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  1. the problem though is finding the rubbing alcohol... I work in a pharmacy and we can't even find any to order...
  2. It's manageable .. i just need a day to rest and heal. My job is very physically demanding and there are times my body rebels
  3. I am staying home from work today... started to no feel well yesterday....
  4. I don't know... my sister is still hooked on General Hospital ... I guess Bobbie the nurse is still there? I think that would be the only person last standing from the olden days I would recognize
  5. oh geez... My mom watched General hospital in the 60's when it was a 30 minute soap opera that came after One Life to Live and before that All My Children... they were all just 30 minutes long... black and white until the early 70's.. then sometime after they all turned to technicolor, they all switched to being an hour...... I can't believe General Hospital is still on.. I gave up watching that one a few years after Luke and Laura were married in the early 80's... But I always continued watching All My Children... and I was so mad the way it ended.... the last words of that show was Erica Kane saying "Just watch me..." and no one will ever know what we were going to watch her do... biggest cliff hanger of all time...
  6. your'e welcome... I feel my spirits lift when I read this.... I have been reading and watching anything positive - I committed myself to no more news.. it worsens my depression... the rat race, the human race... no one has the right shoes to outrun anybody else...
  7. Woke up.... fell out of bed....dragged a comb across my head.....found my way downstairs and drank a cup.....and looking up I noticed I was late.....found my coat and grabbed my hat....made the bus in seconds flat....made my way upstairs and had a smoke......and somebody spoke and I went into a dream..... oh wait, that wasn't me.... that was Paul McCartney in 1967
  8. It's mostly because the air is so polluted over there and there are millions and million of people living on top of each other.... I just saw an ad on line for ONE pink (Not reusable) face mask for $74!!! vendors are really gouging people all over the world.. I clicked on it because it said 6.99.. but when I got to the page it said $74! ruthless
  9. get up, shower, go to work, come home, shower again.. fed the cat, set myself up on the couch with my electric blanket, tea, computer, phone and remotes and today I am finishing Ric Burn's Documentary on New York
  10. It's weird when you dream about people you don't know....
  11. That must of been exciting to cut down a tree with a chain saw... 😃
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