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  1. Now before I begin, I should let you know, I too were where you are and I am fine now. It is because this helped me and hopefully it will help you too. From this point, forget what you know and continue reading with an open mind. Imagine you can dream a dream in which you can do anything and everything! Imagine you can dream whatever number of these dreams.. After infinite amount of possibilities, you will get tired of dreaming whatever it is that you want to dream After you have completed every combination possible, you will come to this point.. YOU will say, let's dream a dream in which I cannot predict a little and soon you shall say SURPRISE ME completely!. And that's when the magic happens.. You will find yourself here where you at today.. <3 Love Rav
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    In a lot of pain

    It's okay, trust the infinite intelligence..
  3. What is true is this, when you are hanging with one arm in the light only, keep on holding. You will soon be able to bring your other arm in the light as well, and then you will be able to lift your full body to the light <3