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  1. I have been working for a company for the past year and a half and had done quite well at managing my symptoms of depression and anxiety. Two new people started and I started getting excluded from team meetings and they started calling me inappropriate names and whispering to eachother when I walked by and would make fun of me because of disability. I tried to manage the situation by going to the boss but he didnt care and did not do nothing about it. I went out my lunchbreaks and sat on the bench and cried my eyes out over this. Finally, I couldn't manage my depression and anxiety anymore and I called my doctor and went to see him the next day. I am now off on sick leave for two weeks because I couldn't handle anymore. I don't know what to do. If I go to the MOL I am a whisle blower. I am so extremely depressed right now and having trouble coping. The doctor gave me clonazepam for now. Any advice?
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