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  1. Jujubee2222

    Son's friend isolating himself

    Thank you all so much for your input. It is greatly appreciated and I will talk with my friend about what you have all shared with me.
  2. Hi everyone! A friend of mine has a son that was showing signs of depression and he stopped in depth conversations with his parents. Unfortunately, he was in suicide crisis back in December. He was hospitalized for 8 days and was doing much better after coming home. Although he was doing better, his conversations did not improve with his parents and he stopped participating in activities with his friends. The suicide crisis occurred while on school property, and unfortunately got him expelled from school - during his senior year. The school provided tutoring, and he was able to get his diploma in June. So, during this time from December to June............being expelled - he was home alone - all the time, as his parents worked. He continued on medication and seeing a therapist. He was making progress, but, was not his old self. Come to today - and, although he is making progress, he still does not carry on in depth conversations with his parents. He stays in his room most of the time and is not working.....although, he is looking for employment. I am concerned that he is not conversing, staying in his room, and he has stopped participating in activities with his friends. My friend is at a loss at what to do, and I don't know what to tell her. My son experienced depression, but not like this. She has tried to make him participate in gatherings that we have had..............and he ended up taking off in his car. We continue to try, but he always says no. She is looking for a new therapist for him, as his does not seem to be the right fit for him, and the therapist will not communicate "at all" with her (won't return calls, etc...) I know the therapist cannot discuss anything that she talks with him about. He turns 18 today............. Any advice I can pass along to her? My heart breaks to see her in so much pain. She is separated and does not have the emotional support she needs at home.
  3. Jujubee2222

    Teenage Son's Reason for Suicide Thoughts

    We will start with the permit as a goal and I will talk with him about setting small, attainable goals......goals that I will let him choose. He does have a low self esteem, so, you are right about meeting small goals would help him to have a boost of self confidence, and less of a helpless feeling. I make sure he has his medicine, I take him to his therapist appointments - but, haven't really been able to figure out "how" to really help him. Your advice is exactly what I needed. Things I hadn't even thought of. Thank you so so much for answering my post. :-)
  4. Jujubee2222

    Teenage Son's Reason for Suicide Thoughts

    Thank you both for your replies! I appreciate the suggestions/advice. When talking to my son about future goals, he repeatedly says he does not know what he wants to do or what he wants. I think he feels he needs to pursue something in Engineering, because the tests they take at school points him in that direction. The plan right now is for him to start at a community college in September, and when he figures it out he can transfer to a four year college if that's what he chooses. Lonelyforeigner - I think you are right. I hadn't thought of that before! The transition to adulthood is scary. He does lack direction, and that scares him. Currently, he does not have a job, he does not even have his driving permit (his choice, not mine). I've kind of let him just coast, but, I believe that was not the right thing to do. It would be helping him to have him set some goals. He is active in school clubs and on the bowling team, but outside of that, he's usually gaming online. I think we will start with studying for his permit, and then perhaps a week end job. Thank you so much! You have given me ideas!! Ladysmurf - I do live in the US - I'm in New York. I am not familiar with NAMI, but will google it now! I will talk more with his doctor as well. Thank you !!
  5. My 17 y/o son has up and down days. He says he does not know what makes him feel sad, he just is. He has also told us - and his therapist - he has thoughts of suicide at times. (He is both on medication and in therapy). As much as I hate to admit I did this, I read through a conversation he had online with an online friend. He left for school this morning.......the conversation was up on the screen......I read it. In the conversation to this friend, he said "I've just had the thought of finishing my life at 18 before any of the $#%^ life throws at me happens" and "I was originally planning June 2018, but it'll probably be near the end. If it even happens". He graduates high school in June. He will turn 18 in October. To me.............this looks as though he is afraid of getting out into the real world. He told his therapist that he knows there are good things in the future, he just can't feel them inside. I will definately share this information with his therapist, but was wondering if any of you had any suggestions or advice for me?
  6. Jujubee2222

    How to Tell if Treatment is Working?

