couples I like aren't even together anymore, but I wish they were.
  7. @Audrey822: I apologize. I didn't mean to hurt you. @HopelessRomantic2011: Same here.
  8. People love how certain celebrities make them feel. Or you love the image they portray, not the whole person. If you can, you find others ways to get into their psyches as much as you can. @HopelessRomantic2011: My experience with guys is really limited too. I was in love with someone in high school, but it was one-sided. Pretty much all my experiences with love, lust, infatuation etc. are one-sided. Or the guy likes me, but I don't like him back. Or he did like me, but I managed to screw it up somehow. Unintentionally, of course. I had a little something going on with a guy on-line, but then I just got scared and backed away. Only my best friend knew about that. I'm scared of men and of relationships. I've seen too many bad ones, and I'm kind of an independent person. I'm a very picky girl.
  9. Writing helps out a ton. You have a problem and you write about it. Diary, letter to someone, poem etc. Share it with your therapist or counselor. The only way to at least start the healing process is through writing and therapy. It was very hard to confess that secret. I thought about telling my brother and cousin, the two people I trust more than anyone in the world. I just couldn't because I was afraid of being judged. Afraid they would think less of me. Which is insane because they know things about me that no one else and they've never judged. I thought about telling my best friend, someone else I love and trust. But she and all my other friends are very, very busy doing other things. No room for me right now...... I nearly confessed to my therapist when I first began seeing her. It was very strained conversation. I guess because I didn't want to tell her or anyone really. Plus, I'm a fairly independent person and try to solve problems on my own. This was clearly a problem I cannot solve on my own. So yesterday, I told myself, "Screw it. I'll just tell her and see what happens." That conversation started off strained too. So I wrote everything down. Told about my CO and how he really reminds of my 'first love'. Who he was, what he does, how I came to 'know' him. Everything. Once it happened, I felt so much lighter. But she and I have been talking about getting a 'real man'. She thinks that it's the best way to get over this. I'm not so sure about that. I've been alone so long, I don't know if I can be with anyone long term. I'm used to being on my own, and I'm picky as hell. I've had non-famous I liked and wanted to know. But the feelings are rarely mutual.
  10. I confessed to my therapist today. I was so scared that she was going to judge me, but she didn't at all. As usual, I am my own worst critic, LOL. She was really nice and helpful. We talked about tips and things. Limiting exposure. Then she said "When are you gonna get a real man like we talked about?'". Typical. I'm glad I told her, though. I feel...tired right now. But relieved after I told her.
  11. You're reading my mind! I read one such blog of my CO and that led me to finally join this forum. I was so upset and felt so stupid after reading that particular tumblr.
  12. Yes! It's like once you start, you can't control yourself anymore. It's basically self-torture.
  13. Do certain fans online make you feel like a loser for your CO? For having different opinions about certain parts of his or her life?
  14. That includes avoiding certain fan sites....
  15. Does it ever get to the point where you're actually afraid to research your CO? Or is it just me?