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  1. Torrent came from rite aid in Pennsylvania.
  2. The manufacturer of my generic Cymbalta is Torrent. And thank you for the information Sayonara! Gary
  3. I started taking the generic Cymbalta about a month ago. It's still costing me a lot per month - $70. I too have increased anxiety and ruminating thoughts since I started the generic. Not sure what to do. Gary
  4. I suffer from depression and for many years. I've been on most depression meds and am currently doing Cymbalta 60mg with trazodone, klonopin andf ambien for sleep. I divorced my wife of 26 years back in March 2012 and have since re-married my college girlfriend who left her husband and kids and moved 2,000 miles to be with me. We married in June 2012. She has been with me here in PA since December 2011. My wife and I are both 51. Long story short. My wife has an extensive sexual past including her ex-husband and others prior to him and before and after our relationship back in the 1980's. I am struggling with ruminating about her previous relationships and can't get a handle on it. I am experiencing severe jealousy over her past. Adding to my troubles, I lost my job back in September, and have way too much time on my hands. Anybody else have issues with ruminating? What has helped? Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your replies and words of wisdom. I take the 60mg of Cymbalta in the morning when I wake up. Also, I take 10mg of Ambien, 100mg of trazadone and 0.5mg klonopin at bedtime. And another question for you guys out there. What about the ED? Does it get better and if so, how long does it take for things to work normal down there? Gary
  6. I have been on 30mg of Cymbalta for about 6 weeks. Just this week my doc increased my dosage to 60mg. I am noticing a spike in my anxiety with panic as well. Also and even with ambien, I am waking at 3AM and having difficulty falling back to sleep. I am taking klonopin 0.5mg to conteract the anxiety but it is not helping much. Is my reation to the increased dosage typical? Any advice is appreciated. Gary
  7. I cried yesterday as I was on the highway driving home from a weekend trip. I was feeling overwhelmed by the finacial pressures of having two kids in college, an aging mother, and generally feeling depressed and anxious. I was also reflecting upon mistakes that I've made in my life and the consequences that sometimes follow you for a long, long time.
  8. I stopped taking nefazadone on Friday March 12th. It was making me sick with anxiety. So now I am back on 30mg Cymbalta and 2.5 mg Abilify. It was a rough weekend with the stopping and starting of meds. I slept as much as possible to get through it. Today so far I feel better.
  9. It has now been 5-weeks on nefazadone. It has been 1-week since I went from 200mg to 400mg per day. I am having quite a bit of anxiety and some panic attacks. My doc suggested that I increase the klonopin to 2-3 0.5mg tabs up to 3X per day as needed. So far I have increased the klonopin to 1 0.5mg tab three times per day and it does seem to be helping. I am concerned that the anxiety is coming from the nefazadone itself or it just is not working for me. My doc says that I may be experiencing withdrawal from Cymbalta and Abilify, causing the anxiety and panic. So I keep walking by faith hoping that the nefazadone kicks in pretty soon. In the meantime I am tired and weary.
  10. I take Klonopin as well but not often enough! Feeling good today. How are you doing? Sent you a PM. Gary
  11. Getting really badly naseated after my morning dose if I take the nefazodone on an empty stomach. Also having alot of anxiety since stopping Cymbalta and starting nefazodone. Better days ahead. Gary
  12. Thibault Yes let's do keep in touch. Today is not such a good day, with work pressures at a high level. Oh the joys of the corporate world. I am continuing to have interupted sleep during the night. It is probably from stopping Cymbalta. I am tired and weary...But this too shall pass, right? I am concerned about the sexual side affects of nefaodone. I want to rid myself of the ED from other meds...Only time will tell... Gary P.S. 30 inches of snow on the ground here in PA with no sunshine for weeks. Can anybody say Key West...
  13. I too am taking nefazodone. I started it about 10-days ago. It is replacing Cymbalta and anafranil. I am taking 100mg two times per day until I see my pdoc early in March. I also take ambien, trazodone and klonopin at night. I have noticed that I am not sleeping as well taking the nefazodone at night. I do seem calmer and somewhat brighter, however it is early and I am "coming off"of other meds. I am hopeful. SSRI's did not work well for me or the side affects were intolerable.
  14. Anafranil really helped my depression and anxiety and OCD symptoms. However, I recently stopped taking it because I gained 25-pounds in 8-weeks and suffered from ED.
