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  1. Hi Heather, Sorry to hear that this year hasn't been good for you. I pretty well know the pain. What I noticed during my struggle that medications work best when they are supplemented with herbs, healthy lifestyle ( exercise, healthy food etc.) and a peaceful surrounding. I even moved to a totally new city for a few moths during my treatment to change the environment completely . It helped me a lot. Starting a new interesting and engrossing project/activity also helps. I'm sure you'll find a way out. I'll be more than happy if I could be of any help to you. Cheers! Tashu
  2. Tashu

    Week 6

    Hi Heather, No, depression did not come back at all though I've been tapering Lexapro for the last 9 months. I tapered from 30 mg to 10 mg in about 7 months. However, as I tapered Lexapro slowly, I increased the intake of herbs and food that are said to increase the production of serotonin naturally ( Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Amaranth seeds & leaves, nuts, Banana, pineapple etc.). I also go to gym regularly. As for Strattera, I tapered from 80 mg to 40 mg in one month. I have *not* started tapering Wellbutrin yet. I'll start tapering Wellbutrin from Jan 2018. For that I started taking Kapikacchu ( Mucuna Puriens ) a few months ago. It naturally increases dopamine ( Wellbutrin controls this neurotransmitter) So far, everything is going fine and I notice a continuous improvement. Wishing you happiness & success, Tashu
  3. Tashu

    Week 6

    Hi FarTooLong, My personal experience says that depression can be treated successfully even if it is left untreated for a long time after its onset. I got my painful depression cured only last year (2016) --- about 25 years after it was suspected to have onset in 1992 after my father's death. So, please don't give up and continue with the treatment. You haven't mentioned the name of the pill you're taking. But, by the dosage you mentioned ( 150 mg / 300 mg), it looks as if you've been prescribed Wellbutrin. Is it so? If it doesn't work even after 8 weeks, then you may request your psychiatrist to try other class of anti depressants; perhaps SSRI. I was treated by a combination of Lexapro, Wellbutrin & Strattera. I continue to take them even now, though, I have started tapering down. Wish you happiness & success, Tashu
  4. Tashu

    Wellbutrin vs. Lexapro? Any input!

    Hi laurenelizabeth! Lexapro & Wellbutrin are said to work on different neurotransmitters in our brain, hence, they are prescribed for different mental health situations. Actually, I've noticed that both of them are often prescribed together. I'm also taking both of them. Lexapro: Works on Serotoninin Wellbutrin: Works on Dopamine & Norepinephrine I also had severe depression with GAD, COD & Adult ADD. I started with Lexapro which kicked-in in about 45 days and I got relief from depression, anxiety and COD. However, I noticed that I had become less motivated and more lethargic ( despite being very calm & anxiety-free ). Sexual side effects were also severe ( difficulty in getting & maintaining erection. Almost impossible to reach orgasm). But, I didn't gain any weight. To counter these side effects of Lexapro; I was given Wellbutrin & Strattera. These three medications, along with a few herbs and a healthy lifestyle worked wonders for me. I now feel perfectly normal and functional. I started tapering down Lexapro 6 months ago. Currently, my dosages are: Lexapro: 10 mg ( Highest dosage was 30 mg. Started with 5 mg) Wellbutrin: 300 mg XL Strattera: 60 mg Hope my personal experience with these medication helps you choose your own line of treatment with the help of your psychiatrist. Wishing you all the best, Tashu
  5. Tashu

    Wellbutrin with SSRI - questions

    Hi tiger8 Yes, it's quite common to add Wellbutrin to SSRI treatment. I'm taking both. I also experienced an initial rush of energy 1 day after I started Wellbutrin (150 mg SR). After 5-6 days, I started getting very irritated and that initial rush of energy was gone. However, I continued. The dosage was increased to 300 mg XL after 2 weeks. Ultimately, I started feeling the effects ( motivated, full of energy, concentration ) after 5 or 6 weeks. My current regimen: Lexapro: 10mg Wellbutrin: 300 mg XL Strattera: 60 mg Lexapro seems to have higher success rate than other SSRIs. However, you need to wait for longer ( 6-8 weeks) to let it increase the level of Serotonin in your brain to an optimum level to feel its positive effects ( kick-in). I started taking Lexapro on 19 July, 2016 and it kicked in on Sep 5, 2016. You need a lot of patience while you wait for it to start working. Wish you all the success & happiness, Tashu
  6. Hey Epictetus, thanks for your warm welcome & kind words. Tashu
  7. Thanks, Dynamaniac. Hope you're doing well. Regards, Tashu
  8. Thanks, Zenzang. I've submitted another post with medication dosage details. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. It will be my pleasaure if I could be of any help to you. Thanks, Tashu
  9. Thanks, Heather. I've submitted another post with medication dosage details. As for the journey details, it's too long to narrate it all here. However, I'll surely post a brief in a few days for the benefit of those who continue their struggle. I'm also going to setup a blog/website, detailing my 25 years struggle and the ultimate victory.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I was prescribed Lexapro, Strattera and Wellbutrin. I've mentioned the dosage etc. in another post. As for the posts that helped me during my initial 6-7 months ---- I must've read 100s of discussions on various topics. However, the posts that encouraged to continue the treatment despite no effect; were the most helpful. They gave hope that one day the medication would "kick in".
  11. Hi Everybody! Thanks for your warm welcome. Those of you who have shown interest in knowing my medication regime; here you are: (i) 19 July, 2016: Treatment Started Lexapro: 5 mg Etizolam: 5 mg (ii) 22 July, 2016: Dosage Adjustment Lexapro: 10 mg Etizolam: Discontinue (iii) 29 July, 2016: Dosage Adjustment Lexapro: 20 mg (iv) 6 Aug, 2016: Dosage Adjustment Lexapro: 25 mg (v) 14 Aug, 2016: Dosage Adjustment Lexapro: 30 mg (vi) 15 Sep, 2016: Strattera Added Started with 20 mg and went up to 80 mg within 1 month (vii) 20 Oct, 2016: Wellbutrin Added Started with 150 mg and moved up to 300 mg XL within one month. (viii) 04 Feb, 2017: Started tapering Lexapro Reducing the dosage by 2.5 mg every 15 days till the dosage became 10 mg / day ================================== Present Medication ( Nov 2017) (i) Lexapro: 10 mg (ii) Strattera: 60 mg (iii) Wellbutrin: 300 mg XL (iv) Ashwagandha: 2 Tabs (vi) Brahmi: 2 Tabs (vii) Kapikacchu ( (Mucuna pruriens): 2 Tabs Hope it helps some of you. It will be a pleasure if I could be of any help to any of you. Thanks, Tashu (ii)
  12. I'm writing to thank all of you for the immense help I got from your posts during the treatment of my depression that started last year ( Jul 2016). The treatment was successful and I got victory over my severe depression that I had been suffering from for the last 25 years. During the initial 6-7 months of the treatment, I used to lurk around your forum as well as a few other mental health forums and regularly read the posts . The hope and I encouragement I got from those posts, played a major role in my victory. Thanks.