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  1. Well on Friday I met one of the directors at a hotel to run through my grievance in full details, we both had someone present to take notes. The doctor has extended my sick note until the 24th to see that I don't have to return. I was also offered a job yesterday and have verbally excepted which has a start date of the 3rd January next year, my only concern is it is subject to getting a reference and unsure if work will provide one.
  2. After a few days consideration about everything and having seen the doctor, I handed my notice in on Thursday along with a letter of grievance to the CEO's Personal Assistant, I have basically told them that my last day will be the 23rd November, and told them they are more then welcome to not make me work my notice as I will likely continue to be signed off by the doctor as really don't feel I can face going back there again. But on the plus side I have had several interviews elsewhere and another 3 booked for next week, all with a significant wage drop but I would rather be happy in a job then feel how I feel at the minute.
  3. Thanks for all the responses guys I returned to work yesterday and was basically informed that my performance was still below the required standard, funny since I have been doing the same job for 4 years and I haven't changed in anyway and its not been an issue previously, managed to get through yesterday and then had a breakdown on my sisters door step this morning due to the stress it is causing me, she managed to get me booked to see the doctor who has doubled my current dosage of Citalopram and also given me Zopiclone to help with my sleeping which I have been getting a lack of also been signed off work for two weeks, to hopefully get my head straight am also going to citizens advice so I can get some help on what to do with what i'm suffering with at work.
  4. I'm due back to work tomorrow after two weeks holiday and dreading it, last time I was off I came back to be informed i was being placed on a personal improvement plan as my performance was not up to scratch. Now this all came to ahead after I moved departments and it just seems they have it in for me and are looking at everything they can for me to either leave or have cause to fire me. Now I work in a call centre and they are trying to say my calls are not up to standard and I fail Data Protection on occasion as well, now i wouldn't mind so much but i'm being told I am blunt on the phone and seems I just want to get the client off the phone despite giving the client the information they require! yet then you get moaned at if we drop calls, I hear others on the phone and they also come across blunt and rude but nothing has been said to these colleagues, in relation to the Data Protection I understand this is important but also been informed by a colleague that monitors the calls that alot of people fail to ask the data protection questions so again just seems to be they are out to get me for whatever they can. The final straw was a couple of days before I went on holiday I got dragged into the office as I had made a mistake when quoting a client by entering the wrong occupation type, I did this quote back in July, however the client was now proceeding and the price had increased by £600, I had my manager saying that I had cost the company £600 and that this could be treated as gross miscondect, I had a play with the quote and even running it through on the correct information it still had this massive increase this is why quotes are only valid for 30 days as prices can change all the time, I brought this to my managers attention who said he will pass the information onto the relevant people and comeback to me but low and behold nothing more was said before I started I my holiday. Also with my Personal Improvement Plan I was told I would have a review every week for 4 weeks and yet only had 2 reviews and was told I would have a meeting when I returned. I am worried sick about what is going to happen I have been on Anti depressents for the past 6 months and work are unware as I don't feel confident advising the HR department about it as the person in charge is also the one who seems to have it in for me and he oversees the running of our department, and from past experiences anything said to him always gets out to everybody else. He has made my life hell for the past 6 months just comments he makes, I use to get into the office early and he use to moan at me and another colleague for getting in early, also another time in the summer I had just arrived and was wearing a jacket and he commented "you look a bit of a muppet wearing that" as it was a warm day, and the worst time was one Tuesday afternoon I got dragged into the office with him and another manager and I was told to cast my mind back to a particular customer and they had made a complaint about me after I sat there looking puzzled they both burst out laughing and said I could go as they were just messing about, when I left I had the whole office starring at me. I am now at my wits end and have spent the last two weeks looking for a new job to no success, as I don't want to go back there, but I've been there 4 years and never previously had any issues, I am tempted to put in a grievance to the CEO about it but worried it will just make things worse.
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