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  1. 22 years on Paxil going from 20mg to 40mg last year and it just isn't controlling anything anymore. It's horrendous coming off paxil but I need to change.
  2. Hi all, I've been on paxil for 22 years, last year I had a major life upheaval and turned 40 with anxiety and insomnia. Went up to 40mg which didn't do much and developed depression episodes. The episodes are not as bad but seem to go into a cycle of depression for a few days, then go into high anxiety which I deal with better and subsides after a week, have a few days respite then the depression comes again. I'm dealing with the cycles a bit better but I'm getting sick of them. I'm thinking of titrating down and starting a new med. Never switched before so any advice is welcome. I'm thinking either Zoloft or Lexapro. Anyone had success doing this? Or maybe I should try Lamictal to stabilise the depression episodes?
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