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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you are doing well :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday message.

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. I hope you're having a great day!:)

  5. Thank you (((Shauny))) ❤

  6. Hi Lindsay, I hope you are doing well. I read an old PM I sent you in which I wasn't very polite. I apologise for that.

    Take care,


  7. Hope you're doin' well, Burgy.

  8. Mephistopheles, I'm sorry to see that you're suffering so much. Even though I'm younger than you (21) and have less life experience, I can definitely say that I know the pain of loneliness. I'd be happy to make any new friends from this forum, so if you'd like I'm available to talk on MSN; just tell me your ID via private message. Take care.
  9. Hello, thanks for the reply. The situation could be far worse than it is, which I am glad to say. But I feel that things won't stay that way if I don't start making drastic changes. Instead of flooding you with all of my concerns, perhaps it would be a better idea to focus on one key problem: friendship and the social aspects of university. My college computing teacher was ultimately the one who inspired me to go to university. He told me about how much it could bring me if I went onto higher education and really gave it my all. He also told me about how unforgettable of an experience the "uni life" is. Rocky friendship with S aside, having no friends here I'm always finding myself doing nothing fun with my time and feeling lonely. I hate to be a miserable sap, but all I can see in the "uni life" is getting "smashed" in booze games and trying to get into the pants of the few girls in this technology campus. That isn't my idea of fun, but it seems for the vast majority of students it is. I'm probably biased, but I sure wish I knew the first thing about making a good friend here. You're probably going to tell me not judging others would be a start, and you're probably right. Anyway, I wanted to keep this post short for a nice change. Thanks for reading.
  10. Never mind close friends... I often find myself lost when having to talk to somebody about friends full stop.
  11. Hello. I hope you don't feel disheartened about the lack of responses. I for one can say that I'd like to chat and make new online friends here. Just drop me a PM if you'd like a chat. :-)
  12. Hello people, It has been a while since I visited DF. Quickly browsing through my previous posts, it seems that around a year ago I was discussing my concerns in my life and with college on here. The good news is I made it through college with good enough grades to make it to a good university. I'm studying for a degree in computer games programming. The bad news is that even though I managed to make it, soon after I made my last post here (mid November 2008) I was hit with something hard which has completely changed my life. It has only added to the difficulties of battling depression. On Christmas Day 2008 I had a seizure, and was rushed to the hospital. It was an extremly scary experience as I'm sure anyone who has had a seizure would know. I spent the day in hospital, but they told me there was a good chance it was a one-off incident, which was reassuring. Unfortunately I've had around a dozen seizures since. In January I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I am currently living in halls of residence at my university, somewhere across the country from my hometown. I didn't think independent living would be too much of an issue. At first, it wasn't so bad. Even though I wasn't very social during fresher's week, it was enjoyable. Despite the fact that I've been struggling with a couple of my modules, it was going okay, until nearly few weeks ago. I had my first seizure at university (this was a few weeks into it), in a practical lesson. Everyone who I'm having to work with throughout the year saw it. I have temporal lobe epilepsy and I'm not sure what my seizures are like since I don't recall a lot of it. Ever since then, I've become nervous to the extent of having difficulty breathing in many lectures and practicals, often having to leave. People tell me not to worry about it, but that's easier said than done. It's an automatic process. I'm falling behind in my modules and I just don't know what to do. Maths is a big problem, since I don't have a clue about what's being discussed in lectures at the moment. I'm just not understanding it, and I'm restless and fatigued in lectures. Sorry, this has turned into more of a rant. I did have another couple of seizures since, but that time I was taken to the hospital and stayed there for a day. Fortunately, at that hospital I met an epilepsy nurse who is moving me onto a new medication called lamictal. It's also an antidepressant, so with it comes fatigue as a side-effect. He is also arranging an EEG session, a recording of my brain's electrical activity, which should help explain things, I hope. I don't know why I'm saying all of this. I don't mean to give you a wall of text to get through. I just guess I've not really had anybody at all to talk to about this. Even my parents I'd feel uncomfortable really explaining everything to. So, I'd really appreciate this being read, even if you have no advice to give. Socially, I'm a bit of a loser at university. I only have one friend, who came from the same college I went to. Except things aren't going so well between us right now. I will refer to him as S. He has problems of his own, such as Asperger's syndrome, so this can cause some social problems on his part. I was friendly with S during my whole time at college, even if we argued a few times. We're both geeks, so we both have similar aspirations and love talking about technology and working with computers. In spare time, he makes a good friend to watch TV with or maybe play a video game. I will be honest though, S is difficult to talk to, and I try to understand his difficulties. After all, I have what is considered by some professionals who I have talked to to possibly be a "mild version" of what S has, dyspraxia. We both don't really have any other friends. As one would expect from somebody with Asperger's, S has some problems with empathy. Sometimes it gets a bit too much for me though. When we tried to study maths together at one time, he personally guaranteed me that I was going to fail a test, which really lowered my confidence. He's also said a number of other things that weren't very nice at all, and always tried to dictate what I should do during the day, memorising my timetable. It started to aggravate me. I have a mentor who I see at the university who I talked to about this. She told me that I needed to make him a friend in my spare time, but keep him out of my academic life. I tried to do this today, but it didn't go very well. I told S that I sometimes found him invasive, and sometimes not very nice in attitude, and that this usually related to work, so I wanted to keep him as a friend in free time, but that we had to part in our academic lives. He stormed off, obviously very upset. I'm really bad at trying to explain my feelings about anything to anyone, and I probably really screwed up this time. But at least I got the message across. Unfortunately, this may have ended our friendship entirely. But with the way he was to me sometimes, if that is going to be the case, I'd like to try and make new friends. Except I'm no good at this. Wow, what a wall of text indeed... Thank you if you've managed to read some of it. Just having somewhere to get all of this off my chest is enough for me. I'll leave it at this for now...
  13. Thanks very much. =]

  14. Happy Birthday :)

  15. You are beautiful, and I love you.

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