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  1. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    Day 49: I decided to not update this unless I feel the need to come to the forum. Anyway I decided to drop from 7.5mg to 3.75 (approx) last week. Didnt notice any difference! I keep reading that the lower you go the more symptoms some people tend to get. I think the main point to remember here, is that if you worry too much after doing a drop, you will probably trigger symptoms yourself, rather than it being directly from the drug. I'm not saying this applies to everyone though. In terms of actual symptoms on this dose, I now notice I'm back to waking up at 5/6 am. Which isn't much of an issue to me. It's been day 4 since being on 3.5 and things have been normal. I have noticed I feel more elated generally, as opposed to feeling a tiny bit sedated on 7.5 or higher. Also I was getting nosebleeds before if i picked my nose (bad habbit of mine), which doesnt seem to be happening on this dose. Today hasn't been 100% though, I read something that made me worry a little, which seems to have set off some very minor anxiety. It's settling out now though. Fingers crossed I can stay on this dose for a while and feel good!
  2. Any success with mirt???

    Just saw I posted my first day on Mirt above back in September. Just starting to taper off this after 5 months of being on it. I'd say its been great overall. Anxiety and Depression collectively has reduced massively. Choice to come off is simply because I don't want to rely on this forever along with a few minor side effects I want rid of. Only side effects I noticed were my nose seemed to bleed a bit more, obviously theres the weight gain too (but thats due to increased appetite). I don't believe it makes you fat on its own! You'll notice your sleep massively improve which is great. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with anxiety and depression.
  3. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    Thanks for that! Didn't feel like coming to the forum this weekend as I felt pretty good! Day 27/28: Seems like the severe anxiety I was experiencing earlier in the week has worn off. Last weekend I allowed myself to worry so much about various problems which sent me spiralling downwards again. Having to be very careful what negative thoughts I allow myself to be submerged in is a new skill I've HAD to learn, since I know for sure I'm alot more sensitive to negative stuff going on in my life now. I think I will stay at 7.5mg for quite some time, seeing your struggle Brother reminds me that I shouldn't get too hasty with all this. I really really hope that the levels of anxiety and depression I experience now are an aftermath of the drug or just 'recovery'. The thought that I have to monitor my moods for eternity is quite daunting. I hate the fact that my wellbeing is balanced on a knife edge, but I suppose I will have to accept that for now.
  4. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    I'm not sure about you but when I enter an 'episode' the most significant symptom, and one that probably triggers the rest - Is I will wake up every morning without fail, at the wrong time; super anxious. This then in turn fuels a full day of anxiety and depression. I've found that during these periods if I take more time to take care of myself I can prevent having a horrible day (usually). Sometimes it doesn't work which can be frustrating. Was pretty much symptom free yesterday, although I tried to have a nap at 6pm and realised the anxiety was still nestling in the back of my mind, waiting until I was off guard to bite me on the ass. Woke up with a jolt and decided that was a bad idea. Day 26: Woke up this morning slightly later, 6am I think. As usual, immediately upon waking the stomach butterflies start. Laid in bed for 30 minutes then jumped out of bed and went straight for a run. Got back and went in the bath, feel normal at the moment (Oh god you don't know how much I appreciate feeling normal).
  5. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    My attitude towards everything has always been - if it's not the best I'm not interest. That in itself has created a paradox now, as I'm constantly seeking for full recovery or I just get annoyed and set myself off again. Changes needed here! I'm also noticing that the setbacks are a little less intense. Even though still unbearable at times. My clear signs that suggest I'm having another episode seem to be: - A strong negative event can ignite things (health issues usually, sometimes relationship or work based things too) - Bad events happening seem to cluster together and I'll alternate between each one overthinking it - I begin to wake up anxious on mornings (this is a massive one for me, clear sign that things are dipping) - I start to feel that I've lost it again (When I feel good I wonder how I even get into this feeling) LOG (Day 25 on 7.5mg Mirt): Anyway this morning started same as yesterday. Butterflies feeling in the stomach from about 5:30am. Stayed in bed until 6.30, got up and went straight out for a run. This seems to be a massive help. Maybe it's burning off the cortisol in my blood before It gets chance to make me feel depressed... Followed this up with a bath and 10 minutes of relaxed breathing. Haven't had any severe anxiety or depressive feelings since the jog this morning. Although I still feel a little fragile in the sense that I could quite easily dip again, but my mood is stable. Last night I was reading an article on how negative conscious thinking causes negative subconscious thoughts. Reminding myself of this is giving me alot of motivation. I've always looked on most aspects of my life as negative even though each of them are going really well. I will definitely continue reading about this, hoping to fix my bad habits and avoid setting off the bad feelings!
  6. Advice on coming off Remeron

