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  1. I have been on Zoloft and Xanax for almost four weeks. I was put on 100mg of Zoloft after the first two weeks of being on 50mg. After the first week of being on the two medications I introduced legal c a n n a b i s that's high in CBD. It has helped to alleviate the negative symptom of nausea and curb some bouts of anxiety that would arise out of nowhere. Zoloft is the first antidepressant that I have stuck to longer than one week because every last drug I've tried has had negative side effects that escalated my already unbearable anxiety and spells of depression. Is there anyone who uses legal c a n n a b i s along with their antidepressants? If so, what has been your positive or negative experiences with it? Edit: I don't understand why "c a n n a b i s" is being replaced with "illegal drug". CBD is not illegal.