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  1. Thanks for the suggestions ,I will look into them. Appreciate it :)
  2. Anything at all, favourite books, movies maybe? Something that has maybe made you feel good, better,inspired laugh or feel hopeful? I am in a very dark place right now where I havent worked or even gone out with friends in so long I cant even remember. The isolation is adding to it I know, but everyone seems to be busy with their lives and I just cant seem to get mine sorted out or even the desire to which makes me not want to see people all the more, because I am ashamed of the state of my life to be completely honest. The main thing is Ive alwaays had hope that things would get better, but this is the first time I have nothing to cling on to, nothing is enough to make me feel hopeful or optimistic. I go into my bedroom and it feels like the air is just thick with sadness, I cant even explain it. I just wake up sometimes crying with this overwhelming sadness. Im not completely alone, I live with 2 family members which helps, but I am still lonely. Anyways I just want to feel hope again that things will get better, theyve been crap for so long. If anyone has anything that has helped them, that would be great. thanks
  3. Your posts sound alot like my experience and it does sound like anxiety, but you should probably go get blood tests and all that to rule out anything physical. This started for me too about 2 years ago going to a restaurant for lunch break and suddenly feeling like I was going to fall to the ground. it came out of nowhere and escalated over the week to the point of me leaving the job... It was the beginning of intense anxiety to the point of agoraphobia for me and the dizziness followed me especially in malls and stuff like that. Also I used to love going to concerts too and went to 1 during this time and just like you were saying, I was so uncomfortable I wanted to get the hell out, which is soo sad because I used to love concerts. I cant tell you exactly how to make it go away completely because I am not there myself but it can be manageable. The best thing you can do is to keep doing things even if you feel abit dizzy. Sit down if you have to. DO some deep breathing before and maybe during the time you feel nervous. Try and distract yoourself. One tip I read about for people who get nervous in grocery/store lines for example is to wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it. The feeling will kind of get you out of your head. When my worst moments started I added vitamin B complex vitamins and magnesium which both apparently help with anxiety. Also try cutting sugar, caffeine, smoking if you do. Of course you can see the doctor if it gets really bad for me sometimes Ill take abit of an anti anxety med on occasion. I am still hoping to get back to the place I was before I started getting these feelings, but I have to deal the best I can with it... Also reading is good because just learning more about it can help knowing whats going in in the body. The first book I read is "hope and help for your nerves" Dr claire weekes and it was comforting and informative told in a very simple but effective way. You can message me to talk anytime!
  4. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  5. Thanks Everyone. Angelwings, hearing you also have relapsed helps too knowing other people struggle. Sometimes when Iam in a big crowded place I feel like people can tell how dizzy I feel or something..But I know others suffer with it as well. I guess we just have to keep going with it as Ive read. Even if you're scared, do it anyway. The worst that could happened, already has apparently :) The symptoms are usually the same, but there is just a general allover cloud of fear that follows me now..But yes I will let time pass what else can I do ..I also really need to see a psychologist regularly which has been very hard to find mental health treatment. I am in canada, but still over here psychologists are not covered...Ive been referred to a psychiatrist twice that would only be able to see me once a month so I would go twice maybe and stop. And they also didnt seem helpful... Ive barely worked so I cant afford or I absolutely would pay for the sessions. And ive been on a waiting list for the teaching hospital group CBT classes and they completely messed up my referral so I gave up with that too....But I think I will seriously look into therapy options again. If anyone is in the Ontario area and has had any luck with a covered program, please let me know Angelwings and others, hoping you guys also get better and find peace and calm
  6. Thanks for your replies. It's not even the panic attacks that are the worst part. Its the fact that anytime I have to go into any kind of store,mall whatever, shopping that fear always comes with me. ALWAYS. Not even malls,but my friend asked me to go to this exhibition thing and I couldnt go with her. Ive just become scared of everything almost and I am not living normally, thats for sure. I havent worked in a year. I take clonopin or xanax sometimes but I dont even think that helps with this. Maybe I should take it everyday. I have read "hope and help for your nerves' and that was comforting. I will also try the book you recommended. thanks
  7. Hi Everyone I am writing this so I can hear about others input and stories if they have dealt with this. Late August of last year was the start of a sort of 'anxiety breakdown' for me. Started getting non stop panic attacks out of the blue,had to leave work, became agoraphobic about stores,driving almost overnight and almost checked myself into the hospital(but didnt) Since then, it gradually improved with time. I started taking vitamins, medication, tried to exercise occasionally. Driving became ok again, but the agoraphobia part was mainly going to large stores like walmart,malls,etc..That part got better, but in all honesty the past year ive been to a mall maybe 3 times. I mainly go to those outdoor mall places u can park right in front of store....In any case just few weeks ago, I had a panick attack in a walmart again and again I want to avoid these places. It just got me so upset as I thought I had gotten so much better. Its just so strange things I loved to do like walking down a downtown street shopping, etc I just would rather not do anymore cause my main problem is the faint, dizzy feeling where Im gonna pass out..I try my best to do things, but now it feels like it is ALWAYS in the back of my mind wherever I am...and I dont know how to get back to how I used to be. Is this going to become a lifelong thing I will just have to try my best to cope with? Anyone have input or comments?
  8. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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