    I've just spent an hour reading through this thread, didn't realise you referenced to this in my post! Good job that you've logged what you tried, It's certainly opened my eyes a little. Seems like a roller coaster coming off this thing! But then you can't question the drug if it pulled you from the darkest deepest hole can you? I may continue to do a similar style log in my post, thats providing I can settle out at 7.5mg first. I only experienced withdrawals from my 15-7.75mg drop for one day. Then 3 weeks later I'm flung back into battling severe anxiety every morning until 5/6pm in the day! How long were you staying on each dose?
  7. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    It's good to read in depth experiences, and how each of our problems are custom made. Yeah I'm also with you on the music thing. It's actually my job and when I'm in these episodes any kind of music makes me instantly want to turn it off. The only things I can listen to when I feel the worst are talk shows or nothing at all. I also feel my depression starts with stomach upset and raw anxiety. I'm pretty certain it's the anxiety levels that are triggering the depression. It seems when one is high its fueling the other, and when one dies down the other one goes. I'm just disappointed to realise that I'm still suffering even after the progress I've made over 4/5 months. Anyway today was a battle, as always my symptoms are basically gone during the night. Noticing them slowly return this morning then peak around 9am while having to attend a course was hell. I wasn't far off turning the car around and cancelling everything. Managed to turn up and pass the tests though. Felt fairly normal after too. Hopefully this will be a short episode!
  8. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    Do you remember when/why yours started? I've never had these feelings for the 28 years I've been alive, until last year. Didn't even know I'd be prone to anxiety or depression due to the kinda sarcastic, jokey person I am. One thing that I'm massively aware of now is that when I experience anxiety, I become hyper sensitive to sights/sounds and smells. For example I can hear something I don't like on the radio and it will sway me towards feeling crap again. Or I can hear a song or smell I remember and quickly come to the conclusion that when I last heard/smelled that I was in a much more sound mind. Another really weird thing I notice is that when I'm feeling very anxious, or have done for many hours of the day, something so minor can throw my mood back to normal again. Speaking to someone I've not seen all day or getting outside. Or it can balance out on its own. I literally feel myself go from anxious to feeling fine within seconds. It's all really weird! I might try taking some light meditation up again. The time I was doing it I was feeling 100% and I was relaxed throughout.
  9. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    KylePD, how long have you been on your medication? "You may be more susceptible to stressful events". THIS! Before all this started, bad events happened, I got upset and then moved on. This time round its as if bad events are just triggers for the anxiety/depression. I'd like to ask you this though BrotherZoot. Do you think the sensitivity to the stressful events is because of the medication (or lack of), or that our brains have visited anxiety/depression making it more famililar and therefore easier to set off? And I'm totally with you on googling symptoms. It's the first port of call when these anxious moments arise. I also was seeing a therapist for a few months. He introduced me to meditation. I started it, was really enjoying doing it, but actually scared myself off from googling it! Some articles said its great for anxiety, others saying it has a negative effect on it.
  10. Tapering off. Symptoms coming back?

    Thanks for reaching out. The best thing I find is to not engage in the thoughts that involve my health. As I can wind up somewhere I didnt even think I could, worrying about things wrong with me that are of no relevance. Yeah communication is the best tool for me in these moments. It stops me doing the above!
  11. Im not sure I get the same feeling as you but the sensation Ive had off Mirtazapine is very weird. It sorta feels like a pressure behind my eyes. With a weird feeling as if I was trying to focus on something. Its a slightly nauseous feeling that seems to be related to my sight. Its been coming and going for about 2 weeks but only really lasts a few seconds... Maybe its off the drop from 15mg to 7.5mb recently
  12. Hi all, I've been on Mirtazapine for 4 months due to depression and anxiety last year. I was experiencing severe bouts of anxiety and depression lasting typically 7-21 days each. Everytime something negative happened I would be thrown back into the vicious cycle. That being said, I managed to level out. I think the Mirt played its part by making me sleep very well and in time, settling out my mood. I was waking up with severe anxiety followed by depression most of the day, which slowly started to evaporate away as the weeks went by. It was liberating. Anyway, this week I had some pretty horrible messages from someone on my social account, this made me panic. But I managed to surpress the feelings and carried on as normal. Then this weekend I began worrying that I might have another health problem as I have been noticing nose bleeds, and blood coming from excretion occasially. I'll be booking a doctors appointment for this tomorrow. So yeah, today I have felt like I'm almost back to square one. I didn't sleep well last night. And when I woke up I felt the worry set in just as it did last year. Then all of a sudden I feel anxiety, panic and dread set in. I've been riding waves of this all day. When I initially dropped my dose from 15mg to 7.5mg I did feel some anxiety. But I knew it was just withdrawl so It soon settled out. The anxiety I'm feeling now feels ALOT more severe than it did when I dropped my dose.. So my questions are, can I experience a sudden withdrawl symptom even 3 weeks after my last taper? The last thing I want to do is reinstate my dose but I don't want to have to wrestle with this for weeks on end. Any experience on the above is welcome!
  13. Hi all, After a very stupid decision around 6 weeks ago I seem to have triggered a major depressive disorder. But thats life i guess. Anyway I've been put on a course of Mirtazapine which Im hoping will help as I've been in a seriously bad way lately. I've been having severe waves of depression coupled with anxiety and panic. The first lasting 3 weeks, the second 9 days. Between these two bouts, I had a good 2 weeks of being perfectly fine. It was as if I never had the problem, then I suddenly felt my mood drop one day and it spiralled down from there. So Im wondering how these drugs affect people with this disorder? Can antidepressants stop me having waves? Or do they just make them easier to cope with?
  14. Weight gain advice.

    Has anyone here benefited from the weight gain off this drug? Since my depression started I've lost 5kg and my appetite is non-existent. I'm 27 and train most days of the week so im quite vascular. I'm thinking the side effect of weight gain could be used to get my appetite back and gain muscle mass instead?
  15. Any success with mirt???

    My first day on mirtazapine. It completely knocked me out which im not complaining about! Hopefully see some success with this.