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  1. LostHufflepuff


    Hello everybody! I was just wondering if I was the only one that has trouble eating in moderation. I’m an emotional eater and this has been a problem with me since I was very young. During my mum’s cancer treatment and after she passed, I ate everything. I was constantly munching on something. I was the fat kid. Then I hit puberty and I thinned out. Loving that I was suddenly skinnier, I was anxious I was going to gain the weight back so I stopped eating most of the time. This went on until about 11th grade when I took a health class and they addressed eating disorders. I realized that was what I had been doing and made a point to try to eat more often, especially in front of people because that was a fear of mine. I slowly started eating a healthy amount but I’ve ALWAYS been a very picky eater who mostly eats junk food. Now that my depression is at it’s worst it has probably ever been, I’m constantly eating. I make excuses to binge eat and since I’ve lost my medication due to no health insurance I’ve gained an unbelievable amount of weight. I just don’t know how to moderate my food intake or stop being an emotional eater.
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    Hello there.

    Thank you. All of your words are incredibly sweet, even if you say you aren’t good with them. Your post actually made my day. Now I’m the one who’s no good with words. Haha. So um...yeah. Just, thank you.
  3. Hi! I’m happy to have found a forum that seems like it will be helpful and supportive. Not to sound corny but I have been different for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are of my shyness and social anxiety. My grandmother likes to tell the story of me at 4 years old at a birthday party and refusing to play with the other kids, instead choosing to play on the swings by myself. And as much as I hate that story, it really represents my life. I’ve struggled with my mental health forever and in my senior year of high school, I got my second therapist. (My first being a grief therapist after my mum passed when I was 8.) I worked really hard and got on the right meds and finally felt good about myself until about a year ago when I lost my health insurance. And since then I’ve lost control of my life. I lost my apartment, my good paying job, a boyfriend, my entire self esteem, friends, and struggle to get out of bed everyday. I’m officially diagnosed with major depression, social and general anxiety, and psychotic tendencies. Mental illness runs in the family and I just want to feel normal.
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    I ******* Don't Want To Go To Work Tomorrow

    I’m in desperate need of money but I can’t bring myself to go to work. I know I need the money to live and i have SOOOO much debt but I’m just so unmotivated and too tired to go. I hate feeling like this because I know I should go. They need me there and one of my managers’ grandmother just died. She’s working tonight and I don’t want to put more stress on her but if I was going to be on time for work, I should have left like, at least half an hour ago. I call out a lot and there are only so many excuses. Plus my sister will be disappointed and that is the worst part. I HATE disappointing her. She’s my rock and I feel like I let her down on a daily basis. But I just can’t face people today and I have no excuse so I guess I’ll just be a no call no show. I call out so much, I’ll probably be fired soon anyway.