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  1. I have a close friend who lives really far away (in another state) that I don't see often but we're really close. She's had a bad mentality on several different things because of bad experiences in her past that I don't know about. And now everything's caught up to her and she can't handle it well. I used to talk to her all the time but once she started falling apart, I was having a hard time dealing with her (it was too emotionally draining for me) and I started talking to her less so that I can stay more emotionally healthy and stop putting constant stress on my life. I would always give her advice on what to do, but she would never do anything I suggested and I would just see her fall apart even more. She hasn't made much of an attempt to change anything or get better (she does go to therapy, but I think her bad mentalities are making it hard for her to be helped) She feels alone, worthless, replaceable in all areas of her life, and has body/eating issues as well. I've tried to tell her that what she's saying about herself isn't true, but she doesn't believe me. She thinks that her few friends that she has are all going to leave her because she's like this, and that nobody wants her. She says that she has nothing to look forward to so what's the point. She's at the point where she doesn't think she's worth the food that's keeping her alive and she doesn't even think her life is worth fighting for. She's even starting to make me believe she's having suicidal thoughts. I live too far away to visit, and I'm also dealing with my own issues (and after talking to her less, I've noticed that I've started to be in a better place mentally) I need help dealing with her please. Any tips on what to do or say that can help her would be greatly appreciated!