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  1. I wish we had Cardinals... The regulars in my yard are Steller's Jays, Scrub Jays, Junco's. Robins, lots of Black Crows and Mourning Doves......
  2. I really need to rectify this one with myself... but the neighbors outside door light... it shines directly in the horrible 1970's yellow textured glass window that is by my front door. it shines really bright. Over the years I have asked them to please remember to turn it off, but they forget and they will leave it on all through the day and into the night. So I have to sneak out there at night and slightly unscrew the bulb. I have tried the black out film but since the window is textured, it doesn't stay up... and it difficult to put a black out curtain. because the window is so narrow..... anyway.... this bugs me... and it really shouldn't
  3. Oh on the Live Bird Cam they are a bit fancier than what shows up in my backyard ... so far I have identified Northern Cardinals. the Nuthatch, Blue Jays and Black Capped Chickadees and Common Starlings... I must get more bird food today... and nuts for the Squirrels.... I ordered a outdoor patio umbrella from Walmart to keep the rain off them while they eat- or somewhat dry at least...
  4. The time change.... I get up early anyway.... but when I got up at 2:15am... it took me an hour to realize it was still 2:15am...
  5. Got up late...ran around the apartment at 3:30am looking for the new bootle of shampoo I just bought- and apparently forgot to put it in the bathroom.... 15 minutes later, I found it on the window sill in the living room- hidden behind the blinds.... good grief... did the work thing... then I just came home.... it's cold and foggy out - typical Autumn day
  6. I am watching a live Bird Cam on you tube.... this one is from Akron, Ohio ... I love to have different bird-cams on..... for background company... my cat does too.
  7. I have called every single one that my insurance covers... and no one is taking new patients and their waiting lists are closed.... it's a big problem here- and I would imagine other places too
  8. I am so numb and detached.... I'm not taking any anti depressants......... they didn't seem to help anyway.... I haven't had a Psychiatrist since June because he decided to close his practice and write a book... I can't find another one or even a counselor to talk with because of "COVID" - that is the 1st excuse everyone says... "well, because of Covid, we can't....." it's like the best excuse not to do anything or help anyone... I'm so sick of that.... because life still goes on... things need to be attended to....
  9. up at 4AM... bits and pieces of sleep as usual... but kitty needed her medicine/meal.. wondering again and again, why I was even born..... I worry about the hell loops
  10. We have the little Dark Eyed Junco birds as well as the Scrub Jays, Doves and Crows - these are the ones that most populate my backyard.. they hang around all year round..
  11. so... had to go out.... very blustery- raining hard kind of morning..... PetCo to get litter and cat food... Fred Meyer's to, believe it or not, start buying Thanksgiving type food.... then to put gas in the tank... I did notice the price of things going up.... came back here to ...do I don't know what....
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