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  1. I used to encounter the same situation too, until I decide to start setting some boundaries and cut those people out of my life. Whenever I'm interacting with people these days, I'll compare the way they treat me vs the way I treat them. If I treat someone with kindness but they decide to repay me back with cruelty, then they will have to get out of my life.
  2. I think you're probably overanalyzing this entire thing. Your girlfriend is probably like me, the type who gets lazy easily and often does things based on "moods". I doubt your girlfriend hates the bass, but she wasn't playing it because she haven't been able to get into the right mood. I feel like I can understand where your girlfriend is coming from. I love piano a lot, but there are days when I just don't feel motivated to touch the piano at all. And this doesn't have anything to do with how much I love piano, but it has more to do with my moods. When I'm in a bad mood, I just want to laze around and not do anything at all.
  3. I'm anxious attachment as well. I think I'm quite good at spotting people with avoidant attachment and I pretty much avoid them these days. These days I only surround myself with people who have secure attachment style. People who doesn't trigger anxiety in me, I find myself spending more time around them.
  4. People who distanced themselves from me for no reason. I love how "honest" people are these days, leaving you hanging without bothering to give you any closure.
  5. I wish I'm obsessed with a celebrity. It's so much better to be obsessed with a fictional person like a celebrity rather than be obsessed with a real person. At least you will have less chances of getting your heart broken by the celebrity.
  6. I just signed up for this volunteering event next month. I'm only out of my house 3 days a week for my part-time job and I've been thinking of pushing myself out of the house more often, and that volunteering event seems to be my stuff as I happened to be into arts and the theatre. I signed up for 2 shifts, so yeah I'll be at that event for 2 days. I just hope I have enough energy for that and won't end up cancelling it. Also, I've been thinking of working my part-time job until April or May before I start quitting it for a full-time job.
  7. It seems like my life currently consist of only work, because other than work, I have no energy to do anything else. Is anyone else here in this similar situation as me?
  8. I'm feeling really terrible. So I recently have this long-time friend of mine who is upset at me and started ignoring me after I came out of my hermit depressed state. Being ignored by this friend of mine reminds me so much about how I lost a close friend of mine to this similar incident a few years back. They just get so upset at me for withdrawing from them that they refused to talk to me again. This makes me wonder if they have ever cared about me in the first place, given how they are so quick to cut me off.
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