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  1. Yes, that's right! I think we are our worst critics. We don't judge anyone else for pouring their hearts out in a post. In fact, we think it's brave of them. Why should we judge ourselves? Also, I don't want to discourage anyone from posting their feelings on here. Actually, it's better if they do, as it's far worse to bottle it all inside. It's just how I feel about myself. That said, I think you are very brave to open up here, samadhiSheol! It is an amazing thing to share your thoughts with others, especially those who understand and have been through similar situations, like many on here 👍
  2. Am I the only one who looks back at old DF posts and cringe? I think I was being very immature in the past, or am I just being too hard on myself right now? I have changed quite a lot. At least I can use my old posts as motivation to continue to get better 😊
  3. I hope you guys are doing okay ❤️ I'm sorry for not being on for so long
  4. I miss you!  Nice to hear from you!  Keep yourself safe!  🙂

  5. A lot better! It's amazing how time heals most things 💜 I'm also being creative again, for the past month or so! That is something I've stopped doing for years, when my troubles started! Something I thought I'd never do again 😊 I spent most of my time being creative when I was a kid! It's always amazing to go back to your old passions 💜
  6. Awww! Thank you 😊 The meds I took weren't for mental illness. It was for something completely different, I can't really discuss it here! They turned me into a monster 😞 If you think the meds are making you feel worse, it would be best if you came off them. I know that fear. I really do! Maybe you can try discussing it with a good doctor, who are there to make you better, to help ease those horrible withdrawal symptoms for you
  7. Awww 😞 So sorry to hear they were doing that to you too. Yes, most doctors seem to profit off us being sick. It's not right! They truly do want a patient forever 😞 They are in complete denial if they say they aren't.
  8. I'm not trying to trigger anyone but I feel great! I've recently stopped taking this medication; that I started at a young age, in 2016. I started wondering last year if these meds were playing with my emotions. They were also causing other horrific side effects like high blood pressure, which the Doctors kept denying. All for money 😞 I kept brushing it off because I was afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. I prolonged the use until, last week, I had enough. Since coming off these meds, I feel less irritable, anxious, depressed, etc. My mind is clearer, stronger and more focused! My blood pressure is back to normal as well. Why didn't I do this sooner? 💜
  9. So sorry 😞 I know that feeling all too well
  10. Just letting you guys know that I am getting help 😊 It's going to be a long road of ups and downs but I will eventually see light in the tunnel 🌞 It's going to be worth it 💜
  11. It's nice to see you again, too JD 😊 I hope you're doing well and I'm feeling a bit better now
  12. I'm so useless at starting conversations... No wonder I don't have any friends 😞 👍
  13. Thanks @Devlinkyla @Tears_Always @Depressedgurl007 and everyone for those kind words ❤️
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