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  1. It's so hard to get dressed everyday in anything other than comfy baggy cotton or flannel lounging clothes... I am not excited about going anywhere, doing anything... it's a hassle even putting my contacts in.... it becomes very annoying to poke things in my eyes to see ...👀
  2. So on this very cold Oregon morning. I made my protein shake, dealt with government forms, emailed my tiny house builder (I think we finally completed the design) made tea, called in sick to work (really unwell past few days) and it's just 6am... feels like a Twin Peaks A to Z marathon type of day
  3. The sun is laughing at everyone here too....☀️
  4. I miss reading real books... I can only read on my kindle..unless it's in large print... but not too many books I want to read are in large print
  5. I am trying to figuring out a way to convince my self to get dressed and go to work Monday...Monday...
  6. Oh yes... this version of Sabrina is way more intriguing and I think Kiernan Shipka is an excellent choice to play Sabrina. I loved her as Sally in Mad Men. No I don't think Salem will talk in this Sabrina. I haven't read this version of the comic book either so I don't even know if Salem talks there either... but to be fair.. the Salem of the 90's sitcom was a guy who tried to take over the world and then was sentenced by the Witches Council to be a cat for 100 years.. A witches' familiar is like a spirit guide, often in the body of an animal who helps them.. so the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is being more truer to what a familiar is.. I think
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