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  1. The first thing I google when I get a big crush on a guy I just watched "CO wife." Then I'd feel awful thinking where was I when they met? LOL It's not as if he'll notice me.
  2. Agree. Having a change of environment/surroundings is a stress reliever. It's like eating our favorite mean. Yes, it's glorious for three rows and a few but after that, you'll crave for something else. Nonetheless, I'm not complaining if staying home would be the least I can do to help stop the virus from spreading.
  3. Hello there. Try changing your morning routine like maybe do some workout, meditation, sip some tea or coffee. Memorize an affirmation that works for you.
  4. Hi @Tid322 Just checkin up on you. How are you doing? Wishing you well. @Floor2017 I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!
  5. What's horrible you are aware that your reaction is inappropriate, but you can't help but keep doing it, hurting the people around you, then you feel guilty and think of yourself as a bad worthless person.
  6. I feel you. It's what most mothers feel when they give a bit of time for themselves. However, you said it yourself. They might be thinking you're ignoring them. They're just kids but your every gesture means something to them in a way. When they feel you're being unhappy, they might also feel sad, or it could unconsciously affect their behavior. I know mothers would die for their kids but it doesn't have to be literal. I think the best gift we can give them is a happy and healthy mom. Check out this article from CDC. It talks about coping with stress during this trying time. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/managing-stress-anxiety.html Don't be too hard on yourself. You are one heck of a woman! Remember that! Hugs
  7. Great music for relaxation! I love meditation music.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, It's really exhausting for mothers, even before the pandemic. Seriously, you need a time for yourself. Can't you allot a specific time for yourself, like in the morning. You do some exercises, then some coffee. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I cry myself out to an hour or two, then after than I'd take a shower and dress myself up. I try to look my best and it make me feel better. Let them stay in a room for a while and they can do whatever they want while you do me time. It's better to let them be than to let them see you break down. Wishing you well. Hugs!
  9. This year has been a challenge for most of us especially parents. Imagine keeping your household safe while dealing with your own depressive and anxious thoughts. Parents have to deal with the new education system, new work setup, home activity and all. It's crazy! I salute all the parents who are doing well with this. What's your parenting style during this time? Are you dealing with much more depressive state due to the pandemic? How are you able to handle it?
  10. Loss of interest in things that you usually love is a sign of depression.
  11. I checked your link, and it's supposed to be an audio?
  12. It's hard dealing with anger, especially when you carry so much baggage. I don't mean to sound religious, but try to think of the purpose of your existence. Many people are dealing with their own personal battles. Why not ask yourself, am I someone who'd make this person feel good or bad. I hope I make sense.
  13. I don't have any experience in matchmaking, and I don't think I want it. However, everyone is different. If you feel right about it, then go ahead and give it a shot. Yes, you may spend a lot of money. It might work, might not, but it's all about the experience.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Sadly, there are a lot of people like that. They don't take the virus seriously and are very inconsiderate of what will happen to the people around them. I always tell the in the house to not let anyone come in, or if they're going out, to do all the precautions. But you really never can tell. I pray for the fast recovery of your family.
  15. Hi @sober4life Thanks for your response. You're right. I guess I might have taken things way too seriously. I can't help it sometimes especially when I hear horrible news about CV. But hey check this out http://leaseholdlife.info/2020/07/01/quarantined-in-my-flat-how-i-survived/ I managed to control binge eating. They key is to stay motivated. Like you said, just get there.
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