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  1. Emoticon Nation, What Smiley Fits Your Mood Today? (14)

    Not having a very good day today.
  2. Frustrating

    I noticed the same thing. I was on 75 mg of zoloft and it helped, (but not enough), so my doctor moved it up to 100, and ever since then my depression has gotten worse. (No motivation, emotional numbness and things like that). So, your situation may be different, but I would recommend adjusting the dose since it helps you so much with anxiety. (Maybe for both of us, it's helping a bit too much?)
  3. Leave a nasty review on their app/website explaining what happened. Hopefully that will get the point across. Believe it or not, my parents of all people seem hell bent on ****ing up my mental health at any cost. They will not listen to anything I say and won't even let anyone else mediate the situation, let alone fix it. I would blackmail them, but of course that's illegal. I just don't know what else to do at this point.
  4. Emoticon Nation, What Smiley Fits Your Mood Today? (14)

    No one wants to back off today.
  5. Questions!

    Burgers. Is your stress level over 150% capacity today?
  6. Questions!

    Sorry. Do you have more than 5 pets?
  7. Questions!

    That's really hard to say, but probably winning 1st place out of about a dozen people in an art competition back in elementary school.
  8. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    I think it depends on where you work. Most people are somewhat reasonable, but at a****** class businesses (especially in management), they forget that being nosy and political solves very few problems and creates many more.
  9. I do. At this current moment, I'm thinking about how many hours of sleep I got last night, what I should eat for breakfast and how long each option would take to cook, and that I have a question to ask my boss, but trying to figure out when would be best time to call. So, you're definitely not alone here. I dropped out of college due to depression and am stuck living at home for now until I can figure out what to do next. As for being self sufficient, I think that should come after you feel better. If you had a physical disease like the flu, you would be given time off from school and work to recover. Mental difficulties *should* be treated the same, and I think some time off to recover would be good.
  10. The difference between laziness and depression?

    Like you said, you make an effort to get things done, and IMO, that is the oppisite of lazyness since you're still getting things done despite battling depression. Now, people who know they can get stuff done but choose not to are lazy if they do that all the time. It's definitely healthy to take an occasional break and/or take some time off to recover, but if you don't intend to get things done afterwards, that would be a different story. Great question by the way!
  11. Emoticon Nation, What Smiley Fits Your Mood Today? (14)

    I'm stressed out of my mind right now.
  12. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    You do make a difference here in a good way. Just like how you helped me to become a support member here. Trying to help someone with depression is like trying to land an airplane with broken engines. You've done an amazing job at landing it safely, and if there's some dents and scratches, that's understandable and perfectly ok given the situation.