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  1. @iamnotforever I have thaught about seeking professional help. I might go next week, but Im not crazt about the idea of tellineg all my problems to a stranger.
  2. Thank you for your replies :D It helps to know that Im not the only person strugling with these problems. I am feeling better today, it comes in waves of depression and anxiety for me. My girlfriend helped me a lot these few days. She had a similar, but more severe, form of depression and she understands the strugle. My main problem now is telling one of my friends or a family member. Im affraid they will see me as damaged goods and start to awoid me or (worse) try too hard to help me...
  3. @Diego_Sebastian thank you for the reply. That stopped working a while ago. I have had minor depressive episodes since i was in elementary school and Ive tried many (nonselfdestructive) ways to contain them, to keep my mind off of them, but it got worse a few months ago and I cant cope. I dont get pleasure or fulfillment from those activities anymore. I dont get pleasure out of anything. Hanging out with my friends drains me and leaves me tired and depressed. Sometimes I think that if I tell them that I dont feel well, they will see me as damaged and not spend time with me...
  4. Hello, I am new here. I have been strugling with depresion for over a year now and its getting worse. I am starting to lose interest in everything that I used to find fun and I am becoming more anxcious around people. This is starting to effect my relationship with my friends and family. If anyone here strugled with similar problems, or continues to strugle with them I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Sincerely, Neki.
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