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    nhaar reacted to shio in Little anxious today   
    🙂 a wonderful blog nhaar. I can relate to living in the country and going for walks to connect with nature for self care. I do the same as I too live in the country. I like your pictures it makes your blog enjoyable to read.
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    nhaar reacted to Floor2017 in Am I ready to go back?   
    Well, my friend I do understand missing your work community and the working
    relationship that you have with them is enough to make you want to go back to work.
    Just make sure you are really ready to go back because at work anything can happen
    and you have to be ready for any change or anything out of the norm that disrupt our
    flow on the job.   I pray everything work out well for you and have fun going back to
    work and reuniting with co- workers.
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    nhaar got a reaction from carter_burn1 in South as South Goes   
    I hope you find help in melatonine. It could be coincident yes, but let's stay positive.
    Do you know what happens to me whenever I post a new entry? Next day I can't even recognize myself in the words I have written. I also feel like the blog is the dumbest idea ever. Actually I was just about to erase the whole blog but then I read your post and it made me think it's the depression talking to me. Writing helps so keep going.
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    nhaar reacted to carter_burn1 in Officially bipolar   
    People going through life with an undiagnosed mood disorder probably have the hardest go of things imaginable. "Normal" people, for whatever reason, think that having a mood/emotional/mental disorder is a choice. How many times are we told we're being difficult? You're unreasonable? Get your sh*t together? I love the cancer analogy...would those same people tell someone in a hospital bed with cancer to get their sh*t together? Not likely, lol...but we have as much of a choice about our mental illness as someone with pancreatic cancer has about theirs.
    The diagnosis is the first step, and it's a big one...but I'm proud of you for realizing right off the bat that the "fix" may not be easy or come quick. I'm no doctor, so my opinions should be completely discarded lol...but I will say that I've known a lot of females with bipolar, and almost all of them respond well to the meds they have for it. Just from a layman's perspective, bipolar seems to be a lot less treatment resistant than other mental disorders. So, while it's good to be cautious, be optimistic, too! Like you said, this could be the start of a very positive change in your life!
    Good luck, I'm pulling for you! 
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    nhaar reacted to carter_burn1 in The climate change and other things   
    Good luck! I hope they get you on the right meds the first time around...seems to happen for females more often for some reason, so here's hoping! I'm still trying to figure out my med situation...12 years later...grrr. But hopefully yours gets sorted right away!  =)
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    nhaar reacted to carter_burn1 in How to pour from an empty cup?   
    I can feel the pain behind your words...I'm so sorry. I'm broken too, so much so that any "advice" I offered would be an unfunny joke...but I hope it helps you to know someone's listening, understands, and cares. 
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