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  1. got 6 boxes of this for free. (goverment payin it for me) Guys this weard thing is nothing to do with depression. its a good sleep drug with very weak stimulating and anxiolytic effect at the morning. but has some really dangerous adverse effects and im concerned with them. 25 for 5-7 days 50mg for 20 totally 27 days, its effiency is nowhere near a 2.5mg escitalopram for 1-2 week on me. For very very major heavy depression it can do something. http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/48444/0/NewsDetails.aspx https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21846075 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4115397/ im gonna continue the treathmant for a couple weeks too and if cant see anhedonia improvement il stop this and continue with johns wort.
  2. Started yesterday, i took 25mg and start to sleep. at night : *it is increasing body temperature and heart rate. * a little bit stomach pain *after a couple hours it is completly out of your system and you can wake up, get trouble sleeping. May be we need a SR version of this thing or need two seperate dosages at night for proper sleep. May be im metabolizing it very fast i dont know. gonna try it with grapefruit tonight . first day : *increased urge to ************* *higher libido *no morning agitation at all (improvement) other depression symptoms is not improved yet. if you guys want i can report log here.
  3. neurotransmitter

    Wellbutrin Makes Me Sleepy

    its happening to me when i take very very little dosages of ritalin or wellbutrin. its same in normal dosages( some anxious..etc) but when i take too little its making me very sleepy and careless. it sounds impossible but there is some guys getting hungry when they take ritalin.
  4. Hi guys, i wonder it too, im a very very strong responder for sleep deprivation treathment. If you guys dont know just do a little search and try it. When im awake for a night, next day im feeling like im 15 years old, huge appetite,libido,erection,motivation, enjoying every single thing im doing. ssris working very little for me but huge sexual side effects you know. Can you agomelatine responders tell me your situation ? do you have obstructive or central sleep apnea, allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion.. ? do you have seasonal depresion? i read this drug is working on sleep mechanisms may be this is the ''ONE'' for me.
  5. No its just a kind of pseudoephedrine, may be slow release i dont know but some pseudo work some not. i did the same mistake but after realized some pseudo is differentand has antidepressant properties. On some people like me it has strong anti-depressant effect. Sudafed is not working for me but nurofen cold and its generic versions are working for me here (30mgpse+200mg ibuprofen) btw ibuprofen also has strong immediate anti-depressant properties on some people like me. Just search you will find peoples start to think positive after ingesting 800mg ibuprofen. two nurofen cold and two advil in the morning and coffe after breakfast and you can fly. There is a 120mg micropellet capsule SR version of this stuff here and its working far more better. if you drink strong coffee 3-5 hours after taking it you will feel like a boss!! it has some wellbutrin/ritalin like mild effect with no crash. if i have tolerance and take one before bed im waking up like a rocket. this thing is working better than escitalopram for me. i have adhd,mildOSA, mild nasal congestion.