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  1. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I just want to end it all (I can't have therapy at the moment because only group therapies are available... My anxiety won't let me participate in that of course)
  2. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I spoke to a Doctor yesterday to test for a mental illness (or disability) everyone thinks I have. The doctor wondered why people ask if I have this mental illness because she says I don't show any signs of it. She mentioned that I have possible OCD When she said OCD, it made sense. A lot of the symptoms describe me (including BPD but she didn't mention that yet) and I have it bad. I'm not trying to self-diagnose but it's true. I will try to get help for it soon
  3. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    DF won't let me reply to people for some reason It keeps going to an article when I click "Submit Reply"
  4. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Thanks JD and I will
  5. Hi--8-]] 

    1. babyxgothxx


      Hi Paris 😊 Thanks for the follow btw ❤️ 

    2. Paris43


      Hey--your welcome!! 😁

  6. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I am going to get help soon! I'll try to update you guys on my journey
  7. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have the best year ever and accomplish your goals
  8. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Yes it's so confusing when one day, you can socialise and the other day, you can't I know your pain. I had many friends ditch me and ignore me because of my suffering. If they were true friends, they wouldn't leave!
  9. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    That's incredible! So glad that you are doing much better now but those moments that you can't socialise are really hard
  10. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    So sorry to hear about your childhood So happy to hear that you are doing better now Wish I was like you! I was never good at talking to people, childhood or now. My life seemed better as a child in general... Less depression, more curiosity, less fear, more fun.... Life seemed more safe then
  11. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Same I wish I was a child again just so I could enjoy the simple things in life. It seems like childhood really is the best time of your life
  12. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Wow, I'm not the only one here that loves hugs! Hugs are awesome and it's best to store them for days you need them most lol Awwww it seems like you had a lovely Christmas! That's wonderful to know It's best to chill with a friend on these special days It's so nice that you had unexpected Christmas cards and Oscar Wilde's plays are amazing! Having time to chill and relax is the best Wait you're a Leo too? That's so cool! I relate to you a lot about having people around to entertain but needing time off to recharge as well haha I didn't really do much (I'm a boring person) but I had a really good day, chilling! I had Christmas cards from family and had some amazing food!
  13. Aww I just read your post from November 😞 reading it brought back to me how I used to feel going on public transport back in my gothy days :hugs:mind you occasionally it went the other way and I got interested people asking me where I got my spiky boots from,  what nail polish I was using or who hocico where 😂

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    2. babyxgothxx


      Wow that sounds really awesome despite what your parents thought lol What was it like being goth for eight years? Since it sounds fun, I wish I had the guts to do that! I love everything goth from don't act or look like one. All goths are different but I don't look like someone to be called a "goth" lol I only admire those who are from afar although I listen to some of the music!

      Those kind of shoes are cool! I love thigh high, spiky boots! What else did you wear, if you don't mind saying lol

      Wow, you made goth friends?? Bet they were super cool! Do you still talk to them now?

      Awww thanks! You are an awesome person yourself! I just feel like a waste of space because nobody really listens or notices me but I've kind of learned to brush it off! Do people treat you the same way? :hugs: 

    3. hocico


      It was fun, it was nice belong to a close knit subculture as it made easy to make friends with us having that in common 🙂it also tended to attract arty/ creative type people so a lot of them were interested in art, science fiction, anime etc so we also had that sort of stuff in common 😄

      Oh man where to start.. well I had my SDL armour jacket which was black and had metal plates like body armour on the outside (man that was heavy to wear though, I felt like a medieval knight going into battle 😂) , I had my poets shirt which was made of purple velvet with white lace cuffs and ruff (it was very Oscar Wildish 😄).. I also had a bright pink mesh vest with bondage straps (was a tad cold in the winter ☺️)

      I think my favourite thing to wear though was my rave trousers I got from cyberdog in Camden. I was more of a cybergoth so I wore a lot of clothes from there 😄 

      My hair was often brightly coloured to match my clothes, I think I dyed it most colours under the sun at one time or other 😂 , do you dye your hair? 🙂

      Sadly with time a lot of them had drifted away into the nether, I still see some of my friends from college though from time to time 🙂

      Awh, yeah I still get ignored sometimes :hugs:

      Sorry it took a little while to reply, I have been quite poorly since the start of the new year. 


    4. babyxgothxx


      No worries! You can reply when you need to! Hope you are feeling better now :hugs: 

      Wow! Having a group full of goths seems so cool actually! That way you have things in common and don't feel judged! I'm an artistic person myself. I love art and expressing myself! It's awesome that we have something in common lol

      Oooooooh! Those clothes seem so awesome and unique! How did you feel wearing them? Did you feel free? The cybergoth fashion is artistic and one of my favourites! The bright colours they wear are cool and expressive 😄 Also did you get into the Emo fashion? Sorry if you didn't lol

      Wow, that's amazing! What was your favourite colour to dye your hair? Nooo, I haven't done that yet! I should though lol I've only recently (for a few months now) gotten into a goth phase despite my name! 

      Awww no 😞 It's a horrible, lonely feeling to get ignored! How do you cope with those feelings by the way? :hugs: 

      Sorry for asking a lot of questions! I'm so interested in the goth life lol ❤️ 

  14. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Awww thaks! It's good to see you too! *Christmas hugs back* So glad to hear that this Christmas is amazing for you! Today has been great for me also!
  15. babyxgothxx

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Sorry for not coming online that often! Hope you guys are doing alright Also, Merry Christmas everyone! (For those who do celebrate!) Hope you all (celebrate or not) have a wonderful day today and always Love you guys!