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  1. Thanks for the support guys ❤️ You are like a family to me Yes, group therapy doesn't seem like a good idea at all... First of all, my anxiety wouldn't let me go and secondly, I had no clue that they let the more extroverted ones speak the most! That's unfair... They should let everyone talk as much as they want, or can! That doesn't help the anxious people looking for help! If anything, it would belittle them 💔
  2. I just want to end it all (I can't have therapy at the moment because only group therapies are available... My anxiety won't let me participate in that of course)
  3. I spoke to a Doctor yesterday to test for a mental illness (or disability) everyone thinks I have. The doctor wondered why people ask if I have this mental illness because she says I don't show any signs of it. She mentioned that I have possible OCD 😞 When she said OCD, it made sense. A lot of the symptoms describe me (including BPD but she didn't mention that yet) and I have it bad. I'm not trying to self-diagnose but it's true. I will try to get help for it soon ❤️
  4. DF won't let me reply to people for some reason 😞 It keeps going to an article when I click "Submit Reply"
  5. Hi--8-]] 

    1. babyxgothxx


      Hi Paris 😊 Thanks for the follow btw ❤️ 

    2. Paris43


      Hey--your welcome!! 😁

  6. I am going to get help soon! 😄 I'll try to update you guys on my journey 💙
  7. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have the best year ever and accomplish your goals ❤️
  8. Yes it's so confusing when one day, you can socialise and the other day, you can't 😞 I know your pain. I had many friends ditch me and ignore me because of my suffering. If they were true friends, they wouldn't leave!
  9. That's incredible! So glad that you are doing much better now but those moments that you can't socialise are really hard
  10. So sorry to hear about your childhood 😞 So happy to hear that you are doing better now 🙂 Wish I was like you! I was never good at talking to people, childhood or now. My life seemed better as a child in general... Less depression, more curiosity, less fear, more fun.... Life seemed more safe then 😞
  11. Same 😞 I wish I was a child again just so I could enjoy the simple things in life. It seems like childhood really is the best time of your life
  12. Wow, I'm not the only one here that loves hugs! Hugs are awesome and it's best to store them for days you need them most lol Awwww it seems like you had a lovely Christmas! That's wonderful to know ❤️ It's best to chill with a friend on these special days 😄 It's so nice that you had unexpected Christmas cards and Oscar Wilde's plays are amazing! Having time to chill and relax is the best 🙂 Wait you're a Leo too? That's so cool! I relate to you a lot about having people around to entertain but needing time off to recharge as well haha 😄 I didn't really do much (I'm a boring person) but I had a really good day, chilling! I had Christmas cards from family and had some amazing food! ❤️
  13. Aww I just read your post from November 😞 reading it brought back to me how I used to feel going on public transport back in my gothy days :hugs:mind you occasionally it went the other way and I got interested people asking me where I got my spiky boots from,  what nail polish I was using or who hocico where 😂

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    2. babyxgothxx


      Hugs truly are awesome! I think they comfort the soul deep within ❤️ Here's more HUGE hugs for you lol :hugs: 

      So glad to hear that your scab has cleared up!!!! 😊 Make sure to be extra careful next time, when carrying hot drinks! Awwww 😞 Winds can be really noisy sometimes... Hope the winds over your end are quieter now 🙂 The snow has cleared up over there too? That's good... The show can be quite dangerous, as you know! So sorry that you feel on the snow too 😢 It's great how your bones took the fall! That was quite lucky! Oooooooh! A beautiful double rainbow??? 😮 You are sooo lucky! We barely get that over here haha Rainbows are so beautiful and cool ❤️ 

      That's true! Mobile games today are terribly addictive! Candy Crush, for example lol The snake game is much more fun, because you are trying to make the snake as long as you can! At least it wasn't as addictive that causes you to take up most of your time. You still have a Windows XP? I do too!!!!! 😄 Windows XP and the old Windows in general are the best! They are simple but extremely nostalgic! I loved the 3D Maze screensaver as a kid! What about you? 🙂 

