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  1. I think I know how to cure my Anhedonia Since I was a kid I almost experienced anhedonia since I suffered from dizziness and lack of pleasure but then I used glasses and my problem was over But then i left the glasses and traumatic events come in my life and I think that affected me Now I no longer feel depressed I only feel a lot of dizziness and lack of pleasure I will try to use glasses again to see if my problem is solved I'll post results later
  2. I already adapt a living like this but at the same time I suffer from not feeling what others feel The first time I experienced anhedonia was when my cousin died I felt that I was dying inside and I could not feel my emotions and so the years and time went by and I am still here sick
  3. I have 3 years with this disease And I'm losing hope although I will try to survive in some way
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