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  1. Hi w00t,

    How great you are to be able too share your intense feelings with others here, it does show your compassion. Be loving to yourself and keep your understandings which demonstrate your self empathy

    Forgive people who don/t  understand how you feel as most of  us here have been there I certainly have..Be as relaxed as you can possibly be and I know this is difficult.  Focus on your greatness even if you don.t see it or feel it , we are all great deep inside as it was built into us like all the other virtues that gets buried over time and in depression. 

    Love yourself always as you can depend on yourself


  2. Hi Cyb 3r,

    Great write up as you ask all the right questions we all struggle to find answers too. What is life all about, why do we struggle to live and why all the stuff in-between. 

    Yes I know how you feel. I have been depressed and asked what was the point in living at ll. Well why are we here and what for. We would all love to know the answer to those questions. 

    We make the best of life and use our skills. We are able to produce the happy hormones that way and get motivated and stay motivated.

    I do hope you find a way that is meaningful to you .



  3. The brain is a funny organ in that you can feel so bad and depressed very quickly. It locks you into nothingness feelings and drains you of everything. In the year 2017 soon to be 2018 depression research seems to have produced very little but medication. 

    We know it is feeling and emotions and chemical imbalance yes we are still using old SSRI and SNRI medications since to 1960s onward. How long to we have to wait for a genetic cure.  


  4. On 11/20/2017 at 2:07 PM, evalynn said:

    Is it human nature to be ignorant and hateful?

    Well human are a funny bunch. Emotions carry us to the depth of hate and to the heights of love in a matter of seconds. So yes human being can be everything good and evil if they so chose to be so 



  5. Hi There.

    Depression does make you feel alone and uncared for and that is a reality for us depressed people.  It drains you of emotions, physical strength and all feelings of being part of the human race.

    I really do sympathize with you as I have been there so often. This is the time to take it very easy and recover a little so you  can have time .

    Just know that in time you will feel better and take real good care of yourself right now



  6. I can appreciate your thinking and it make sense to look at it from your point of view as a bisexual . Initially I felt you would be offended by the thought of sharing however you have thought it through and I guess it is your choice. 

    I was concerned that you seemed to have no choice and it was a 'take it or leave it : situation.   I can see the pros and cons as you do 



  7. Hi There,

    Remember you are unique and there is only one like you so you are special.  Bullying and name calling online in such sites is a real problem for many people. Please do not judge yourself by ignorant comments and statements as these people are not worth knowing. They have nothing in their life to make them happy so they take delight in hurting other peoples feelings.

    You are beautiful in many ways and you have a good heart. We need people who build up other peoples confidence, esteem and give them positive regard. Cancel your account on that awful site and contribute on here instead.  Your opinion of yourself is very important so list your achievements and personal skills and forget those shallow minded people by closing that account online.



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