      Yes! That's why some memes were created! People were caught in bad places, at the wrong time... Sad but true 😢 

      Ohhhhhh 😮 Counterstrike and Wow actually sound like fun games! Are they still running today? Hmmm, Diablo II sounds soooo familiar! Hmmm... 🤔 Online games then were much simpler than the games out today! Fortnite and Roblox, for example lol 😊

      Ohhh I know blink182 lol Who doesn't? You liked Green Day too? 😮 They are cool! I love Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Warning! Good Charlotte sound familiar as well! Do you still listen to them? I should check these bands out! I'm soooo jealous that you got to remember these times! I was around, but too young to remember them 😄 You're not old-fashioned 😮 I still collect CDs myself! It's better owning a psychical copy than downloading it ❤️ They used to have Napster back then to download music, did they? 🙂 

      Ohhhhh you liked Britney? 😮 Omg that's really awesome! She's awesome and the best ❤️ What's your favourite song by her? ❤️❤️❤️ 

      Hahaha XD Wow those people were very lucky to survive! That takes real guts to do 😄 Walking across a wire??????????? 😮 That's my worst nightmare! What about you? How can somebody possible be brave to do that? That's as risky as skydiving 😕 Thank goodness that guy survived! That would've been one of the worst ways to die 😢 When did the Maple Leaf game come out? Was that in the 00s as well? 🙂 

      Oooooh Sabaton? I'm going to check them out 🙂 lol The Swedish make good music! Have you heard of Avicii? I love his music! He's amazing ❤️ It's sooo sad that he passed away last year 😢

      Haha yes! Life seemed so much better, simpler and fun then! We must be wearing those rose-tinted glasses! Or it really was better 😆

      Ooooohhh! I love the colours purple and blue! They are great colours to paint your nails with 🙂 The silver claws thing sounds real neat too! 😄 Did you have them done professionally, or did you do them at home, yourself? lol

      Awwww that's really sweet! Thank you 😊 It's refreshing to hear a guy say that! Most young guys  seem to judge women based on appearance 😢 Most young women do the same to guys, too, which isn't right! 💔 Looks are overrated, don't you think?  :hugs:  

      So glad to hear that you had a good time and learnt a lot! 😊 Yeeees! Porridge is sooo good! It's quite underrated! I have porridge everyday and it helps comfort the soul, just like any other food ❤️ What's your favourite food by the way? Do you like to read? If so, what's your favourite book? lol What things did you get from TK Maxx?

      That's relieving to hear! A lot of people have left me when I needed them most and it's made my trust go down! So glad to hear that you're not like them! :hugs::hugs:Hahaha 😄 You're set in your ways? Hopefully in a good way lol You're an amazing person and I'm looking forward to your reply, too! Hope you had a lovely week/weekend:hugs::hugs::hugs:  






    3. hocico


      Hola 😀

      They most definitely do bring great comfort and feed the soul 🙂 I can never get enough hugs and I must admit I struggle to understand people that don't like hugs ☺️

      Hugs are my only drugs 😄.. well other than caffeine. 

      Aw I promise to do my best to be careful ☺️ the scab got itchy and annoying so I rubbed it gently till it fell off and there is nice new pink skin underneath 😄 , it was my turn to help again this week but I made sure I stayed well away from the hot water 😂

      The weather has much improved here now and it is starting to feel almost spring like here, what is your favourite season btw? 🙂 there are already some flowers starting to come through in the garden here, I planted some bulbs last year 😄 

      Can you believe I have never played candy crush? 😊 I remember reading in a national paper not long ago though about a local kid who borrowed his mums card and spent a lot of money buying extras for that game without her knowing 😮 

      The only game I have been playing a lot recently is corsairs, it came out in the 90's and I managed to find an emulator of it 🙂 basically your a pirate and you sail around the spanish main pillaging and raiding all the towns, you have to keep your crew happy and you can trade goods as well and do special missions for some of the governors in the towns 😄 , oh and you get to do sword fighting when you board an enemy ship 😀, there isn't much skill involved though as if you just press the button to thrust with the sword really quickly you can cheat and win all the fights 😂

      Oh man 🤔  I think my favourite screensaver from that time would be the 3D pipes one the one with the background music by Chopin 🙂 do you remember that one? 

