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  1. Started out at 30mg 1 week ago and am reducing to 15mg until negatie side effects are more tolerable. 

    1. I crave food, especially sugary foods like candy and soda, to the point that I am sick from gorging myself. I drank so much soda that i dehydrated myself to the point of nit being able to close my hands and my feet and ankles are swollen. I am hoping changing to 15mg reduces negative side effects.

  2. Hi all, I came off Wellbutrin completely about 7 weeks ago. I was on 300mg XL for close to 2 years, came down to 150mg over the Summer and quit completely just before X-mas. During week 2 I was completely wiped out, which I expected. I had this going on when I tapered to 150mg as well. Apart from the increased fatigue in the first few weeks I feel like my body's completely messed up. I gained about 15 pounds during the last 6 months. This partly makes sense because I do eat more than before. But I've also been working out 3 times a week over the last month and a half but keep on gaining weight. I've been having these hunger spells. In fact I even had to get up a few times over night (including this morning 2 am) because of an empty stomach and feeling all weak. It's like my metabolism's all messed up. Also, I stopped having my periods about 3 months ago (pregnancy ruled out). Normally I'm very regular when it comes to periods but I feel like since being/ having been on Wellbutrin I became irregular and now my periods stay out completely. Does anyone recognize any of this? I keep struggling with fatigue, concentration issues, etc. which probably is not med or depression related. I possibly have chronic fatigue. I had some blood work done but nothing seemed too much out of the ordinary. I was a bit low on iron though. But hormonally (cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone,...) everything seemed to be within normal level. I have a appointment scheduled with my gynecologist though. Mind you, I do think Wellbutrin's been helping my depression. I don't want this to scare of people who just started on this med. Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance. Autumn
  3. Hi everyone, It's been a while. I've been on Wellbutrin 300mg XL for a year now. Mentally/emotionally I'm doing quite well. I'd like to start tapering off. I made an appointment with my pdoc today. It's still two months away but well... What I would like to know is how people who have been on this med for a year or more feel physically. One of the reasons I was put on Wellbutrin was fatigue. Starting up was rough. I had a lot of side effects the first few weeks. But in the beginning it did give me a boost (although it kind of felt artificial). Then it evened out. But over time my fatigue seems to have gotten worse. I'd like to do more, like working full time (been working part time for the past 2 years), meeting with friends, getting some exercise but a lot of the time I can't do it because I feel exhausted. If I do force myself and cross the line I guess (because I'm simply frustrated with it), it takes days to get back to a 'normal' level of functioning. Normal still means tired though. I hurt all over, can't concentrate, can't stand noise, etc. I had some blood tests done recently and as usually everything seemed okay. I'm just wondering whether this fatigue, muscle aches, headaches and so on... have anything to do with Wellbutrin. Also these past two months I've been having trouble with my stomach. I have a lot of heartburn. My GP thinks it might have something to do with the Wellbutrin. Anyone else having stomach aches? Autumn
  4. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  5. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  6. Sheepwoman, Thanks for replying... Meanwhile, I talked to my pdoc about the severe headache. Apparently it was me having a bad reaction. It scared me. Lots of people take this combo without problems. A minorty does get this kind of bad headaches with hypersensitivity to light etc... I still have a low-grade headache. Maybe because I'm tired and a little tense or because of the Remeron 15mg (upping to 30 mg in a week) which my pdoc switched me to. I've been on this med before and it did help my sleep. Anyway, this kind of headache is manageable. The SE's of the Wellbutrin have lessened a bit. Still a little tremor. The chills are pretty much gone. And the Remeron possibly couters the nausea and loss of appetite, which is a good thing (I just have to get through the morning 'hangover' feeling it gives me) Autumn
  7. Hi all, A quick question : does anyone take Wellbutrin in combination with Trazodone and what are your experiences? I upped my dose of Wellbutrin XL to 300mg about 2 weeks ago. So far it doesn't really differ with the 150mg. I still feel nauseous and have chills some of the time. Maybe I should give it another two weeks and see what happens... The normal benzodiazepines don't help much with sleep for me (and are ofcourse highly addictive). My pdoc put me on Trazodone 100mg to help with sleep. I started last night and decided to take 50mg first. I woke up this morning with an incredible headache, migraine-like (I don't get migraine headaches normally). I couldn't go to work today because of it. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I tried calling my pdoc serveral times but she's probably not in today. I called my GP as well, who told me this combination of meds is being prescribed and shouldn't normally have bad interactions. Maybe it's just me having a bad reaction? Some input anyone? Thanks, Autumn
  8. So I guess my question comes down to: Is 2 x 150mg XL taken at once the same as taking one tablet of 300mg XL (or should you take the 2 tablets of 150mg XL at different times)? I was just wondering is the metabolism is the same... Autumn
  9. Hi everyone, It's been 4 weeks since I started Wellbutrin 150mg XL. It's been quite a ride already which is both positive and negative for me. I never responded to anything I ever tried before (from SSRI to SNRI to NaSSa to combinations + some lose dose atypical antipsychotics). To this, I do seem to respond in some way. Yay ? I have a real problem with fatigue. It's one of my main symptoms. So the first week was 'good' because I really felt the boost it gave in the mornings. The first weekend though I mostly stayed in bed because of a real increase in anxiety, suicidal ideation and crying spells (last one definitely not me at all - flat affect is also a symptom). I kept feeling the boost in the mornings the next two weeks, but somehow it seemed to wear off in the afternoon. I had like 'lows' between 2 and 6 p.m., where I just felt like the 'energy' (it feels like fake energy) is all gone and I need rest. I currently work part time, mostly mornings, so I ended up in bed in the afternoon (which I hate doing but it feels ike my body's bailing on me anyway). Sometimes I got really hyped up again in the evening and I as a result had a hard time going the sleep (even with the sleeping aid my pdoc prescribed to get through the start up - although apart from that my sleeping pattern's messed up anyway). Over the last week I felt like the effect is just wearing off more. Still the kind of boost in the morning but after that I'm all tired, have a lower mood, etc..., still some agitation though. As to side effects I experience : dry mouth (or bad taste) at times, less appetite (resulting in losing some weight), some nausea and dizziness, more emotions (feeling like you can laugh and cry at the same time), restlessness,... So altogether the Wellbutrin does 'something' but it doesn't feel balanced at all. I called my pdoc and she suggested I go up to 300mg XL now. So I'll try that as of tomorrow I was wondering whether most of you people on 300mg XL take it as one dose in the morning or split it in 2 x 150mg XL, one in the morning and one at noon/early afternoon. (I know there are 300mg XL tablets but I only have the 150mgXL tabs for now) Autumn
  10. Hi all, I went 3 1/2 years without meds. Mainly because I tried a few different groups of AD's (SSRI, SNRI, NaSSa and combinations) and even some antipsychotics, but none of them did anything for me, except making me even more apathetic/flat. I just tried to stick it out without meds, while continuing psychotherapy (with successes and setbacks). Unfortunately I've been experiencing a more serious relapse lately and decided to give meds another try. I consulted with my pdoc who suggested Wellbutrin (being in the NDRI group, one I haven't tried yet, hooray). I'm in my third week now and it has been kind of rough at times. I had quite a bad few days in my second week. Lots of anxiety, not being able to get out of bed, more suicidal ideation, crying spells (which is not normally me). These have subsided a bit and I do seem to experience some effect. Especially in the beginning I felt quite a boost which was great because extreme fatigue is one of my main symptoms. I still sort of get that feeling in the morning now. In the afternoon though I feel like my energy and overall functioning is going downhill again. In the evening I'm real tired but agitated at the same time and have difficulty lying still and falling asleep (although my pdoc did prescribe a sleeping aid). These questions have probably been asked before but I haven't been able to read through eveything yet, sorry What I'm experiencing are probably start-up side effects. But I'm especially curious about that 'low' sort of 'wearing off' effect in the afternoon. Especially since I'm on the XL version which should release evenly during the day. My current dosage is 150mg XL. Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks for reading, Autumn
  11. Hi, I struggle with dissociation and am not doing very well at the moment. I feel like I'm really stuck, like I've completely shut down and I can't get myself going again. I've had this before but feel like it's getting worse. I'm very apathetic. Sometimes I'll just sit and stare and talking is hard because I feel like my mind goes blank and I've got nothing to say. Hence, therapy is a struggle and I'm not sure whether I should continue or not. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems and what kind of treatment you're getting (therapy, meds,...?) Thanks, Autumn
  12. Trace and Sheepwoman, thanks for your replies. I've been on Invega for about a month now and I can't say I'm doing well. I don't know whether it's because of the meds or not, but I've had some really low moments again these past few weeks. Moments where I felt even more 'flat'. I'm not sure if the antipsychotic was a good choice. I'm having this vague panicky feeling right now. I don't know what's happening to me. I feel so immensely stuck. I've got an appointment with my T tomorrow (I cancelled my appointment 2 weeks ago - I just couldn't get myself to go) but to be honest I don't know if it's still of any use. With the apathy and flatness... I can't talk. I need this to stop... Autumn
  13. Hey Dee, It's been a while... Just wanted to say I'm sorry to read you're not doing well. So sorry to hear about Mrs P's passing as well. I've been back here a few times over the last few weeks although, in a way, I didn't want to be here. Guess you know what I mean. Take care (((Dewayne))) Autumn
  14. Happy Birthday Autumn! ♥


