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  1. I recently lost my job due to anxiety and depression. Luckily, i am able to find a new job with similar pay but i haven't accepted it yet as i don't feel well from time to time to function normally. I'm 30 years old with some savings and no debt. I'm facing a big dilemma of whether to accept the job offer as on one hand i'm afraid going back to work too quickly might worsen my condition. On the other hand, not working may cause my depression to linger for a longer time and it might be difficult to find a new job after out of work for months. What should i do?
  2. Well, I finally lost my own war with the black dog. Finally snapped. No need to think that I could continue my work. Now completely lost but have to figure out a way to recover.
  3. Thanks for sharing. After considering an exit for months, I am still stuck. Hope we Can find a resolution to this dilemma ASAP and out of our pain.
  4. Thank you all for our replies. I had taken 2 weeks leave of absence in late Sept hoping that my condition would get better. However, the sheer amount of works and the continuous toxic working environment really make me sick. I've been considering quitting outright without a job lining up for months but i couldn't make that faithful decision because i know life will be difficult without a job albeit i have enough saving with no liabilities. What i am considering is whether i will gain more from quitting outright to regain my health or i will be better off to receive my monthly paycheck while suffering my everyday life. It's really a tough decision to call. Been looking for jobs for a few months but i haven't found any suitable one with similar pay. This also increases my stress level as times goes by while i continue to do something that i don't like.
  5. I’m a professional working in the banking industry earning good money. But I Have pretty bad times in the last three years. Changed job about 18 months ago only to realise the boss who hired me left after 9 months. My role has been keep changing in the past three years and I simply couldn’t cope with the consistent changes in my job responsibilities. In my job, it takes time to build competitive edge in one field but my job scope has been constantly changing every few months in the last three years. I do not seek a future here but could not bear with the idea of quitting a high pay job. What should I do? Quit or don’t quit?
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