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  1. Thank you for your answer! Oh I'm sorry to hear about your sister... so glad to know she started to make her own friends after her time of loneliness. Just let her know she's not alone and is so strong to deal with this... It's a living nightmare trust me. I was in college today and broke down to my teacher... Yeah dumb right? I was doing so well listening to the advice on here. He said he'll try to pair me with my class. If that doesn't work, I'll try to join clubs/events. It just sucks to know that I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend. Pretty sure your sister felt the same way, feeling left out. Plus I feel so mad in love with this guy, I feel he's the one for me. Hope I change my mind about him because every time I see him, he makes me go crazy. Yep stupid right? Wow ya I like him for a year so far just like your sister... Coincidence? What you said is helpful though, I should look into dating sites too x
  2. You're welcome! Hope you have a lovely weekend too. Awh I will, we can update each other. You take care too ok? *hugs*
  3. You're welcome and yep so true... I'm trying to not get involved with jerks.
  4. Awh thanks, I followed back! Hope the week will work out for you... You deserve to be happy *hugs* Yep, school/college started few weeks ago, hasn't been long. When I posted this topic. That does sound wonderful, well hopefully it works out... I have to make time because I have college most of the week. -_- Aww it's ok... The strong feelings tend numb you too. Therapy will take a while but it's all worth it. Aww ok you too! :) *hugs back*
  5. Aw you're so sweet too! *hugs back* Sure we can keep in touch... Can you follow people on here? If so, I'll follow you. Thursday was nice thanks. Hope it was for you and have a great weekend!
  6. Awh so sorry to hear that... Therapy is sometimes hard to stick to... Plus it's sad you cut your hair... *hugs* Shame it takes a while to grow back. I'll try to resist it. Of course people don't notice how we feel but at least we're not alone. Oh yes they are really helpful thanks! Wednesday was fine thanks! Hope you enjoyed it too and had and a good day today!
  7. Thank you for the advice! That's really helpful and is useful to find the right guy you know? I tend to fall for the wrong guys... The one who has a gf I like is a bit of a jerk. He leads me on and flirts with other girls in front of me to make me angry... How unreliable to his gf. I don't flirt with him though, never have. I saw him today and was gonna cry but I must remember to put myself first, not let him overtake me! Good luck to you too!
  8. Hi vega! Thank you for your answer! Aw that's so kind, thanks... Yes, I really should be focusing on loving myself... Sometimes though I wish I had boyfriend because I think it will get rid of all my problems, probably won't tho... True. I have to be patient for the right person. In the meantime, focus on appreciating myself because then I won't be so dependent on anyone else? That's so true... It's so frustrating but that's what signals us anxious/depressed people give out without realising. People think you don't want to bother. It's sad how they judge you though. Mental illness makes us see things differently. Yes it's better to be patient because at least the right people will except you for who you are. OK I'll try the advice! It's so difficult always being the "loner" in every group. It sucks so bad. Though, it may not forever be this way. Who knows what will come.
  9. Aw thanks! You're so kind yourself... Yep I'll only regret not getting help now in the future. It'll only get worse... OK I'll try not to get rid of my hair. The urge comes strongest when you feel nobody's listening you know? So sorry... Did you cut your hair for the same reason or just got a haircut? Awh... It's ok to feel "weak" sometimes... some days it seems like there's no end and you've been too strong for too long... *big hugs* That's wonderful! Hope you have a good day today and thank you for the answers. They're so helpful!
  10. Yep stupid right? Maybe it's because I said I was crazy about that boy. I didn't tell them about the anxiety/depression so when I finally opened up, they linked it to him. Oh so sorry! I assumed it was recent or something, really happy to know you're better now. Yes both genders can be real jerks... Hmm getting help doesn't mean weak.... We're all stronger than we know... You're trying to get better that's the main thing. I'll definitely try to seek help coz I was in college again today and noticed my anxiety's ruining my life for many reasons. I had the biggest urge to get rid of my hair in frustration today but didn't thankfully phew. I remembered all the advice and felt much better... I should be enjoying college... Don't think anyone has that urge, it's weird. Hope you had a lovely Sunday though *hugs to you*
  11. Hi Heather! Thank you for the advice. I haven't been to doctors with depression yet but have with anxiety. I felt depressed for years but haven't gotten help yet, not self-diagnosing. You're right, most young people have insecurities it is quite normal! I've tried talking to my college counsellors but they see my problems as a joke because they think I'm going crazy just for this guy. It's not! It's everything else and him. Ohh that's awful to hear that pos that took advantage of you! Hope you are okay! Guys can be real jerks these days it's not your fault... You are such a strong person for dealing with that! I'll try to get better on my own... I am independent but crave a guy's affection tho now not as much. I'll try talking to therapists. Again thank you and the other answerers too!
  12. Hi everyone! Just start by saying that I'm 19, depressed and feel like a loner. Well I probably am. I'm in my 3rd year of college and all these years, no one wants to get to know me. I have crippling social anxiety and try my best to talk to them first but they just go back to their group of friends. They never even look at me... When they do, they look at me weird. Maybe it's because I'm ugly but do take pride in my appearance; makeup, clothes etc. I'm always sweet and polite too, just don't get it. I never seem to fit into ANY group. Like yesterday, we were making blogs and none of my class followed my blog but added each other! I'm so upset right now. I've never even had a boyfriend... I wish I had a boy to comfort me and tell me everything's okay. I liked this guy since my 2nd year in college. He has a gf but I crave his hugs so bad... Feel like I'm in love. I know it's wrong/childish I hate myself for it. Not trying to separate them. No guy compares to him, he's just amazing His friends always laugh and make fun of me all because I like him. He was on my last course, it was a living nightmare because his gf found out then bullied me. Still does. I didn't even talk to him though! Never flirted too. Maybe people hate me because I'm ugly and should die. I'm so sick of dealing with my anxiety every day that I have breakdowns and have an urge to rip/shave my hair off! I know people will pick on me bald though.... I'm even too afraid to leave my house over people judging. If anxiety was a person, I would **** it even though I wouldn't hurt a fly. I love people, never judge them but they do with me... Not fair or maybe my anxiety's telling me lies? Sorry if I sound stupid. Have any advice? Just any positive advice please just to make me feel better. I have no friends to really talk to. No hate... Thanks! xxx
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