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  1. I know i havent really been back for very long, but im thinking of taking a break from the forum. No, its nothing anybody has done. Im just overwhelmed at home and have to reprioritize some things. I dunno. Maybe ill be back or pop in but i just thought i should give a warning this time that i might take a break. Feeling conflicted.
  2. Well, in addition to the sleep issues, im not having proper bowel movements. Didnt go at all today. Is this tmi? Its frustrating. At least im not in pain. Actually, i slept a little better last night i think. Used a better nasal aid for sleep. I'm required to use it otherwise i can't breathe well enough to sleep. Thats what makes me think ive sleep apnea. Plus the hours i spend sleeping.
  3. Im feeling better today, so far, but im still having sleepiness. Wonder if its from the meds or im just lazy/bored. Or theres still the possibility of sleep apnea.
  4. Oh boy! Weight gain with gabapentin? I never considered that. Nor did my doctors say anything about it. Ugh. You never experienced weight gain with celexa?
  5. i can't go on twitter anymore without crying. (my friend was on there and it's just not the same anymore)
  6. Lost a friend today. Well i hope it's temporary. She needs a break from everything. But my whole world got shook. We are really close and i dont really have friends, especially like that. I feel my life with her flashing before my eyes.
  7. Celexa is the new med, but i increased Gabapentin and am also on Vraylar.
  8. i feel okay this afternoon, but i fear my weight is going up again on these meds. I cannot deal with that or the moods. it sucks.
  9. Im feeling tired. Is this a sign of depression? Actually i still feel better on the meds though. Gonna watch my tv program then get back to cooking. That is my life.
  10. i feel ok right now. i think the new meds are working. just hope i don't start gaining weight again.
  11. Worried. My cousin was on the verge of a panic attack and i was talking her through it, but then she stopped talking. It's partially normal behavior on her part, but its frustrating and worrisome for me. Hioe shes feeling better. Panic attacks dont last hours long do they? I probably wont hear from her until tomorrow. Crazy.
  12. Im feeling tired. I slept plenty. Maybe i really do have sleep apnea. Not diagnosed, but was recommended to do a sleep study. Anyway, i must stay up now tho. This sucks.
  13. forgot to mention, started a new med (antidepressant) today. obviously it's too soon to know if it's working, but i've not had any side effects, so i wonder if it really is working. hmm
  14. Boy! lots has happened just since my last visit here. i feel hopeful though in this moment, somehow? ah, who am i kidding. i'm still fighting anxiety and those scary thoughts, but i guess i feel a little better in this moment. i woke up earlier and got a good start to the day, so i'm doing my part! you know what bugs me? trying to remember my screennames and passwords. i was thinking of not using some accounts (not multiple accounts here. i mean twitter, fb, other forums) for a while, but i'm afraid if i don't go often, i'll forget my information. eek! i just wonder if my memory could be served better elsewhere. there was a time i needed all these things and i probably will again...ugh! unsure
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