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  1. Been crying for 4 hours straight but no one cares haha
  2. To anyone suffering... I wish I had a wand to zap away all the pain you have... If only. It is unbearable knowing there are sweet, kind, innocent and really worthy people (everyone here) battling through hell Praying for all of you. Love you guys, you deserve to find peace
  3. Same... Not trying to be weird but I'm crying hysterically
  4. I just want someone to hug/cuddle me. Is that too much to ask?
  5. Thought I was the only one! It's a never ending cycle in my life. Why can't everything just go smoothly instead of constant drastic ups and downs?
  6. I can really feel myself growing as a person
  7. Yes acne doesn't really go away! It depends on the person
  8. Yeah, all the past memories are flooding in again. It's night time too lol This is fun
  9. I wish my "Dad" would die, he's a ****ing disgusting man
  10. Jesus, enough of this daily torture. If you want me dead, depression, anxiety or whoever you are, just k-ll me already!!!!!! If only that was possible ha
  11. Oh hun Hope you get better! Itchy and painful skin feels like end of the world. I ****ing hate it. I have a bunch of heat rashes too, hope you find relief yourself! Is it true that eczema has no cure?? Hope not, wish this annoying s--t can end already. Sorry for cussing, it's just annoying dealing with this everyday and envying people with perfect skin
  12. Same s--t, different day; wake up, leave the house, come home and cry for hours, wishing I was dead. Feeling like life is just a huge black hole full of loneliness, despair, worthlessness and fear... That's how I'm feeling. The usual! It's worse when I don't leave the house for a few days. The thoughts become unbearable. That's why I try to leave the house as much as possible, I know I'll still be depressed and come home crying. Going out "helps" to take my mind of my problems for a while haha
  13. Same here! Then again, once it's winter, I wish it was summer and vice versa. I ****ing hate my skin
  14. Am I the only one on here who suffers from eczema??? It's way worse in his hot weather and it's making me suicidal
  15. So trapped and irritated! This is causing me to want to go out tomorrow for a LONG time. Then binge shop lol It's the worst feeling ever. It's like you long to run, far far away and never come back...
  16. The weather over here is so hot! I hate it. Aww so glad you are feeling fine Hope you are doing better today yourself! Hugs and love back
  17. I need my crush back, I wanna die over this
  18. It's okay Ehh I'm not feeling well to be honest. The weather over here is scorching! Thanks for asking! Hope you're doing okay
  19. Welcome to the forum, tamjez! Is that you on your profile picture? You are beautiful! I really mean that
  20. Okay I finally came clean to my best friend about my crush! I told him I lied that he was abusive, etc just to make him unadd my crush. My friend forgives and called me "mischievous" hahahaha! I feel sooo childish now I think he will add my crush again. I'm still angry at my crush and don't want my friend to add him back. I need to stop being petty and be an adult! If they want to be friends, I should let them. It doesn't involve my friend; it's only between me and my crush! Also, my crush's best friend added me on Facebook today. I unadded him about 3 times in the past and he forgave Confused? Yes, that's a lot of "best friends" and "crushes" LOL I will stop unadding people. It's petty and childish! I'm also still buddies with the girlfriend - sweet I feel proud right now for this AND for surviving the horrible, humid weather. The weatherman says we will have this for another 2 weeks - UGH!
  21. Aww thanks for the kind words and @JD4010 too!!! I love everyone on DF very much! It's like the supportive family I should've had
  22. Oh dear! How do you survive???? How do you keep cool? This weather over here is bad enough, maybe because we're so used to colder weather lol?
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