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    The Effect Religion Had On Me

    sorry you had to do through that but i can kinda understand. i live in a very super religious town and even the public school systems here in my town seemed to show it too. i was a christian most of my childhood. but there came a time were i was tired of religion bieng shoved down my throat and now my religous point to this day is atheist. so i can kinda understand. and im pretty sure a cult like christian group is'nt really christian. but agian sorry you had to go throught that
  2. I'd day what began to make me question my religion was the fact that not only was it shoved down my throat but the fact that it made no sense i mean how can i believe in something that has not yet been proven. with all the rules and other story's in the bible i can, it honestly makes no sense. honestly to me religion disconnects us more then it connects us.
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    thx you for sharing this topic, i myself suffer from social anxiety and it can be a struggle for me most days, my life is my social anxiety so its great to know there are people out there sharing about it :)