      Yes I was listening to warning the other day 😂, it reminds me of being a teenager as one song on there my first ever girlfriend used to like playing it on the guitar ☺️

       if I remember correctly boulevard of broken dreams came out in 2005? it was on the radio a lot when I was driving around in America 🙂  I think they even played it at a graduation I went to. 

      I do 😊 I sometimes feel a bit silly singing along to songs about hating being at school though 😂 , my favourite good Charlotte song is probably Girls & Boys ❤️ , haha just watching the music video of that song and I've realised for the first time that one of them is wearing a Johnny the homicidal maniac top, man I used to love reading that cartoon 😂  , ooh and a slipknot shirt! 

      That's right 😄 I used to go on the torrent sites a lot, it was annoying downloading something and it would nearly be done and there wouldn't be anyone sharing the file any more so the download never finished. 

      My favourite song by Britney would have to be toxic, what did you think my answer might be? 🙂 

      Awh yes I did hear about his untimely passing, it was very sad as he wasn't even in his 30's 😞 he did a song called No Pleasing a Woman (the one with guest vocals by Mr Armstrong.. funny how that ties in with us just talking about Green day  😂) that I quite like. 

      There do seem to be a lot of good bands from Sweden and neighboring countries, I guess that's partly due to the winter there being so harsh that they have lots of time to practice during those months, for that matter there also seem to be a lot of good ice hockey players from Sweden, I seem to remember there are nearly 50 in the NHL!

      I hate heights so it wouldn't be something I would ever do, I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground 🙂 I feel ill just watching people climbing high things on TV 😂 , life is dangerous enough without pushing your luck doing silly things. 

      That being said I don't have a problem with flying or anything, I just try not to think too much of all the things that could go wrong with the plane ☺️

      Yes the game was 2003 🙂 from what I can remember the leafs weren't having a great season, they have been doing better in recent years though 😄 partly down to their awesome goalie. 

      I will write some more soon :hugs:

    4. hocico


      Aw you're welcome :smile: I guess my dating experience has taught me that the most beautiful women are those who are well rounded and have great personalities and in my experience what the world might call beautiful people have nothing much to them in the way of "sparkle" once you look past their appearance, I suppose they have never needed to develop character as they are so used to getting what they want using their appearance. Who wants to be with someone like that?.. not me :happy:

      So yes both sexes are guilty of placing too much importance on looks, and they are something which is overrated as I would rather be with a lady who is curvy, cute and laughs at my corny jokes :laugh:than some model. 

      Ooh good question, my favourite food is probably seafood pizza :smile: mind you when I was thinking about that lots of other Italian food came to mind, this Italian place I used to go to did bruschetta with anchovies and cheese and those were divine :smile: ooh and a goats cheese salad with olives and pear ❤️ .. so one of those.. how about you? :happy:

      I like reading but often find it hard to find the time to do so.. I'm currently reading a book about crime in Victorian times in Warwickshire back in the grim days of the workhouse. How about you? :smile:

      I got a new shirt from TK Maxx.. I didn't really need it as I have lots of shirts :laugh: but the pattern was pretty :happy: 

      I feel pretty tired tonight, I was out at the theatre watching pirates of penzance for a few hours and now I feel :sleep_1: the show was great though and very funny :laugh:

      Aww! you're pretty awesome to you know :smile: Hope you have had a good week and I look forward to your reply :hugs:


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