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  1. Who should prescribe Anti Depressants?

    Thank you museumgirl for your response! I did fill the RX when it was prescribed, so he's been on it a month. I will make some calls tomorrow to see if I can get him in to be evaluated elsewhere.
  2. I am new to the forum and this is my first post. My 17 year old son went in for a routine physical with his primary care physician (he saw the Nurse Practitioner) and came out with a prescription of Paroxetine 20 mg. My husband and I have noticed a difference in him, so we were not to surprised at the depression diagnosis, although, we were surprised with the RX. Anyway, he is just finishing his 4th week on the medication, with no noticeable changes yet. His follow up appointment with his primary care physician for medication follow up is this Friday. In addition to the medication, he started seeing a therapist two weeks ago (he has seen her twice now). In talking with my sister, whose daughter suffers from depression and anxiety, she was shocked that it was my son's primary care physician nurse pracitioner that prescribed the anti depressant. She said the medication should be prescribed by someone that deals with teenage depression on a daily basis. In giving it some thought, I agree with her!! So, I called someone she recommended - and cannot get my son in until December 15 !! A whole month away !! My question is, should I pursue a different medical office to oversee my son's medication or is his primary care okay? I'm leaning towards a different medical office - but, wanted to see input from others that have been through this. Thank you !