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  1. Wizardwarrior315

    Career Change? Anyone?

    What I would recommend is looking into the job openings for health care aids where you are, and what the job would entail. In the US, the Beauro of Labor Statistics has a helpful website for that, and other countries probably have something similar. Also definitely look for scholarships and/or grants to cover the cost. If being a health care aid is reasonably sound careerwise, and is something you want to do, go for it! Being an admin on a mental health site would definitely help, and Lindsay could probably put in a good word for you as well. I wish you the best of luck. - Wizardwarrior
  2. Wizardwarrior315

    How Would You Define Yourself? #2

    Mostly agnostic/athiest, but with a little bit of everything mixed in as well.
  3. Wizardwarrior315

    Parents and Therapy

    I happen to have a *lot* of pets and I think they are definitely helpful for managing depression (cats in particular) As for how your parents are acting, it seems to border on mental abuse. I would try reasoning (calmly) with them first, but make sure to mention this to your therapist. Hope you feel better! - Wizardwarrior
  4. Wizardwarrior315

    What Really Bugs You (7)

    When it's pouring down rain and your bus is running late.
  5. I've been feeling that was as well. Like pink318 said, it would probably be good to see a good counselor if you aren't already. Also if you had any sudden changes in your routine (even if they "should" seem minor), that might be causing you to feel that way. I know for me, that's usually a trigger. Anyway, I hope you start feeling better soon. - Wizardwarrior
  6. I think it's normal to feel that way, and would keep an eye out for things like that (although perhaps not on your boyfriend's phone). That being said, it could be just a one time thing, and wouldn't worry about it too much unless it becomes a regular thing. Hope this helps. -Wizardwarrior
  7. Wizardwarrior315

    What Color Would You Say Matches Your Mood Today?

    Faded yellow.
  8. Wizardwarrior315

    Cant change

    I think that sounds good. Mental hospitals may sound scary at first, but if that is what you need to improve your mental health, by all means go for it. As for work, you can probably use sick time. I hope things work out for you. - Wizardwarrior
  9. Wizardwarrior315

    Feeling agitated and sad

    I hear you there. Perscription medications are extremely overpriced, especially in the US. Have you looked into non-medicine based solutions? Those often work a lot better than people give them credit for.
  10. I conpletely understand. I have no idea what it is but some people seem to be labeled as too odd to be normal, but too normal to be "odd". For me, joining a Dungeons and Dragons group seemed to help, since most people who play D&D are pretty open minded and are often oddballs themselves.
  11. Wizardwarrior315

    Cold Shower Therapy after 3 days, is it really working?

    I haven't tried that, but if it's helping you by all means keep it up. I'm no doctor, but I've heard that sudden temperature changes (like in cryotherapy) can make you feel better, so perhaps that's what cold showers are doing in your case. Anyway, I hope this trend continues.
  12. Wizardwarrior315

    Sertraline finally destroyed my stomach

    For a few months. I would always take it with a glass of water but not always with food.
  13. Wizardwarrior315

    Sertraline finally destroyed my stomach

    I haven't had that happen to me when taking sertaline, but I definitely understand your concern. Maybe what you're experiencing is an allergy response? I know those can be very sudden. Anyway, you may want to talk with your doctor about stopping that medicine since antidepressants should not cause heartburn. I hope things get better for you!
  14. I can definitely relate. What happened in my case is that I went away to college (with my parents contributing a few thousand $ towards it), but ended up dropping out a year and a half later due to mental health problems and biting off more than I could chew academically. And I definitely understand what you mean about being embarrased (especially when word gets out to other relatives about your situation). Also, about your car, I would definitely file a police report so that they can help track down who stole your car. Hope everything goes well!
  15. Wizardwarrior315

    anhedonia ruined my life

    From what I can tell, it would probably be good to use a calendar system to keep track of similar projects in the future (for me at least that is much more effective than a to-do list). Also, most other people don't understand anhedonia so please try not to take their criticism too hard. Believe it or not, I was in a similar situation a few months ago when I kept running late to work and nearly got fired, so I definitely understand what you mean. I hope this helps. - Wizardwarrior