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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  3. 25mg this morning seems to be "working" ok after about an hour... supposed to stay on this for six days. If a week from now I find sertraline is at all stimulating for even a few hours during the day, I think I'll be pretty impressed! Likewise if it makes me drowsy at night. Will certainly report on any findings.
  4. Have taken long term prior (since 2003), mirtazapine, strattera, wellbutrin, trazadone at least in terms of AD's Mirtazapine allowed me to sleep better initially, but did nothing for me after getting used to it. Same with trazadone. On the stimulating side, Strattera was too agitating. Wellbutrin did nothing. Starting Zoloft in hopes an ssri might work out. All these drugs were meant to combat insomnia/fatigue, somehow treating it through sedative or stimulating side effects. Nothing worked long term, even after the first few days of getting used to the drug. If an SSRI doesn't work, where to next? I have a whole history migrating from Ambien/Sonata, through alternative sedatives like mirtazapine and gapapentin, through stimulants like Provigil and Adderall, and giving up somewhat the last few years due to the lack of success on these and dwindling options. Kinda running on the assumption with the SSRI that maybe I have some underlining depression that is somehow causing the insomnia and fatigue. I certainly have my depressed and manic moments, but these are so closely tied with energy I don't know what comes first.
  5. Your symptoms have a similar profile to mine with the fatigue and brain fog... definately talk to your doctor first though, you should be having a regular dialog with him/her
  6. Still dropping in here every so often, not treating my depression as aggressively as maybe a while back, if only because I've yet to find something that worked. Just recently got off of Trazadone... had a very similar experience with Mirtazapine, but as soon as I got to the 150mg level, started feeling as if my heart was sputtering every night. What were the other drugs that are recommended to treat fatigue and help sleep? Have already tried, Mirt, Wellbutrin, Risperdol... Also... not paying attention to news on the depression, sleep disorder and ADHD med front... seems like nothing new has been in the pipeline for quite a while??? Market has tanked????
  7. I am glad I found this. One of the drugs I was just prescribed was Trazodone and I am having chest pain. At first I thought it might be that I slept wrong but it is still here after being up for many hours. Dave did the pdoc tell you to stop taking it or did the chest pain go away? Fortunately I don't have priapism but I also have a headache and a feeling of grogginess but that could also be the combination of Prozac and Trazodone. The chest pain was there prior to me taking the Prozac this morning. I am also having the same problem Gorgon... had been on low-dose trazadone for a month at 100mg and just recently upped to 150mg. Have been experiencing a pretty damning form of chest pain, if only in the morning when still in bed, that dissappears after getting up and being active for 15 minutes. I wake up in a half daze every morning and feel like I'm on the verge of a heart attack! Not to mention jumping to 150mg has left my mood quite off in the mornings as well. Might need to get used to 150mg or stop using myself.
  8. Taking one day at a time is probably one of the most important things I've found I must do. Did you find yourself with a drastically changed world view after finishing treatment? I was hoping there were more people here who achieved success... coming out of a severe depression that affected relationships, money, etc. and have been making back gains in those areas. Maybe they stop posting???
  9. There are odd and rare days when, at some point, it seems my mind and body more or less wake up, as if on a light caffiene rush (i.e., it doesn't feel very genuine and a bit high... manic). Doesn't happen very often, but sometimes it lasts a couple days and leaves me wondering about how I'm going to handle myself when the majority of my time is spent depression free. During these sometimes lengthy number of hours, I find myself rushing around getting things done pretty efficiently. Doesn't matter what it is... things are just clicking. It's an amazing feeling, only tempered by the fact that its manic and doesn't feel right. Just curious if anyone here has managed to get out of depression, or at least a drastic change of improvement that restructured the way they look and interact with the world. What did you do to get your life back and how did it fare? So much of my life, i.e. personal relationships needs salvaging... don't know what I'll do.
  10. I dunno if this is common knowledge but I found out more about this today... Walgreens 90 day supply of prozac for only 12.99... same with many other selected drugs with their "wcard". Walmart I believe has a $5/mo program I haven't checked out. Rite-Aid also has a rx plan but its about $90 for 90 days on most of the older antidepressent meds.
  11. Been a while since I've posted here... over the last year+ I've managed to take some life steps in the right direction but am still fighting physical and mental fatigue, and certainly some small emotional loss still here. I still feel held back at times... motivation, social life. But although running on that half tank of gas, still confident enough that I can get through this for a long while. Now 25, holding on to a good paying profession. Paying the bills... able to see myself physically able to get by till I'm 50. Doing a pretty good job, at least at work, keeping up appearances of someone not fighting this depression. But don't see myself getting married anytime soon, or being able to keep up any real relationships without the energy I need. As soon as I can afford a house, I see myself probably getting into something small, staying financially stable, able to keep the minimal relationships I already have. I want to get some real health insurance and keep up the fight, hoping to find something that works. It's a real simple plan... I can't help but feel a little lonely about it but I think I'll be fine. :turkey1:
  12. Earlier this week, Frontline aired a report on children with bipolar who were being drugged at a very young age. It followed three or four inparticular, and while one of them seemed to most certainly need them, the others I fear were unnecessarily medicated, and it seems to have ruined their lives. One girl and boy inparticular are suffering quite a bit still and I have a hard time seeing how the drugs ever helped them, and look and act as such. Nervous tics, awkward and skittish behavior, awkward communication and facial expression. On the flip side, I hope there are success stories of kids treated very young and have managed to lead otherwise normal lives.
  13. its funny, just a week ago i was working on a gluten free menu at work and it briefly crossed my mind that MAYBE this could be affecting my energy and mood if I was allergic. I looked it up on wikipedia, but I'm not having nerve troubles... as far as I know... or upset stomach... and I'm 25 on a regular diet my entire life. How long does it take on a gluten free diet to realize benefits? If its a problem. This seems like a somewhat farfetched idea to me, but its within my means to go on a gluten free diet for maybe a week so I might as well try.
  14. I am struggling mightily with finances right now, unable to continue treatment for bipolar and depression... back in school, health care was free sans the cost of medication... I was hoping to find an online site that would offer cheap prices and online prescriptions, but am afraid of scams... who can you trust? Has anyone here had experience with this?
  15. echoing whats already been said, in general, I believe that people care deeply about their friends and family, but don't care about anyone else (at least in a proactive way). That said, as someone else mentioned through their personal experience, if someone gets hurt RIGHT IN FRONT of others, you'll find good samaritans who will help out, and those that don't will probably be thinking about it for a little bit, and maybe feel a bit bad about why they couldn't stop. There is an overall bell curve I imagine, with most people having the above outlook... then there are those who go out of there way to help the disadvantaged, through charities, social work, etc. Mother Theresa is probably the extreme example. And on the flipside you'll have people who use people, put others down, etc for their own advantage and don't care about anyone... I can't think of anyone who reaches this extreme though because even Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and other tyrants had a deep love for their own family and specific ethnic group, religion, party, whatever.
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