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  1. I am so happy for the successes you are having ! You have been having panic attacks when you were freaking out. It sounds like you were able to have a break through when you started reaching the top racks ! Yay ! That's the correct way to do it for you! One step at a time. If you have another attack over something else , think back on how you were able to overcome the high rack crisis and keep on keeping on !
  2. Have you ever become people's bragging post ? You tell them how it is going and everything negative in your life becomes overly abundant in their. Example : I am struggling with my meds and getting the right dose ect. I have insomnia. So meds are touchy and mother has help. I was awake almost 24 hours. Now my friend and I am my sister are planning a week get a way to the beach. She started the conversation that she is completely off her antidepressants and only take Ambien for sleep. We are both seventy and I told her our chemistry isn't the same. So leaving the conversation Zippy Do Da good for You , now I feel like a failure. Which is my MO. Free of rejection and worthiness. Any help would be nice.  I am back in the bed and sad.


    1. Georgiabelle


      Free of rejection. 

    2. lonelyforeigner


      Ugh, I hate it when people do that, diminishes your suffering. Kind of like the people that have to one-up you when you accomplish something. 

  3. It's nice reading 📚 your responses. Isn't it funny how depressed ppl can relate to most anyone that feels as bad as they are. I hope life treats you kind and in your loneliness you find Solis. Keep up the good work my new friend !🌻

    1. lonelyforeigner


      Aww, thank you @Georgiabelle, that made my day :)

  4. O know just how you feel. I have felt this way for so long I think it's the normal ! You are not alone! So many of us who are depressed have these same feelings. Since I don't have any answers I would tell you to try to take a new step every day . Just one. Then maybe one day you will try to take two when you have the first one down.  🎆

  5. Hi Megan, why do depressed people like myself want to hibernate? So many times I thing I am just lazy but at 70 I don't have the energy and always in the back of my mind is why can't I feel better and do the things I want to do with the years I have left? When my sister died I went to bed for four years and lost all my strength and muscle tone. Now I am fighting an up hill battle. Any thoughts on helping me ?  Thanks


  6. Is it okay to take Remeron with Triazolm? Can I take them at the same time?
  7. Thanks for the post. Am having a little problem with it but i like the lack of depression.
  8. Hi everyone .. I started Remeron exactly six days ago. I have not for years chose not take the drug for the weight gain. Well...finally after not sleeping at night my doctor wanted to treat my insomnia. First day I slept twelve hours. Great i said. Now to the point. I did massive research on weighing out the good with the bad. Of course the the weight gain was people's biggest concern. I needed to sleep! I said I would rather gain a few pounds and sleep and smile than to not sleep and be depressed . This is how the med affected me. Might i say just the opposite of my sister and daughter . Eating Eating so forth. I always have the reversed reaction to meds and sure nuff it did. My reaction...losing weight , not depressed yay! But I am not sleeping all night long. Literally! My husband has been working night shift for one month and when he comes home in the morning ...I sleep all day. I am not afraid at night nor am I feeling unsafe. Our house is very secure. The very reason I take it is sleep. I am seventy and disabled so my activity is limited. Anyone have these issues or can advise? The thing I like about the med...is that I am not depressed for the first time in years. Diagnosis... Depression and generalize anxious. Been seeing a psychiatrist since 1995. This isn't my first rodeo. Have tried so many meds this is the first to relieve the depression. Any feelings on this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Nissenb, I don't have much to say about your wife. I am a woman that deals with depression also . So my thinking, from experience that no person should put down another person to that extent just because she or me is depressed. Depression doesn't mean being mean and putting down someone. The opposite is to put her self down not you. But there are no fast rules to this thing called depression. You can't fix her. She will have to work on that. If I were you I would try to keep your focus on maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself..Keep believing that your okay. Sounds like she is being a very toxic person to you. I think if she cared about you she wouldn't share all her stuff about what she is doing. Just because she has depression doesn't give her permission to be cruel to you. Think about what it was that drew her to you in the first place? You sound like a very caring person and as long as you are in the marriage I would say "you take the high road and she can take the low road." I wish you the best !
  10. Hi Miller time, like you and everyone else , we have our baggage. One thing you said your friends thought this was cool but you didn't. Sounds like you can't separate you from your relationships yet maybe that part has become who you are and not where you were. Your friends knowing about it says there might be some power struggle going on with you as part of your identity. In that struggle you might not want to let it go because it actually makes you feel powerful. We all struggle with something. Maybe exchange that power for another one that makes you feel good about yourself. You seem to have run out of accomplishments as so many goals have been met in your life with your family now. There might be a reason for your discontentment in that. Look for something that gives you your power in anything other than relationships. Try to excel in something good that might challenge you. A goal that keeps your mind busy. Example: If you like the water per say take a coastline and check out all the marinas along the way. Taking your focus off of the past and on your chose of the new goal. Something that will take your thinking power to another place. Make the goal a challenge. One that make you think about how your going to get this done. Somehow I know you can do this. Why because you are a deep thinker. Explore your surroundings with new things and release your power into it. I wish you the best and hope you won't take anything I said not to be judgemental but see a bright future for you and your family.
  11. You have been given some wonderful advise from people who are like you and understand you. That's good for starters. Like one person said, embrace yourself and the wonderful qualities you have simply by being who you are. You weren't condemned to life because you are a very smart person. I would love to have some of your talents. These aren't your enemy, they are who you are. Simply put you are a pretty terrific person. Be your true self and other smart people will be drawn to you. I got my GED when I was 35. Then went on to banking college and Aced the finals. Did I think I was smart ? No I thought I was a good guesser. Life is made up of all kinds of people. We all have the basic need to be loved and accepted. Get some therapy like we all have and enjoy being smart. It is a gift.Use it as a adventure to discover how great life can be for you. Keep it simple. Simply smart friend.
  12. Hi, this is my first blog ever. My problem is everybody liked me but I cannot overcome my beliefs that I am being rejected. It is the first place i go to when someone hurts my feelings. I have only one sister left out of all our family. Example :I called her tonight to discuss a nose dive in feeling unloved and she and I talk deeply most of the time. I am accommodating to her when she has a problem but to night she sounded like she didn't want to talk and I immediately exploded with the feelings of rejection. I said I would talk to her tomorrow . My second thought was what if I really needed to talk to her about feelings of suicide and she blew me off. Then I am left with feeling rejected by my own sister who I know loves me!How can I avoid these feelings? They have been around a long time time.
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