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  1. Yes, true! This feels like a constant loop! Last night, after unblocking him, I stalked some girls who I though he may like and I got extremely jealous. He was flirting with them before getting with his girlfriend. This girl is the same age as me and LOVES my crush to death. I hope he won't date her when he's single. There we go again!
  2. Thanks so much for this! I am very very sorry you are going through that but let me tell you, everything you said is exactly what I'm dealing with It's fine. Everything you're feeling is normal and to be expected. What I've done is unblocked my crush and leaving it to him whether or not he wants to be friends. I'm trying to distract myself in the meantime. I can't message him either! I'm still angry and offended as well. Wish I had some comforting words but I don't know how. It's not bad timing, we can help each other go through this! The pain is still fresh at the moment! I only come online for my crush as well. My friends don't talk to me. My crush didn't warn me but then again, I should've used some common sense! I was almost harassing my crush!!!!! Then when he didn't want to be friends on Saturday, I called him a "POS" and "autistic f--k!" Real classy haha That's why he blocked me from Messenger. So then I got my friend to unadd him and then I blocked my crush altogether Just words of advice, please don't block your mutual friends! You will regret it when the pain numbs. Also, don't try to get revenge like I did. That will add more fuel to the fire. Please try not to insult your crush like I also did. That way, you will have a better chance to become friends again. When you see your crush again, things will be awkward. Mine didn't look at me ugh! Guys are weird. Sometimes I wish they never existed haha Sorry if that offended anyone here! Also, try giving him some space to come around. I don't know your situation but maybe he will eventually unblock you, unless you were harassing him. Can you send your crush a friend request? I can't with mine because he rejected it ages ago. He has always sent me one since. Good luck and HUGS!!!! Please keep us updated, hun
  3. Never mind, I unblocked him but I'm sure I will never get him back regardless I can't contact him anymore, remember? Sad
  4. I want my crush back but that will never happen. Better keep him blocked then
  5. This! It's painful. Though you do have a lot to offer. The guy doesn't see it but we do. Your illness doesn't change that
  6. I had a dream about college and suddenly, I really miss it! I really hated college but now, I miss it? It's an awful feeling because I'm not going back - ever
  7. Anytime Yes life can be really unfair and cruel. Most of the negative opinions you have of yourself is not true at all
  8. You have such a great sense of humour though, JD! Oh dear Does your family remind you of the past? Is that why you avoid them? It's okay, you don't have to mention anything. I really don't want to overwhelm you at all
  9. Same here sweetie. Alcohol amplifies everything and caution is thrown out the window. It's not your fault. If you don't mind but what happened all those years ago?
  10. Is it bad that I laughed at the last bit haha? In seriousness, it's awful to have a shallow family. Like @sober4life said, family is supposed to make you feel supported, loved and understood. No words can explain how outcast and envious you feel when your friends talk about their "loving family!" My family drives me crazy. They bring out the worst in me. Sad. The anger you feel is indescribable. You keep it to yourself because you just end up bickering If any of you guys have a supportive, loving family, please savour and show all your love to them.
  11. It's true. Those who have been in similar situations are more likely to forgive lol There are a lot of shallow people out there. That's why it's so shocking to find kind, forgiving ones. Those who haven't been in your shoes should think before they say or not say anything at all! I am getting weary of drinking now. I almost drank myself sick on Saturday. At least I only have a bottle of alcohol left for Saturday. This time, I will have more control haha Thank goodness I'm not the only one f--king up my life with alcohol. Not saying I'm glad that you have, I'm saying it's good not to feel alone
  12. Well hope not haha I won't make it worse, he's already blocked me on Messager. All I can do now is "Poke" or "Block" him! Oh well, I deserve it
  13. True! Once a week is perfectly fine if limited. Some people have a glass of alcohol after work and that's it. Me, like people my age, have problems with binge drinking. I feel sober even if I'm immensely drunk! I do it to completely wipe out my pain! I must stop, or at least, learn to limit consumption. Drinking is SO fun in moderation! It wasn't made to ease our symptoms, you know? It's made for nights out or something. Thanks for saying binge drinking is common with young people. It's good to not feel alone haha I really should come clean. I'm scared my crush will printscreen the conversation and post it on his Facebook wall or Instagram and caption "This is what I received on Saturday; she called me autistic f--k" or something like that. Then, my best friend and other friends will know the truth and hate me. My friends think I am an innocent angel. Well, they will be shocked to read that!!!! I am not a demon ugh! I shouldn't have lied but I was super mad at my crush for snapping and wanted to get back at him. I feel like a 5-year-old right now! I can't believe I'm almost 20. No 20-year-old does this! That was the first time I ever really insulted someone
  14. I am paranoid that my crush will print screen our conversation last night and show my/his friends. Hope not! That would almost be the end of the world. All my friends will despise me and I know the girlfriend was unadd me too! That's what I get for drinking irresponsibly, help please
  15. Is her Birthday today? If so, Happy Birthday to your Mum!!! Awww that's so sweet and thoughtful! She will love the gift Hope you have a fantastic day
  16. Yes I really should run away from it! I only drink once a week, is that bad? Well, it is because it made me lose my crush, forever! I'm like a different person when I drink, whether it's good or bad
  17. You guys are the most forgiving, non-judgemental people ever. I love you guys and I do need to sort myself out, like a lot
  18. I will definitely reconsider it in the future! Drinking has ruined my friendship with my crush, probably forever
  19. No matter how drunk or sober I am, I love you guys... So much I'll never insult you like my crush, so sorry
  20. And I'm drunk right now! Imagine what I'll feel the next morning.,.. Probably suicidal?
  21. My biggest fear is being sober while knowing the situation... Gosh, I didn't mean what I said! I love him, omg why did this happen?
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