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  1. After endless opposite opinions from friends/family I have resorted to the forums to settle my curiosity. For a few years I have what I have assumed is OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). This is because of my odd behavior such as: Twitching my head constantly on purpose Flicking the lights on and off until I feel I flicked it with enough pressure Immediate stress if my bedroom/car/kitchen is somewhat dirty Needing to smell everything I pickup (like my phone, car keys, food, jumper etc) This is not negatively affecting me so I am not entirely seeking help etc, would just like to put a name to whatever it is I seem to be doing. Cheers to everyone that puts in the time!!
  2. Jordan15

    What's wrong with me?

    Thanks so much for getting back to me guys! Since I've had the condition I have found ways to block myself from noise/movement etc (like listening to music really loudly), however there are times I am unable to listen to music such as at work, in a movie etc. what I'm worried about, is the fact I have such severe sensitivity to sound and movement to an extent at which I am filled with rage and want to break something or hurt whatever is creating it. Sometimes I start shaking/breathing heavily and am unable to stop for up to 10-15 mins, which happens at least once every 2-4 hours. Im scared as throughout the day I am constantly on my last thread before doing something I will regret. This combined with my constant need for attention, obsession with my image (in a bad way) and the downhill-ness of my 3.5 year relationship with the one girl I have loved to death since I was 12 is starting to get me thinking it's something bigger than just misophonia. does anyone here know if some form of depression has symptoms like the above, before I go to the doctor? Not knowing specifically what I have is making it worse as I have no excuse/reason or understanding for feeling the way I do. sorry for the super long paragraph, have never had a place to let this out. Thanks so much again guys for giving the time Jordan
  3. Jordan15

    What's wrong with me?

    Hi guys I'm new and didn't know where to post this but here I am. I'm 16 y/o and for the past 9 or so months Ive been going downhill slowly. Low energy, high Irritation, (I HATE eating noises or any movements or noises someone is making which they don't need to) my girlfriend and I (3 yrs) are arguing a lot, I'm losing motivation and I think I'm seeking attention. I get highly stressed about my image, spending money etc. I feel like I don't enjoy stuff like I used to and my relationships are falling. Please help! This is affecting me daily and it's getting worse