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  1. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! =)

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. I took it for about a year, and came off of it and felt fine until I took the fish oil.
  5. If it's causing you severe anxiety then yeah, you shouldn't have to stay on it and suffer, definitely get your therapist to call your doctor and tell him what's up.
  6. On another note, when searching for a psychiatrist, is it not reasonable to want one who qualifies these credentials? 1. Answers your phone calls BACK for when you're feeling extra bad/suicidal and if you have major complaints about side effects regarding medications. 2. Actually LISTENS to symptoms and makes logical recommendations based on the symptoms. (I feel like my current doctor is stupidly putting me on ssri after ssri in blind hope that I'll respond to one. Plus, I feel like given my strange symptoms, he should've recommended I see a neurologist by now) 3. Is a relatable type of guy who you feel like you have a good one-on-one relationship with. Is sympathetic and caring about his patients.
  7. Thank you for your support. And yes, it definitely is VERY bizarre. Yes, I still suffer SOME anxiety, but it is mostly under control with the Geodon I am on. I suffer from depression, I HAD hypomania at one point, now I don't. That's a pretty good description of what I think of ECT will do for me. Maybe ECT will make the meds work again? Yes, I have been on a mood stabilizer (Lamictal) and no, I have not seen another psychiatrist for another opinion. The next thing I'm going to do is to look for a second opinion.
  8. I am writing this thread to post together information from a past thread that I wrote about the issue which I'm currently dealing with. My Journey starts back in the beginning of January of 2007. I was a senior in highschool at the time and doing very poorly in terms of academics and my social life. Throughout ALL of my highschool years, I suffered with crippling anxiety in the form of a feelings of terror, accompanied with panic attacks. I also had no sense of pleasure from life and always went to school in pain and suffering. I thought that it was "Normal" to feel the way I felt, and that somehow I was weak minded and wasn't dealing with it like other people were. As I was about to see, I was dead wrong in terms of EVERYTHING that I thought about mental illness and how much I could be helped by medication. It all started in my senior year of highschool when I came back from a cripplingly bad day of intense anxiety and pain, and I was riding home from school with my mom. I had NEVER really told my parents how much I suffered because I thought that I was just "weak" and that somehow I would be looked down upon by them. So when I told my mom how awful my day was, and how awful most of my days in highschool were, she was very surprised. So we immeadiately set up and appointment with a psychologist who saw how awful I was doing and immeadiately recommended Paxil to my pediatrician. I still remember vividly the first couple of days after I was taking the Paxil; it was like a light shining in a dimly lit forest, glowing with an incredibly aura of brilliance. I was in my Physics class at the time, having another intense anxiety filled day, when gradually, throughout that very day, miraculous things were happening inside my brain. As I went to my next class I remember feeling SIGNIFICANTLY less anxious, and it was like an EXPLOSION of pleasure had erupted in my mind, overwhelming me with it's power and strength, and how AWESOME I felt. By the third class period I was smiling and laughing, full of such love and humility for everyone in the school. Socially, that day had been the most socially productive I had been probably throughout not only my highschool years, but throughout all of my LIFE. When I arrived home from school I exclaimed to my parents that I felt PHENOMENAL which made them feel very happy for me and I graduated from highschool quite happily. As college came about, I felt so positive and confident, much more so than any other point in my life, and I entered the new year doing great. The strangest thing about my sudden new-found confidence and change in the way I felt was that even when I MISSED a day or two of taking my medication, it literally felt like I had JUST taken it, and 1 dose was all that I needed to "cure me". I bet that I literally could have stopped after taking a couple of days worth of the medication, and I would have remained feeling the same way as if I had JUST taken it; that's a testament to how bad I was doing before the medication, that only a couple of days worth of the medication could "cure me". Anyways, about 1 year into taking the Paxil (January of 2008), my psychologist and family decided that I was doing well enough on my own that I could safely wean off the medication and still maintain the benefits. Well, we were right. I weaned off the medication yet still retained the enormous benefits that it had instilled in me. This excited me, and I looked forward to my new life. All of this newfound glory and confidence, unfortunately, was about to come to an abrupt and shocking end. Throughout my first year of college I had bought a supplement called fish oil for nothing more than to improve my health. Unfortunately, Fish Oil proved to be a disasterous supplement, and caused all of these following symptoms during my first year of college: -Loss of some involuntary movements (eyes blinking; it seems like I have to manually blink or I have an altered eye blink rate) -Weak, limp muscles/poor control over