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  1. I can relate but with someone else. Thought I was the only one
  2. Merry Christmas everyone (to those who are celebrating!) I hope you are all having a lovely day
  3. I want life to return to normal (I hope I don't sound selfish)
  4. Like I'm not needed or wanted here on DF, even though I'm doing good in real life. I don't know why
  5. That's scary! I'm glad I don't own a smartphone
  6. That's the spirit! I love people who are comfortable being themselves
  7. It seemed like a carefree time! I think life would be simpler without all the technology we have today to be honest. I prefer the graphics of those times to now. No social media or smartphones! They had those simple phones with that fun snake game, I think? The games and music were creative and fascinating! I wish we had a time machine to go back there. Well, I wish I was my current age back then, so I can remember every bit haha
  8. I love the music and fashion from the 90s! They were more creative and upbeat, including some of the pop music. I was even happy when they brought back the choker trend a few years ago, despite some not liking it. Wish they can bring back most of the 90s fashion, actually. They may borrow influences from the 2000s throughout this decade though, since it started 20 years ago now. I don't mean to sound like one of "those" people but sometimes I wish I was born 10 years earlier. Everything seemed more simple then. Actually, even last year seems more simple than this year, you know what I mean
  9. Yes I don't think they fit well either. Colouring books are better when they have a relaxing theme. I would love to go back to the days when Megadeth were at their peak! Those times seemed fun Downloading music is not the same as buying a physical copy Cassettes, radio and vinyl were cool and need to come back full force
  10. Aww it would be nice if the cruises were real. I don't listen to Megadeth all the time but they're one of my favourite metal bands I'm pretty sure I saw a Metallica colouring book ages ago. They seem to have a colouring book for everything, which is kind of a good thing!
  11. I've never heard of that one before That's a first lol
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