    Thank you both for your responses. I appreciate it very much. I think that is a good idea to ask my son about what goes on in the sessions - and what his expectations are. That is a good suggestion! That should be a good indication of if they are a good fit. I will contact the psychiatrist's NP that oversees his medication and get her input on the statement he made. I hadn't thought of that before.
  7. My son is 17 and was diagnosed back in October with depression. He was on the generic of Paxil at first, but was changed to the generic of Wellbuterin - and just started his fifth week on that. He started seeing a therapist in late October. I think he has had six sessions, with the next one in two days. After the last appointment, he told me he didn't think he wanted to see a therapist anymore, because it didn't really help him. I told him we already had the next appointment set up, so we left it at that. I do feel he is showing improvement from the medication, although he still has many down days. He has an internet friend in another state - that messages me when he sees my son say something concerning. (My son does not know of this contact between his friend and I). Today, the friend messaged me stating my son said "Sorry, I don't plan to be around for the end of the year". Of course I am alarmed by this mindset, but, do not feel he is an immediate threat to himself. The reason for my post is this. If he feels the therapist is not helping him, should we find another? Or, is it still to soon to tell?
  8. Jujubee2222

    Helping Teenage Son with Depression

    I do appreciate the patient-doctor relationship and would not want them to tell me what exactly was said, but, I guess some kind of direction from the doctor on how to help him, without actually telling me what was said. I suppose that's what it really comes down to. Is to how to help him, if I don't know the full extent of what he is going through. I wish the doctors had some sort of interaction with the parent...........although, I know they can't give specifics of what was said. I have not told my son about his friend contacting me or mentioned to him the subjects that his friend shared with me, in the event he only shared it with that friend. I promised his friend I would keep our conversations confidential - and that is a promise I will keep. I am so appreciative for this friend he has to share what he has with me. Actually, the idea of me seeing or contacting a psychiatrist is a good idea! Even if I found one of the ones line suggested. I need some sort of direction to be able to help him in some way. I feel helpless. Breaks my heart that he feels so sad.
  9. My 17 y/o son was recently diagnosed (~ 6 weeks ago) with depression and put on medication. He also started seeing a therapist. Over the past two years, he formed a friendship with another boy around his age in another state and they spend a lot of time chatting and gaming. What my son does not know, is that this boy recently contacted me with his concerns about my son, and has sent me screen shots of certain things my son has said. This is the reason for my post........ In something the friend sent me yesterday, my son told him that when the psychiatrist asked him what his plan was for his life...........my sons response was that he didn't have a plan because he didn't plan to be alive for graduation. Empty chair. This is obviously alarming to me and my husband..............yet, after the appointment he was sent on his way with nothing at all being said to me. I know with privacy laws and all that there are things they cannot share......but, what the heck. At what point are parents told of these things? I'm guessing, that my son must have said something else that made the psychiatrist feel he was not a threat to himself. (She did switch him from the generic of Paxil to the generic of Wellbutrin) Anyone have any input on this? I have taken the steps to get him medical treatment, but, feel so in the dark. How do I help him, especially when I wouldn't know about these things not shared with me??
  10. Jujubee2222

    Who should prescribe Anti Depressants?

    Thank you museumgirl for your response! I did fill the RX when it was prescribed, so he's been on it a month. I will make some calls tomorrow to see if I can get him in to be evaluated elsewhere.
  11. I am new to the forum and this is my first post. My 17 year old son went in for a routine physical with his primary care physician (he saw the Nurse Practitioner) and came out with a prescription of Paroxetine 20 mg. My husband and I have noticed a difference in him, so we were not to surprised at the depression diagnosis, although, we were surprised with the RX. Anyway, he is just finishing his 4th week on the medication, with no noticeable changes yet. His follow up appointment with his primary care physician for medication follow up is this Friday. In addition to the medication, he started seeing a therapist two weeks ago (he has seen her twice now). In talking with my sister, whose daughter suffers from depression and anxiety, she was shocked that it was my son's primary care physician nurse pracitioner that prescribed the anti depressant. She said the medication should be prescribed by someone that deals with teenage depression on a daily basis. In giving it some thought, I agree with her!! So, I called someone she recommended - and cannot get my son in until December 15 !! A whole month away !! My question is, should I pursue a different medical office to oversee my son's medication or is his primary care okay? I'm leaning towards a different medical office - but, wanted to see input from others that have been through this. Thank you !