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  1. Almost half a year ago I had a mental breakdown after many years of living with depression. This led me to becoming highly suicidal; I thought about chickening myself everyday and nearly did it if it were not for the help of my therapist and other subsequent life changes. After this, I had a great summer where I interned at a wonderful institution and made many friends. However, there was an odd problem with my mind. Everything seemed like a dream, and sometimes I would daze off for no particular reason. I feel incredibly calm, but then become extremely nervous in certain social situations (one could say it was just social anxiety). I have difficulty processing what people say sometimes, leading me to sometimes doze off and just blankly stare at someone for a long time. It can be described as a day dream in a way. My friends have said that I looked scary during those moments. I have also become extremely emotionally withdrawn, I don't feel as much as I used to. I don't know what's happening, but my mind has completely changed after my breakdown. Doing work can sometimes be a problem because I would lose track of time and look blankly ahead. If anybody has any advice on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.