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  1. My Psychiatrist has just added Memantine to my medications so I am very eager to hear any experiences with this medication. Thanks
  2. Are you still taking Memantine? I have just started 4 days ago and I am interested to hear anybodies experiences! Thanks
  3. I feel exactly the same way as you GoldenOne all I think of is suicide everyday and how ending my life would be the best solution. I have tried every single medication and also ECT and nothing helps. The drugs that do help give me immense pain so I can't take them. Every Dr I go to doesn't know how to help me so what's the point of living? I get up I go to work I come home and sleep and walk my dog. Nothing brings me joy. I hate my body my face my hair I don't even want to look in the mirror. I hate my job but don't have the strength to find another. I have to put on a false brave face everyday whilst everyone is happily going about their lives and I am dying inside. I can't do this anymore :(
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