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  1. Hi Ive been on this for anxiety for years and it helps me esp. With sleep. Best wishes, Starr
  2. Hi, I agree. My psychiatrist for the last 25 years is adamant that you must taper off these meds or you can face withdrawal/relapse symptoms very strongly. Also she says that when switching from one ssri to another one in that family it has to be done carefully under dr's supervision. When I switched from paxil to prozac, we had a schedule of decreasing the paxil gradually while introducing the prozac slowly. We decreased the paxil weekly while increasing the prozac until I was on a full dose of prozac and could stop the paxil. You should definitely ck with your doctor. Ive never tried Viibryd but I had success with Paxil for quite a while before switching to prozac. Hope you feel better soon!! best wishes, starr
  3. Hi, I have been taking neurontin for years for anxiety and sleep issues. It works great for me. The side effects are minimal and there are no tolerance issues. According to my pdoc, it is one of the safest meds available. I have both increased and decreased the dosage over the years but I am now at 600mg at night and very happy with it. It is also much easier to come off of than an ssri like prozac or a benzo. best wishes, starr
  4. Hi, This med has worked wonders for me for my depression but I have gained weight that I cant seem to lose and Im worried about long-term effects so I started almost two months ago tapering down. I have been on 5mg for years so I dropped down to 2.5 for four weeks and then 1.25 for three weeks and now I have been off entirely for 10 days. Unfortunately I feel like crying most of the time. If its normal withdrawal symptons and will pass Im ok but Im worried that maybe my depression is returning. Ive been depression-free for many years and dont want to go back there. Im seeing my pdoc today but I wanted advice/experiences from real users. THANK YOU so much!! best wishes, starr
  5. Hi I am on Zoloft and 5mg of abilify also. The Zoloft works great but my depression Did not completely go away until I added The abilify. I love this med. I hope it works as well for you. Best wishes Starr
  6. hi again, ive always been on 5mg and it has always worked wonders for me. merry christmas, starr
  7. Hi I am on zoloft along with abiliy. I stopped the abilify two months ago and did pretty well off of it but then had some sick family and added stress and started feeling 'weepy' again so I went back on my 5 mg. Within a week I felt great again.Just wanted to share. This is the best med I have taken so far for my depression. Merry Christmas, starr
  8. Hi I've been on these meds for 25 years and other than weight gain and some blurry vision they have given me a wonderful depression -free life. I am on zoloft..abilify and neurontin. I can always diet and I choose the relief from depression over some extra weight any day. I hope you feel better soon! best wishes Starr
  9. Hi, I am on Zoloft along with the 5mg of Abilify that I am coming off of. Realistically since Ive been taking it every other day I am still getting 2.5mg. Im hoping when I go down further I wont have any problems. According to my pdoc, this med is strong even at small doses and takes awhile to come off of. best wishes, starr
  10. Hi everyone, I have been on 5mg of Abilify for years and it worked wonders for my depression but it is running my blood sugar up so I am coming off. For the past month I have taken one every other day and now I am going to every 3rd day. My pdoc said to come off very slowly and so far no withdrawl symptons or reoccurrence of depression. Coming off slowly seems to be the answer. best wishes, starr
  11. Hi, Im on 5mg with my zoloft and it is the perfect combination. It has been years and no depression whatsoever. best wishes, starr
  12. Hi, I have been on ADs before and stopped them for awhile and then went back and they worked great the second time around. I did not like lexapro but I loved Zoloft, Prozac and Effexor. Needless to say Ive been on several meds over the years but have always found relief. I am now on Zoloft, Abilify and Nuerontin and have been depression free for 10 years. There is help for this disease! best wishes, starr
  13. Hi, Ive been on a combo of zoloft, abilify and neurontin and I feel great! I have not had a depressive episode in close to 10 years! Hope you are well, starr
  14. Hi, I am on a combo of Zoloft and Abilify and it is working great. I have not tried to remove the Zoloft although I have been able to reduce it some while on the Abilify. I hope it works well for' you by itself if you try that but my understanding was that it works best as an add-on. best wishes, starr
  15. Hi, Im sorry for what you are going through. Its very unfortunate that we have to endure side effects from these meds to get relief from dep/anx. I am on Abilify which is an antipsychotic and I am doing great on it but I took Geodon in the past. When I took it I was using it mainly for anxiety but I did have trouble swallowing while I was on it. After I stopped the Geodon I eventually got rid of the swallowing problem. I hope it will be the same for you. For sleep and anxiety I take Neurontin which is a moodstabilizer and has very few side effects and has worked great for me for many years. Im not familiar with seroquel so I thought I would mention what helps me sleep. I wish you the best and hope you will keep us updated. best wishes, starr
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