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  1. i've been there. unfortunately the person turned around and got rotten with me. oh well! you really see someone's character when you defend yourself
  2. does changing the feeling fit in here or is it something different? what i mean, for instance, thinking of stage fright as something exciting as opposed to something scary (anxiety causing). And can you explain the value of the metaphor a little more? Like thinking about a cave for depression for instance....how does that help??
  3. Not sure how many are actually reading this, but nonetheless... UPDATES Heard from the friend and things seem to be looking up. (They've moved from the hospital to residency...or is it vice versa? I'm a bit ignorant since my depression never got that serious, but apparently they're happy about this). Unfortunately, another friend has now gone MIA. She did mention she might do this, but changed her mind. Apparently, she changed it again though. Sigh! Hopefully she'll be ok! I'm trying not to worry though. More News Ok, so I already mentioned the second friend. I got confirmation today from our mutual that she did in fact have to go IP. I really hope everything gets better for her. She's definitely a big presence and is missed by her friends. And our mutual, poor little dear, has been crying. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about how much to try to help because she's so young and I don't want any trouble in that area (such a shame really. I mean friends can be friends at any age, but I can also understand the fear of internet strangers). At any rate, it's just a difficult time for us. :/
  4. Hey twotone!! Well I probably won't be of any help since I've never heard of this metaphors concept, but I'm interested and hopefully you'll get a lot of good responses! Best
  5. Lol yep! Exactly what I call us! Lol No, I do the exact same thing too. Tell folks about my plans to motivate me to do them so I have something to report later. It's a good strategy, I thing.
  6. I'm feeling tired and hungry and a bit worried about being away from my support systems (these forums) for a few days...so I was online late last night and first thing this morning. A screen break would do me a lot of good though in many ways. Um, what else?? Gah! Have I really been online for 1.5hrs already?! I need to eat breakfast! I dunno what else to say except-stIll stressing the party! I was suggested to bring pies or cupcakes if there would be kids, as a hostess gift. Hubby asks me if I can bake the pies. Um, no. Not at this short notice of time. (I've no ingredients, plus my dough mixer broke, plus I only made pies once...even if they were good, it was once and a long while ago) I mean, sure I'd have loved to have done a pie again, but just too anxious etc. I think we'll be bringing cupcakes though because there will be kids... I think I decided what to wear, but I fear it will be itchy if I have to wear it all day in the car on the long drive...ugh! I'm dreading the drive and the shopping beforehand with possibly no bathroom stops and then eating something not diet friendly after probably starving and so then worry and eat less and...yeah I dunno. I just needed to vent. Trying to push away my worries though and just keep busy. Wow, sorry for the long vent!
  7. Yeah, I agree with the others. Want you to stick around too, but understand the difficult stop you're in and how you feel. Just remember you're always welcome here! Hope you take care of yourself! All my best!
  8. Yea, I messaged Skye earlier with this same concern. I noticed they started signing their posts with their name. I think temporarily this is a good thing for them. (Sorry Skye, not sure what pronoun to use, so I just went neutral. My guess is she, but Skye could also be a guy's name too, right? Count on E to ask the socially awkward questions! :P)
  9. Wish I knew what to say in your difficult hour! You're always so helpful to others! Hope you get good news soon!
  10. 18min walk squeezed in right before cooking dinner.
  11. Forgive me for my ignorance, but did this just happen? I mean, she was just posting here...that was her, right? (I feel stupid for even asking, I just want to put a name to a "username". know what I mean?) I'm also truly sorry for your loss. If she entrusted you with her passwords and such, you two must have been very close and that's a very special thing, but also a hard loss. Like Jenerator said, it's in no way your fault, so I hope you don't go there. And yes, it's perfectly normal not to know how to feel or process things right now. Give it some time. I'll also echo the notion that you should feel free to post here as much as you'd like. It would actually be nice to still have a part of Nyla around, but Skye, you have to do you too. If it's all too much, I completely understand. This is very sad news. I didn't really talk to her directly very much, but I had been reading her posts over the past few months and feel a loss myself. So, hugs and condolences and like Bulgakov said, to all her friends and loved ones. <3
  12. Miami by Taking Back Sunday is stuck in my head...occassionally some bits of their other songs thrown in, but I'm really trying to avoid Spin, which got stuck ALL day yesterday. 😛
  13. I'm feeling ok that I got up at a better hour today, but stressing about this party and not really at all enthused about doing work today. 😕
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