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  1. First of all I want to say I'm very new hear and while I have read the terms and many pinned posts if there is an issue with this one could someone please message me and let me know why it needs to be edited or removed so I can do better next time. TIA I get so overwhelmed at the thought of taking a shower and everything that happens during and afterwards to get ready to go out of the house. Tonight I am going out with my best friend and I know what I have to do to get ready. Use a medicated cream for my skin disorder, shower, shave, get dressed, blow out my hair, straighten my hair, do my nails, brush my teeth, and put on make up. This entire routine would take me about 4 hours if I took zero breaks and taking breaks usually helps me. But my depression also makes me procrastinate and I have to leave here in 5 hours and I just can't get off of the couch. I don't want to do any of it. It's such a giant hassle and I wish that none of it were necessary! But if I don't do every bit of it I'll feel like crap. Especially compared to my friend who looks flawless no matter what. I used to listen to music when I got ready but that just makes my dogs bark like crazy now and stresses me out because my neighbors will call animal control at the slightest peep and I can't afford a fine. I used to enjoy the whole process and see how much better I looked and felt after every step. But the past 2.5 years I've dreaded it. I've probably taken 20 showers in 2017. And I can't even imagine how much I've spent at the dentist to fix my jacked up teeth that are entirely my fault. I've tried using a timer and that just makes my anxiety go nuts because I feel rushed. Anyone have any tips or at least is anyone in a similar boat or was? I feel like such a terrible person because I can't do basic human things.