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  1. Really? Do you think it was a good idea? I am having doubts.... I used up my small retirement to buy it, with the thinking that at least I wont be homeless as I get older and older. I didn't get a loft for that reason. It's just one floor.... It's been very challenging trying to find where it will be placed though. And contrary to what people think, Oregon isn't very tiny house friendly, especially the ones on wheels.. Thank you for saying that it was a good idea...
  2. I realized recently that I have no one ...not one person I can lean on.. someone who has my best interest in mind....someone to talk to .... These past months with this stay at home thing has been just like any other day for me; nothing changed.. except that my anxiety grew to unbelievable heights. Sleep is hard, the day is hard....but the solitude has become even harder- even though its the same solitude...no tears are left,,, depression pills don't work... what family I have - they can only care so much as they have their own struggles- like everyone.. I feel I can not ask for help as I have asked for help for years now and the help does not really exist. I have to help myself- which I have always known I have to do- I thought by asking for help,,, it was suppose to help somehow.. but It's just a Beatle song that I sing.... I have really nothing to look forward to in these last years of life. I did buy a tiny house to live in. It hasn't been delivered yet. I know I am lucky enough to have had the retirement money to buy such a thing.. but what little I had is gone and I feel I made a terrible mistake. I don't know, I have made bad decisions all my life. I don't really know if it matters in the end.. perhaps this was the agreement my Soul made when it came back to this life.... well, thanks for reading my ramblings...
  3. The Kominsky Method with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin - I am always rewatching it... best show I have seen for a long time
  4. Wet weather,: So far today it has been a Down Pour, Showers, Drizzle, Sunny (For like a minute) Grey Steady Rain for the most part,,, it's forecast to be like this the rest of the week.... and my cat still wanted to go outside and sit on the patio....
  5. The hum of the refrigerator.... occasionally, the humming is being conquered by the tweety birds outside my open window... I have been up since 1:30am....
  6. that is a good idea... thank you all for your kind words... I know I did nothing wrong.. you are permitted to stop momentarily to make a left (or right) turn as long as you yield to on coming traffic.. which is what I was doing... people in back of you are suppose to wait and stop too.. this is a two lane winding country road and people think it's a freeway.. so they will go 70 or more.. the road is dangerous.. and yes,, that Manager wanted to tell me this story that the driver said to try to make me doubt what I saw, he was really condescending and I could tell he was smirking at anything I said... I am not emotionally well to deal with people like that right now.. so I am not going forward with it.. if Geico wants to.. they can.. and the police are not too interested in a hit and run unless someone was seriously injured or worse.. so for my own state of mind... I have to let it go.. and it is testing my faith in people .... seems like there are more bad angry people out there than there is good decent truthful people...
  7. I am in Oregon and it is illegal to pass someone on the right when someone has signaled and yielding to oncoming cars to turn left.. and there was not enough room on the shoulder... that was my scenario... all cars behind me were suppose to stop until I could safely make the left turn... in the case of people just turning left and getting hit by the oncoming traffic.. then it is the fault of the left turning driver... but it was the semi truck behind me that was passing me on the right (illegal) and there was not enough room.. he was suppose to stop and wait... his manager did not understand that and he was also saying there were all these other trucks trying to pass me.. which was not true at all... the EartH2o semi was the only truck that went by me.. his driver was lying to him and he was taking the side of his employee.... the manager was really cruel and mean and insinuating I was lying about the whole thing.. it makes me so mad... I know what I saw, and I saw that semi right in front of me after he hit me.../ no other trucks of any kind were passing me
  8. Monday my car was side swiped by a Semitruck with the company logo EartH20.. he had been following me for several miles on a fairly narrow two lane country rd east of here. It's a busy stretch of road and people go very fast. There are a few passing lanes. Anyway, I was going out to look at a place for my tiny house. When I was approaching my destination, I started slowing down and signaling that I was going to make a left. When I finally had to stop because I was turning. This Semi decided to go around me... illegally on the passenger side. Well I finally got across the road and safely stopped in the parking lot to look at the damage. The truck took off my passenger front bumper.. but no other damage. I called my insurance agency and then the state police because he did not stop and filed a hit and run report.. anyway. to make a long and emotional story short.. the manager of EartH20 basically called me a liar and that I was blocking traffic and his company and the driver isn't liable. This is not true at all. I alway thought if someone was turning off a road.. that the cars behind were suppose to stop to, not go around on the passenger side- where there is little room. I thought that was illegal.. anyway,, the manager was really condescending and hurtful.. What kind of company does that? I am out $500 in a deductible.. it makes me so angry and sad that people are like that.. I did nothing wrong ... I was stopped to cross the road and that EartH20 Semi hit me..
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