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  1. Galaxyfire

    Parents don’t believe in mental illness

    If you’re seventeen then you can start making your own appointments. You need your insurance card and know your social security and find a place that accepts your insurance. Find a way to get there and you can do it. It might suck having to put yourself together so early but if you truly believe you need it, then you need it.
  2. Galaxyfire

    My mom loves my ex best friend

    My sister agreed with me at first. But when I came out of the hospital she was close friends with Sharnae again. So I’m kind of on my own here. I ranted to her and she told my parents how frustrating it was that I can’t take any responsibility
  3. Galaxyfire

    Parents don’t believe in mental illness

    Do you mind me asking how old you are? Cause depending on that there may be something’s you can do yourself
  4. Galaxyfire

    Losing all friends

    I have a similar situation with my life now actually. My depression has gotten worse over a year and my family became so frustrated with me and my depression that they were sick of my negativity. They had no idea why I was depressed. I lost my friends after attempting suicide this January. It’s been a year since I’ve made friends. Recently though, I found people I connected to. I think that friendships are bonded over similar interests. So if you love drawing, try to go out in an art studio and see other talents express. I also tend to notice that when I open up others are comfortable with opening as well. It’s a balance. In a relationship you need to lean on one another equally. When the balance is too much, one side topples. So basically, find someone who can handle or endure you as well as you with them. I’m sure you’ll find someone like that. I’m so glad I found mine. I truly believe you can find yours
  5. So for a little back story, I was adopted by my friend who is now my sister 7 years ago. I was in middle school and my home life was a mess. It was abusive, and horrible. My family was about to be homeless. I moved in with her and it was a rough start but through time we came to love each other as sisters. We moved and her mother who is now my mom. She married another woman. We live in a house now with her brother, aunt, the two moms, and my sister and I. About a year and a half ago I met a girl who I’ll call Sharnae. Sharnae and I became friends after my sophmore year and she started to have problems at home. Much like My Sister did with me, I invited her into my home. My parents let it happen and she was supposed to stay for a week. This week turned into a year and a half of her going in and out of our house. As with anyone you live with, you learn more about them. She had inconsistenties. Constantly in the stories she told about her life. Like how she went to see doctors and had bi polar meds to never have taken them to taking them but they were her cousins. She also had anger issues. At one point when I was in the kitchen I was talking about how I felt about my biological mother and how she feels dead. Sharnae with her own mom issues got so angry at that statement she went out back and punched our bench til her first bled leaving a stain. i began to see how controlling she was as well. It was as if she had two personalities. Since she lived in the living room I would wake up each morning having to figure out which Sharnae I got for that day. Was she happy or irritated. She would hug me randomly sometimes. Whenever I tried to touch her she would push me away. She wouldn’t answer questions I asked or talk irritatedly when I brought up certain topics. Yet when my parents came in the room she brightened up. Becoming a completely different person. Since she was my best friend we talked about moving out with each other and so on. But as more time passed I realized I didn’t want her as a friend. She treated me horribly and I was scared to try and talk to her. When I told my parents this they told me to handle it. Talk to her. Stop being weak and tell her when she was being rude. But I was scared and confused. Why would someone who calls themselves my friend treat me like this in the first place? I ended up talking to her to no avail. The relationship was toxic, but she couldn’t leave the house. My parents told me she’s staying until she has somewhere to go. I bit my tongue and dealt with it and tried to make the best of a bad situation. But then one night, I went out with my friend Ryan. He had said something months prior that made her mad. Saying she was “my n*gga friend” but she didn’t express how this p***** her off until the day my sister and I left to hang out with him. I came home and my step mom yelled at us. Screaming how could we not stand up for our sister?! Sharnae has also slept with my brother in the year she stayed with us. So when she screamed Sister I was confused. She wasn’t my sister. She was barely my friend. Sharnae heartbroken that my sister and I didn’t take her side left that night to go be with her mom. Who before, couldn’t take her. She stayed there for a couple days then ended up coming back. I got out of my therapy session and my parents told me she was coming back. I cried uncontrollably, begging them not to. But they said that it wasn’t my choice. She would be homeless without us. So I went home and freaked out. Looking for any way to try and relieve my emotions. I felt betrayed. So that day after talking to my mom, who tried to tell me, “she’s willing to work it out with you.” I looked at my mother and said. “If you want her here so badly I’ll go live with my brother” afterwards she screamed and cried saying if I wanted to leave to go and never contact her again. I went in my room. Emotionless and hurt. I took pills and went to a mental facility for 8 days. My parents told me she would be with us for 5. But of course, I came home and she was still there. I tried to be nice. When my parents told me that was fake I stopped talking to her. Then a couple days ago she just left she told my mom that I made her uncomfortable and that she had no idea I didn’t like her. That she was hurt that I talked about her behind her back. She was gone that day to live with her aunt. My parents told me she’d be homeless, I found out that wasn’t true. She was uncomfortable at her uncles because of the amount of people there. It was between her comfort and mine. My mom chose her. She left and now my moms are both disgusted with me. Yesterday when I was leaving for school, my mom asked if I even cared about Sharnaes emotions. When I said no, she said that was disgusting. I feel like my family hates me. Like they blame me for her leaving they called her their daughter. They took her side and told me I should’ve taken responsibility. But I feel so hurt. I thought I was their family. What should I do now? Shes gone but my family looks at me with disgust and I just want to move on. Without her abusive behavior. I feel as if she manipulated her way into my life and now she’ll always be here. Some how. Will my family ever forget her? will I ever be free from the chains I had on her? What should I do?