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  1. Wishing the ringing in my ears would just go away once and for all it seems to be getting
  2. I took the dog to the dog groomers for haircut today and pull Nails out of a bunch of boards we are remodeling our house and are recycling everything
  3. I am trying to control my anxiety and depression today got into trouble at work yesterday over something so stupid that I got overexcited and ran my mouth and got into trouble and I am beating myself up I hope my boss has dropped it for good and don't let anybody else know but he has a big mouth also he said he had to talk to me so I don't get into bigger trouble
  4. I did training for work and got 60% off of cowboy boots I told my husband at least I didn't buy more Montana silversmith jewelry that was on sale 2xs at my work place
  5. Woke up this morning to find a message from my daughter and turns out she was awake and we had a great conversation I was finally feeling relaxed and was going to have a good day my husband left to run some errands and when he came home he said my mom had called and said we are Uninvited to Christmas because we were at a funeral and we had gone out to eat I was very upset mad cried everything else it was the one thing I was looking forward to when I had finally calm down my husband told me that my mom also said my cousin had committed suicide we had just buried his mom in October his dad had passed several years ago and his oldest brother was killed in a car crash over 20 years ago I would have never guessed that he out of all people would do that leaves behind a wife and one brother that lives in China
  6. I have been having chest pains for the last 2 weeks due to high anxiety been doing everything I think of to calm it down and now my kid who has mental issues has no job no money and lives far away from me and do not want to live at home is getting kicked out of her boyfriend's house there's nothing I can do I am feeling so hopeless and there's nothing I can do for her it's her life she chose it it just hurts so bad
  7. This morning I found out that someone from my church who I always looked up to is sitting in jail for something they did several years ago they are facing jail time for many years and large fines I feel sorry for everyone involved it got my anxiety going sky-high scared and worried about my kid that has mental illness and if she is going to get kicked out again she is over 800 miles away from me and I am just freaking out I am trying best not to talk to her so much because she misses me so much but yet she don't want to be here with me my emotions are all over the place just couldn't stop crying today I know God has plans for her in this church member but all I want to do is crawl in a hole and cry
  8. I was bringing shopping carts in and cleaning them and a customer from the checkout came and pushed a shopping cart and I told her I will clean it this time but next time please leave it over there because we do clean them and she went off on me had no idea why she was yelling just trying to keep people safe she said I was so rude and that she would never shop at in my store again because of me she then went called my boss and my boss yelled at me big-time had no idea what I did wrong they said it was the tone of my voice and with my anxiety my body language had changed I was getting over it until a week later when a co-worker was telling another co-worker about it and it fired up my anxiety right back I never mean to upset customers just trying to keep me and everyone around me safe
  9. Still beating myself up for making a customer mad at me even though I was trying to keep everyone safe I I always thought I was good at customer service the one job I could do right I'm not sure if I should be around customers and really doubting myself with everything so scared of losing my job even though I really do enjoy it just now is not the time for people to be out shopping especially in my town
  10. Letting go of guilt I messed up yesterday big time because of the tone of voice I use at work with a customer at work I had no idea of my anxiety was high and my tone had changed I told her something and she started yelling at at me I tried not to argue with her I I didn't realize why she was so mad it's not what I said it was how I said it very mean and rude I had no idea she turned around and called my boss and yelled and screamed at him him he then went and yelled and screamed at me big time over something so stupid that if I would have worded things a little bit better in change my tone none of this would have happened I feel really stupid ashamed and there's nothing I can do now now she's putting it all over social media of how bad customer services all because of me
  11. My husband playing with the dogs always makes me laugh
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