  15. Hi all, I haven't been here for quite a bit. I guess I need some advice/opinions/experiences, although I'm well aware of the fact that you aren't pdocs and won't be able to really tell me what to do... Ok, long story short: I guess I'm having some sort of setback. I was diagnosed in 2005 with major depression. I started psychotherapy and my first pdoc put me on AD's (first Zoloft, then Effexor XR, then a combo of Effexor XR and Remeron, and in the end added a low dose amisulpiride, which is an atypical antipsychotic). The relatively high doses of meds were of little help. In 2006 I was hospitalized for 4 months. My second pdoc there diagnosed me with dysthymic disorder (low grade chronic depression). He took me off of everything since he claimed I didn't need any meds. I still don't have a clue what to think of these 2 extremes (lots of meds vs. none). My psychologist (who works with my first pdoc) agreed last week that it didn't make sense. I haven't been on meds since August 2006. I guess I'd rather avoid meds altogether but well, who doesn't? So now we're 4 years down the road and depression seems more like a secondary issue. And I actually don't think I'm really depressed at the moment. My psychologist told me the picture just wasn't very clear in the beginning, to her or anyone for that matter. My main problem seems to be that I dissociate a lot and it's a major roadblock when it comes to therapy. These last few months it made me 'feel' increasingly numb and 'unreal' (not in a psychotic way!). I'm losing interest in things again, I isolate, I'm more apathetic and I don't talk as much (up to the point of becoming mute sometimes). It makes me feel confused and locked up inside myself. There aren't any meds when it comes to dissociation. But since it is a defense mechanism and it's my way of 'coping' with or blocking out underlying hyperarousal, anxiety, etc
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