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  1. New- a jagged life style

    I can definitley understand your frustration. I have yet to establish a romantic relationship to begin with despite my best efforts, so that is always rough. Also, don't listen to naysayers telling you that you're in the wrong field since it's your career decision, not theirs. The best therepists in my opinion are the ones who went through a similar situation themselves, so I have faith in you. -Wizardwarrior
  2. Does your brain act this way?

    Trust me, I had a very bad video game addiction (as in I would play from 11pm to 5am most days even though I had work the next day), and I was worried about breaking the addiction since video games had become such a huge part of my daily routine, but I found other (healthier) things to replace gaming with, and I would honestly say that I'm glad I did. I encourage you to try the same, since you will probably feel better healthwise and financially as well. -Wizardwarrior
  3. Emoticon Nation, What Smiley Fits Your Mood Today? (14)

    Parents giving me endless grief.
  4. Being forced to live

    I'm so sorry that you're going through all that. Getting rid of an addiction is very, very difficult and I think it shows a lot of strength on your part to be willing to do so, let alone in someplace far away from your friends and family. Also, the world needs more people like you who will admit a problem and fix it. So don't leave us! It sounds like you're already started your path to recovery and everyone here at DF can help.
  5. Started new Job + Meltdown :(

    There's nothing wrong with you. I was the exact same way when I started out at resteraunt cooking. Just today, as a matter of fact, someone at work accidentally spilled a whole tub of pancake batter all over the cooler and had to send some of the shelf panels through the dishwasher to get all the gunk off. Those kinds of things are bound to happen. I would recommend calling them and explain that you were worried about getting the insulation packed properly (which from what you said is true), and ask if they could give you some advice on how they do it so efficiently. Also, from what I've seen at my job, people who work hard (like you) are usually given much more leaniency than people who don't care. One last thing, if packing isn't the best fit for you, you could see if there's other things they need help with (loading/unloading, inventory, etc). I hope things go better for you!
  6. What song best describes your mood?

    For me, that would be Footloose since I worked a grand total of 26 hours this weekend. What do you all say though?
  7. What song best describes your mood?

    For me, that would be Footloose since I worked a grand total of 26 hours this weekend. What do you all say though?
  8. What song best describes your mood?

    For me, that would be Footloose since I worked a grand total of 26 hours this weekend. What do you all say though?
  9. Adjusting your own meds if your doctor screws them up?

    Thank you. Honestly, I've already tried that, with some (althogh limited) success. The problem lies in that my parents being verbally abusive is not ok, and not something I can just sweep under the rug. Yes, I understand that my parents have their own mental health issues that they are trying to manage. Yes, I understand that parents can be very annoying. But what they are doing crosses a line, and they aren't even trying to moderate their actions. It would appear that nothing short of a lawsuit will get through to them at this point, which is very unfortunate. Once again Epicetetus, thanks for your kind words. As for how I manage this situation, I guess you could say that I am 'stress hardened'. I have had 10+ stressful life events happen within the past 3 years, and that has taken a toll on many areas of my life. However, if there is one good thing that comes from that, it would be that it has raised my stress tolerance from "intense" to "triple insanity".
  10. I need advice...

    I don't think that post was pointless at all. :) I can definitely relate to having social anxiety (which for me is compounded by having autism), so you're not alone here. For the weight issues, I would talk with a doctor about it, since you may just have a bothersome memory that somehow got tied the thought of being overweight. Also, society's perception of weight is very flawed IMO because it is really not an accurate indicator of your health. Since muscle weighs more than fat, football players could weigh 200+ pounds and still be very healthy since they exercise often. As for telling you mom, I would recommend doing so since it seems like she cares. Hope you start feeling better soon! :)
  11. What Really Bugs You (7)

    Same here. The way I usually handle those people is something like the following: if person == a$$hole Attempt to work things out with them elseif person == a$$hole && response to reason == null Out.println 'Back off!' & get someone to intervene elseif person == a$$hole && response to intervention == null End relationship else Use ''
  12. I don't know who I am.

    Have you ever cooked all your old homework after a particulary brutal semester? It's very satisfying to say the least. Or if you do everything digitally, put all your old files on a flash drive and send it through the dishwasher so that you can wash them away. Literally. Also, I've heard there's charcol that doesn't require lighter fluid if that would easier for you.
  13. Adjusting your own meds if your doctor screws them up?

    Thank you! I would like to hear about what you learned if that's ok with you. In addition to depression, I have to put up with a pretty insane work schedule (usually only 3-5 days per week, but with 10-12+ hours each shift and of course my job involves constant standing and walking for the entierty of my shift.), along with going back to school in a couple months, and verbally & emotionally abusive parents, but have a snowball's chance in hell of them ever getting held accountable for their actions. Also I am considering getting an apartment so that I will not have to put up with the Bi**chmobiles (aka parents) anymore, but of course that is a logistical nightmare. So yeah, just a few difficulties there.
  14. Adjusting your own meds if your doctor screws them up?

    I do in fact try to offer helpful advice, and all 3 were pdocs.