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  1. Thanks, ShhPatrick Edited to ask where something was and I just found it. :P
  2. I haven't been on a message board since the early to mid 2000's. I'm here now because I can't afford a therapist and have one friend who is so stressed that I can't discuss my stress and anxieties. My psychiatrist was really happy when I asked for therapy, the month after that, uncompensated care was removed so that was that. I'm 53, in the US, diagnosed with depression since the 80's, on SSDI for it and anxiety since 2001. I don't know if talking to people online, or if I'd gotten therapy, would help, but I'm at the "gotta try" stage. The fact that I'm on SSDI and, thus, Medicare (with chronic, expensive illnesses) in this political climate might indicate why I'm under so much stress. Thank you.