  15. When I was an undergraduate student, I had difficulties with purpose and meaning. I was also lonley although I was surrounded by people. I was raised in a Christian home but could not find God. So I studied philosophy, in fact I double majored in philosophy. I was totally into it for a couple of years. I was struggling with depression as I lost my Dad and girlfriend within a short period of time. I was really low if you know what I mean. Finally I picked up the Bible and found the book of Ecclesiastes in the old testament. If you haven't read it I would encourage you to do so as King Solomon is struggling with the meaning and purpose of life. I found comfort in this text and began to explore the Bible in more depth as I really had not done so prior. To make a long story short, I have meaning in my life through my relationship with God and through His Word the Bible. This is a short version of my adult life story and I would be happy to answer any specific questions as it relates to life's meaning and purpose.
  16. I smoke a pipe which is very relaxing and without the nicotine addiction. I also smoke a cigar now and then.
  17. I think that it is great that you went to the counselor. It seems that making that first appointment and then getting there for it is such a huge roadblock to overcome. At least it was for me. During my sophomore year in college, quite a few years ago now, I lost me Dad to a terminal illness and my girlfriend to a break-up, and both "losses" occurred within a couple of months. I was so depressed, it was just awful. I contemplated going to a school counselor for several months before I finally started to "bottom-out" and made an appointment. It was the best thing for me. I went weekly for almost 2 years except for summer breaks. My counselor helped me sort through my losses as well as helped me with career choices. I just want to encourage you to continue with the counselor once you get back to school and please let us know how you are doing. Gary
  18. Hi Jon Doe, I too have suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Just recently from like January into March, I was in almost a constant state of panic. My chest hurt so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Fortunately, I am under a doctors care and finally I am on the right mix of medications. Jon, are you under the care of a doctor? Are you taking any medications for your symptoms? If not I would take a shot at talking to your folks as they may be more sympathetic/helpful than you imagine. Also as was suggested, school guidance counselors often make great listeners and resources. Please let us know how you are doing, ok? Gary
  19. I went to visit my pdoc yesterday. He added 25mg of anafranil to my bedtime routine and had me stop the 100mg of trazadone. I started the anafranil last night and I didn't get much sleep. I am not sure if the insomnia was from the new drug or the stopping of the trazodone? I put a call in to my pdco this morning to see if I can still take the trazadone and maybe wean off of it as I have been taking it for a number of years. I am real nervous about starting a new med as my faith in meds is beginning to fall.
  20. I get out of bed in order to support my family financially...
  21. I am trying to discern if the money spending that I did is a symptom of my depression or was I being just selfish? Do I have some OCD tendencies that may have in part driven the spending? Did the spending "lift" me for a period from my woes?
  22. Savannah, Those are good thoughts you express. I will attempt this analysis you suggest. Very thought provoking. Regarding the money situation, my wife will not let it alone and is treating it as an act of betrayal, that I kept this debt a secret from her. And she is bringing it up over and over again. And I am suffering so much without the brow beating...
  23. Agree 1000000000%. My worst times are when I go back to work after time off. The main reason I havn't had time off this time round. I appreciate all of your responses. There is wisdom in your words and what you say about returning to work, and the difficulty in doing that after being off. That is why I am trying to hold out and hope that my pdoc gets me on the right meds cause I am getting really tired. The anxiety is so bad that my chest hurts and klonipan is just taking the edge off. I am trying to rely on faith and prayer and maintain some sense of hope. But I am real sick and my corporate job is very demanding, requiring much work on the phone. When I am depressed and anxious and panicked, I don't feel like picking up the phone.
  24. Thanks for the encouragement. I started with a therapist this week but can't see her next week because of a business trip to Seattle, which I am really anxious about. I am considering taking some time off, however I am weighing the consequences.
  25. I am having an exaserbation in my depression, anxiety and panic symptoms. I have been battling depression for a number of years. I am married 24-years. Over the last 2-3 years, I have accumulated 20K in credit card debt, without the knowledge of my wife. I revealed this to her 2 weeks ago. Naturally she hit the roof so to speak, and now this marital strife over finances is making me even more anxious and panicked. Now I am looking for reassurance from my wife that she still loves me as I am feeling real insecure. I am also having difficulty concentrating at work. This is causing me to become fearful that I am going to lose my job which just feeds the whole finacial mess that I have gotten my family into. I have three boys, 19-17-14, with one in college. I am scared that I won't be able to provide for them if I get any sicker. I am having alot of ruminating negative thinking that I can't seem to get a handle on. feeling like I am a bad Dad, husband, son, worker, etc... I am under the care of a pdoc. I currently take 60 mg Cymbalta, 0.5 mg Klonipan up to three time per day, 10mg Ambien and 100 mg trazodone for sleep. I feel like I need some time off of work but am afraid of the consequences, especially with my current debt situation and this bad economy. I am afraid that my world is coming apart. I really need to hear from you...
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