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  1. Day 6- Unfortunately, I had to stop taking the Bupropion 150mg xl. I just couldn't cope with the insomnia, increased anxiety and depression. It also seemed to have completely shut down my digestive system. I could hardly eat and lost 12 pounds in 4 days and I'm not overweight to begin with. I'm glad some people have good results and wish everyone starting out with it the best of luck.
  2. Thank you for the encouraging words. It means so much and is much needed today which has been by far the worst day yet. Just gotta hang on and keep thinking back to how bad I was before starting.
  3. Wow! talk about ups and downs today which is day 5 on generic WB 150 mg xl. Mood swings from hour to hour and flushing like crazy. I went shopping this afternoon and felt panicky the whole time. I really hope things level out soon. I've not been sleeping so well either so that doesn't help the coping with the side effects.
  4. Sorry for the long post above... it was a copy and paste thing, but it seems to do me good to get this all down and share with some people who are going through some of the same things. I'll try to keep updating my progress and welcome any advice or encouragement.
  5. I'm an otherwise healthy 47 yr old single male with no children and no long term relationship. I took myself off Zoloft 100mg a year ago since I was feeling good after taking it for a year and didn't like the side effects. Well, last week I had an episode of severe anxiety which left me sleepless and nearly non-functioning at work. Pdoc gave me Ambien to let me sleep and started me on Bupropion 150 xl. So here we go. Day1- Really no effect felt at all except maybe a bit more keyed up. I'm am using the Ambien to get much needed rest but am worried about dependency on it. Day2- Feeling pretty good. Almost like I'm back to my old self but with lots of energy. I don't think I could sleep at all without the ambien. Getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night. Better than none at all let me tell you I know. Day3- Woke up feeling okay but on the way to work, BAM... started to get dizzy spacy feeling with anxiety & sweating. No appetite at all. Wellbutrin honeymoon? I can stand to lose a few pounds but not more than like 10. Forcing myself to eat at least something. Get sweats and chills off and on. Feel fatigued and a bit hopeless. Symptoms are very similar to when I started the Zoloft. Day4- Slept about 5 hours. no weird dreams but do get jerks and spasms just as I'm falling asleep. Ate a bit of something before taking the med this morning. Off to the dentist for a cleaning. Oops, better reschedule. I'm so gaggy that even brushing my teeth makes me gag. I'm sure the hygenist digging around in there wouldn't be good. With all this covid 19 crap, they'd have a fit if I barfed in their faces. Appetite is a bit better so far today but I notice more depression symptoms and a little headachy. Day5- Ambien only let me really sleep 2 or 3 hours and then I just lay there in kind of a dozing state between waking and sleep. I really hope this side effect doesn't last much longer. I'm so tired during the day but can't really sleep. Depression symptoms are even stronger now than when I was untreated so that worries me some but all this is supposed to mean the med will work eventually, right? I'm eating what I can but don't really desire any food.
  6. MikeG....I was glad to run across your encouraging story. Thanks for taking time to post it. I started Bupropion xl 150 3 days ago and today is the first day that I've had the start-up side affects of increased anxiety, no appetite, sweating, spaced out, etc etc.. Did you have any of those starting out and if so how long do they last? When I started sertraline 2 years ago the start-up was awful for like 3 weeks. I've also been given Ambien for the insomnia which works well but I'm concerned about getting hooked on it.
  7. Hello guys. I too am thankful for this forum and being able to see that I'm not alone and the get some encouragement that these awful side effects (insomnia, no appetite, sweating, anxious) will go away eventually. I'm on day 4 of 25 mg Sert and supposed to bump to 50 tomorrow morning. I called in sick this morning because I just did not sleep much at all over the past couple nights and the anxiety is really bad in the morning. I have Trazodone 50 mg to take before bedtime and it does put me out but I wake up after only a couple hours feeling all buzzy and panicky. I did try cutting to 25mg Traz and it's not as bad but I don't sleep much at all then. If you have any tips on help with the insomnia I'm all ears. I feel like if I could just sleep I'd be much better able to handle these other SE's. Thanks for reading and I'll take all the encouragement I can get right about now.
  8. Hello all. I'm so glad to have found this website and all the encouraging stories on here. I'm starting day 4 on 25mg of Zoloft and the insomnia is pretty bad. I have 50 mg of Trazodone for the sleeplessness but it leaves me feeling buzzy and hungover. If I force myself to eat I can but I'm losing weight like crazy. I honestly don't know which is worse the disease or the cure at this point, but coming here and seeing what I can look forward to is a huge help. Thanks!
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