and generally body feels weak and like I will lose control over my muscles -Low libido -Head feels very light/like a feather almost -Altered sense of surroundings/environment -Altered sense of time -No sense of pleasure/euphoria When exactly did these symptoms occur in relation to when I took the fish oil? Approximately a week or 9 days is the answer. How do I know it was the fish oil and not my own imagination or something else? I stopped taking it, and my symptoms reversed, I started taking it again, and my symptoms all came back. So you see, it was like a trial and error, I tried it, it caused something bad, I stopped it, it reversed. About 3 times after stopping and trying the fish oil, I dropped it COMPLETELY, and vowed to never go back to it. I was doing fantastic until around September 29th, 2008, when I once again, revisited fish oil, except this time, I had bought a VERY potent, pharmaceutical grade called RX Omega 3 Factors. I vividly remember what was about to happen next. About 9 days into taking the Rx Omega 3 Factors, all my symptoms popped up again, and once again, I realized that it truly was the fish oil causing all of my symptoms, so I decided to drop it PERMANENTLY. Unfortunately, this time around, my symptoms were NOT dissapearing like they had in the past, which caused me to panic. I couldn't fathom it, how could fish oil possibly do this to a person and not revert back when they stopped taking it? After all, in the past it HAD reversed but this time around, with a more potent brand, it hadn't reversed. In fact, it felt like I had JUST taken the fish oil, even when I stopped taking it. Sound familiar? Yes, it's very similar to what happened when I stopped the Paxil yet retained it's benefits. With the fish oil, however, there were NO benefits, only a HUGE amount of symptoms and agony. What exactly happened when my symptoms came upon me? And How did they come upon my exactly? Well here's basically what happened, I was sitting in front of my computer, pleasantly browsing the web, after having popped 3 pills on that 9th day of taking the pills, and suddenly, there was a GRADUAL yet sudden change in my brain chemistry. It felt like my brain was being liquified and all of these chemicals were fading away in the background. My pleasure was like, DRAINING out of me like water draining down a drain. It felt like my entire brain was being switched OFF, and I being left with ***** in the "ozone layer" that protects my brain. It felt like my brain was being "exposed" and I was being left with all my neurotransmitters being on volume 1, as opposed to volume 10, where they belong. My dry eyes had vanished, my skin had become more moist, and my spit and mucuous had become stickier. As the hours of that day progressed, this effect reached a plateau around October 8th, and as of right now (May 22nd, 2009) the effect has NOT reverted or even dwindled in strength. My spit, mucuous, skin, and dry eyes are all still moist and haven't reverted back to how they were before the fish oil. After all this happened, a MONTH passed (November) before I finally went to see a PSYCHIATRIST this time around, and he put me on Seroquel and Paxil (because Paxil had worked so well in the past). Unfortunately, Seroquel made me even worse and Paxil did absolutely NOTHING. Then I went to Abilify and Lexapro, again, which did nothing. Then Zoloft and Geodon, which did nothing. And finally Prozac and Lamictal, of which I just started the Prozac so it's too soon to say anything about it. Actually, I shouldn't say the Geodon does NOTHING, it does in fact, do SOMETHING, and that is, it prevents me from going SO far down into the black pit of despair; which is why I'm still on it at the moment. So as everyone can see, this has been a pretty frustrating journey for me and I need everyone's thoughts and opinions on what's happened to me. Any advice you can give regarding supplements or medications I'll gladly ask my psychiatrist and see what he thinks about what you guys recommend. I've also officially decided I'm going to get ECT done, it's just a matter of time. Also, there's no family history of mental illness.
  9. Well I just wanted to make an update here on my progress. I've been put onto Prozac, and had it upped to 40mg about 5 days ago. So far I haven't noticed anything, and I'm pretty confident this will be yet another failed trial with an SSRI. I'm already planning on getting ECT done when I have my own job and insurance because my parents don't want me getting it under theirs. This is all just so frustrating and I feel like I need somewhere to vent this out. What would you guys do if you were in my situation? Maybe I should see another psychiatrist? The second one I went to see was only a one-time consultation guy, so I've really only seen 1 psychiatrist.
  10. What are some medicines to help overcome anhedonia? Anyone had luck with Wellbutrin or some other med/supplement?
  11. Anyone have any experiences with deprenyl (Selegiline) as an antidepressant? I'm thinking of either going on Wellbutrin or Deprenyl.
  12. Ah I see. Well I dont just have depression, I have issues with my nervous system and the autonomic functions associated with it which are causing my depression. I dont have any neurological disease or anything, it's just my depression is manifesting in my nervous system going wacky.
  13. I would like some experiences from anyone who has tried the treatments mentioned in the topic title.
  14. Anyone else have any ideas as to how fish oil could cause this? Obviously someone who knows about the supplement would be helpful.
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