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  1. Hi all, After a very stupid decision around 6 weeks ago I seem to have triggered a major depressive disorder. But thats life i guess. Anyway I've been put on a course of Mirtazapine which Im hoping will help as I've been in a seriously bad way lately. I've been having severe waves of depression coupled with anxiety and panic. The first lasting 3 weeks, the second 9 days. Between these two bouts, I had a good 2 weeks of being perfectly fine. It was as if I never had the problem, then I suddenly felt my mood drop one day and it spiralled down from there. So Im wondering how these drugs affect people with this disorder? Can antidepressants stop me having waves? Or do they just make them easier to cope with?
  2. Weight gain advice.

    Has anyone here benefited from the weight gain off this drug? Since my depression started I've lost 5kg and my appetite is non-existent. I'm 27 and train most days of the week so im quite vascular. I'm thinking the side effect of weight gain could be used to get my appetite back and gain muscle mass instead?
  3. Any success with mirt???

    My first day on mirtazapine. It completely knocked me out which im not complaining about! Hopefully see some success with this.
  4. 1st day on Sertraline, help

    Thanks for the reply Anna. I called the doc and am trying mirtazapine instead. Ive always been a very light sleeper so anything that upsets that would probably make me worse. First pill last night, felt completely sedated. Woke up around 3 times which is good for me. Anyway, still feel on edge but not as suicidal or teary, I've seen lots of success stories with sertraline so im sending love to get you through it!
  5. 1st day on Sertraline, help

    Had to stop the course. Been up all night with insomnia and some very disturbing visualisations. Dissapointed but its too much to handle
  6. Could it be Thyroid or Hormones?

    Interesting. But im only 27. Im not sure if its common with that age? I know my mother is being treated for a thyroid issue but she is 60+ Just throwing things out there to see whats going on in my body.
  7. Hi all, just wondering if any of you have had your thyroid or hormones checked? The reason I ask is because i had sudden anxiety and major depression hit me 6 weeks ago. And no matter what Im thinking, it just comes and goes. I'll have 1/2 week bouts of severe depression. Then Im ok for a week. Then bad again. It just feels more biological than thought based if you get me? I have an easy life, and it really doesnt feel like I have any issues apart from the fact that i now think i will be stuck with this forever. I can really feel my mood fluctuate throughout the day going from severe (AM) to tolerable (PM). I just feel like I may have knocked my hormones off balance somehow.
  8. Hi there, I was recently stricken with a severe anxiety and depression problem out of nowhere. It's now been 6 weeks, and ive been dipping in and out of major depressive thoughts and anxiety regularly. I had 2 great days and another period of 12 days where I recovered. But I have slipped back into this completely again. It scares me, a lot. I started taking 50mg sertraline today. and this is how its panned out: 7:30 ingested tablet 8:00 burning throat sensation 8:30 Feel extremely sick and anxious, pacing the house 9:00 still feel sick, but also drowsy 9-12 Sickness faded, diarrhea sets in 12-2 Complete despair, scared of what will happen to me next So just to inform you, I've had crippling anxiety and depression the past week. Every morning I wake up with raw anxiety which mutates into worry > panic > depressive thoughts. Now that im on sertraline everything feels more intense. Is this normal? should I stop? I'm worried that it might actually hinder my recovery.