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  1. Yes all this is true but I was under the impression that my crush was the sweetest guy ever. What he said seemed to be so mean and disgusting to me! Haha don't know what to say, tomorrow I'd better block him and get on with my stupid-as-it-is life... I do wanna die, truly. I'm not saying that just to get him back. I mean it *HUGS back to you* This is the worst and I don't wish it on anyone! He was telling me off too. He was telling me mean things. Thought he was nice, NOPE haha it's fine
  2. Yeah it hurts so ****ing bad. I wanna k-ll him! I kept telling him I hate myself, I'm ugly etc But we are still not friends HAHAHA Then his girlfriend spoke to me! Actually, she doesn't mind me liking him??? Anyway, it got ugly and I told him I would block him and when he did respond (he kept ignoring me) I told him "Go away, I don't want anything to do with you" He said the same thing with me! Well then, why did you show feelings of love you stupid little s--t??? If I had a choice, I would self-harm to the maximum... I want rip my hair out, burn myself, throw myself down the stairs or simply ****ING DIE @lonelyforeigner Everything you said describes this s--tty situation Haha I could harm myself any moment if I'm not careful. I'm trying SO HARD to keep control
  3. Okay guys I want to die, so bad... I really do! He said, "Look, if you still have feelings for me, isn't it best to keep me unadded? I'm in a relationship that I'm happy in So I don't want anythig coming in between us. Seems as you have a lot going on, I think it's best to leave you alone" I told him that I wanna die now soooo... Yeah Haha lol My life in a nutshell
  4. I did just send him a long message and it includes, "I am a pest I don't know why I do this. I should just stop being a waste of space and stop wasting your time and everyone else's" Well, I think I've blew it haha! Bet he'll think I'm extremely annoying. I'm such an *****.
  5. Monday is my last day in college ever. I have to look for a job then! I'm crying, I will miss my crush and never see him again haha Life is hopeless without him in it! I got mad at him yesterday and yes, as you can tell, I unadded him from Facebook again!!! I'll never get him back now. I hate how unstable I am! I shouldn't have done that. Now, I will miss him much more. I had a HUGE crush on some jerk from college last year. I've never added him on Facebook because he didn't want me, even as a friend! I had the same "missing" feeling during the holidays. I don't want to go through that again. It was terrible! I would wake up, in the middle of the night, crying. I felt completely empty, hopeless and lonely! I did go off him and that gives me hope with this current crush. Instead, this crush isn't an a--hole like my last one! I feel stupid for missing that jerk. Now, I can't stand to look at his face! I hope I can go off my crush soon. He's too nice haha
  6. And I want to tell my crush to "Go to h-ll" which I obviously won't haha
  7. Phew that's great news Being pre-diabetic isn't scary for me. It's the thought of it turning into Type 2 diabetes is kinda frightening. I thought it was life-threatening? Dunno, it has such a deadly reputation. At least it can be reversed by changing your lifestyle Type 1 is the scariest! It can never be reversed and it's deadly if you don't take your insulin regularly
  8. Actually, this is very true! No baby is born hating themselves. They are taught growing up who they should be by parents, peers and society! No baby is born judgemental either. It's just sick how they are taught they aren't worthy
  9. Being pre-diabetic is scary! Hope you're okay
  10. SSDD Unloved, ignored and invisible. No wait, I am! People, even in town, act like I'm not there. They pretend I'm not there on the bus, don't move when I politely say "excuse me," never look at me, never sit next to me on the bus... All just because I'm quiet and different! It's just heartbreaking to live everyday knowing how worthless and unloved you are. You step outside, knowing nobody notices you. Nobody cares about you. Nobody respects you. Knowing once you're gone, nobody would care. It tears me apart every single day. I want to trade my life with another in a heartbeat. No, I wouldn't actually. It's better me going through h-ll than another person. I'll never be loved outside DF. I'll die alone without friends and family being by my side, to say goodbye. Nobody would want to say goodbye to me. What have I done so immoral to deserve this? I look back every day, wondering what that is! I've done so many mistakes, I admit. But, I've never killed anyone, abused anyone, bullied anyone or broke the Law. Yet, life awards me with ignorance, disrespect, hatred and pain? It doesn't make sense. Everyone treats me like I am a disease, that they must avoid. It breaks my heart!
  11. Thanks guys for the responses! Love you
  12. LOL Celebrating Father's Day when my brother and I hate my Dad. Then going on Facebook and seeing friends post about their perfect Dads haha Can I die now?
  13. And I feel like a complete h-e! I kinda flirted with my taken crush last night. I kept telling him he's so cute for forgiving me. I put so many heart emojis and called him darling!!!!!! YUCK!!! I immediately realised what I was doing, then kept on apologising. Being drunk is no excuse! I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. I told him to block me but he kept saying, "You have done nothing wrong" He would just never block me. We are friends now but I wish I was dead. I won't ever unadd him again. This is too much! I love him but come on. I never thought I'd ever be a h-e. Guess I am worse than I thought I was. My opinion of myself was already low before this haha
  14. It's both. It was mainly to get drunk, though. Pathetic
  15. Yep I'll snooze by crush out I will try not to drink next week, as I've disappointed everyone on here
  16. I feel like I've let you guys down because I drank
  17. Well not really flirted but said weird stuff lol
  18. Never mind we're friends again. I flirted with him but he doesn't give a f--k lol How can I even get over him now??? He's too kind omfg
  19. Yeah I did, but then I went on my mail and logged in from there
  20. Too bad... I just did! I wish I came on here before! Yeah, but she only said it once... She's a good mother besides that lol
  21. Oh God... I wish I read this earlier... I just told my crush to block me DX
  22. @Natasha1 You are so loved here, please remember that
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