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  1. The official rant release thread

    As long as you're not bothering other users, it shouldn't matter how much you post
  2. What's On Your Mind Right Now?

    Sorry to hear that. We're all here to help though. I definitely agree :)
  3. I can't live with this... Help

    Even if the videos are on youtube, chances are that no one will find it unless they're specifically looking for it. And if it's a rather obscure website, your chances of safety are even better. Besides, whoever put those videos out there should not have done so without your permission, so I would flag them as inappropriate.
  4. What's On Your Mind Right Now?

    The 80's song "Tell me what's on your mind" by information society
  5. Night Owls

    It varies wildly for me. Anywhere from midnight to 5am depending ony stress level and what I have going on the next day
  6. Depression too intelligent?

    So what does?
  7. New at this

    I'm sure you can find the right gf for you. As Shakira said in her famous song "Try everything". It'll work out in the end.
  8. college dropout due to depression

    Not your fault. At least there's probably more scholarship opportunities down the road, and the internships in my field pay pretty well, so all is not lost I guess.
  9. college dropout due to depression

    I'm about to lose an $8000/year scholarship due to depression, bad professors, and an assortment of other difficuties. Now I wonder how I'm going to put that on my health insurance claim (sarcasm). Loss of income perhaps?
  10. college dropout due to depression

    Or perhaps you could explain that it was an honest mistake and and ask if they could drop/reduce the charges. If you have a doctors note explaining your situation at the time, the school will probably go easier on you. If you did sign up for classes you never took, they would have probably just cancelled those classes or at least given you a notice as to what they're charging you for.
  11. college dropout due to depression

    You're welcome. It seems kind of weird for a college to charge you for not attending classes, though. I would think it would be the other way around.
  12. Depression too intelligent?

    Have you found a solution to that yet?
  13. New at this

    Not to sound depressing, but relationship abuse is definitely known to affect all genders, so there's no need to feel embarrased since this was definitely not your fault. I definitely applaud you for reaching out for help like that; I don't think I'd have as much courage as you did there. And to answer your question about how someone can change their treatment of someone that fast, it's probably because your ex was mentally messed up herself, or just had a very hateful attitude for whatever reason. Some people are like that I guess.
  14. college dropout due to depression

    It might vary from school to school, but where I attend, if you drop out for a few years and want to come back later, you can tell your dean that you want to continue where you left off, and for any class you got a C or better in previously, they will put it back on your transcript without making you retake the class. Then you can continue at the point in your degree that you left off at.