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  1. Organivmaplesyurp

    Fluvoxamine (Luvox) Posts

    Hello everyone, My doctor recently started me on 50mg of fluvoxamine for major depressive disorder and anxiety. So far, I have not noticed any changes in my mood or physical wellbeing thus far other than feeling severly drowsy. Is this common? Any reccomendations? Thanks.
  2. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    Maybe so.
  3. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    Yes, that's exactly it. I'm not even sure how I want life to be. I don't like many parts of it.
  4. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    I see what you're saying, but I see it this way: life goes high and low. It always has been this way, and always will be. It will not change in that sense. Happiness doesn't make me guilty, I just don't find it good like other people. In fact, it makes me feel blank and unsure of what to do with myself, if that makes sense. I wish I could explain it better.
  5. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    Acceptance does nothing for me. Life is awful! It doesn't get better! Yay! That's alright. (Thank you for the reccomendation though. :) ) I looked up invalidation. I would agree that I've experienced it. Interesting information.
  6. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    Yes, all of this is very relatable. You're right about being normal. Maybe that's the problem, not understanding what normal is. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in this situation, but at the same time, I'm sorry you deal with this too.
  7. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    rTMS creeps me out, but I've never heard of Ketamine Therapy. I'll look into it, thanks.
  8. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    The reason that life doesn't get better is exactly why I don't like it.
  9. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    I'll try my best to explain. To me, life seems like throbbing pain: it doesn't alaays hurt, but the pain always comes back, almost instantly. You get those beats of good things, those beats of bad things. I don't like experiencing any part of life, because oddly, I don't like being happy, but I hate the way I feel now. Sometimes I wish I could just be in a state of tranquility and somehow not see the rest of the world's pain.
  10. Organivmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I need advice that will actually work. Something I haven't heard before. I apologize if my post comes across as sounding snarky, I'm just tired and desperate. I have posted this in another forum, but I am hoping for more help. I have had clinical depression for several years. In this time, I have seen therapists, taken medication, and done what I was told to try to improve (gratitude journaling, positive thinking, appreciating the little things, taking a break, labeling my emotions and talking about them, taking time for myself, etc.), but nothing is working. In fact, I have gotten more depressed, not better. I have a "good life," a supportive family, a partner, food on the table, a job, a healthy diet and time to exercise, and a normal weight, but I am still unhappy. Because of this, sometimes I feel greedy. I don't like the way life is in general. I don't like that there is pain in suffering all of the time, and that no matter what, there is always stress and tons of effort just to do something. I see or hear things upsetting, which ruins me. I feel like every day something awful happens to others or myself, and I'm tired of the pain. I don't like the state of existence in general, the good or bad feelings. None of it. Please DON'T tell me: To find a purpose in life To try more medication That living is wonderful, and I just don't see it To practice mindfulness That one day I'll feel better That taking a deep breath works To try yoga To think about the things that make me happy To try group therapy That happiness is a choice/there's nothing I can do (I'm not hopeless, but I don't like to feel like people think I'm just not trying either.) To stop worrying To get a hobby That other people have it worse To be grateful To be strong To stop watching the news (I don't! I see bad things in my life.) That I'm weak To see someone/Try a new therapist (I have done this many times, and I have one currently!) To act silly (e.g. take odd selfies just for laughs, be "random" etc.. I'm a serious person, and do not like doing these things!) Please, I need real help! From people who understand! I found this forum because of what's on my mind. I can't take this anymore. Thank you in advance.